Boston's Favorite Son

Jan 08 2021 63 mins 1.3k

Jim and Conrad have a friend named Jonathan, who was once famous for being on Road Rules and will be again. They'll make sure of it. A podcast about fame and misfortune.

5 • 2 Ratings

IncompetentHero Aug 13 2020
I don't review anything, ever. I love the sharp new image, this show is a deranged mess where two grown men bully a former celebrity while promising him fame, 10/10

nilianore May 25 2020
Want to be cheered up with relevant nonsense? Want ad-libbed bravado at the expense of a willing participant by two individuals who have lost their gourds? Well, you can't ask for better. Perfect combination of keeping ones head above the clouds and feet on the ground. Juvenile at times in a way that brings levity to those knowing that's what they're going in for. Seagulls, mate. Seagulls.