The Dream

Oct 19 2020 31 mins 13.4k

In Season 2 we look at a world just as shady and mysterious as MLMs, but one whose promises are at times even more bombastic and unfathomable: WELLNESS. What is it? Who sells it? And will it bring you eternal happiness…and, perhaps, eternal life? Hear more great stories about complicated people from Witness Docs at

4.3 • 4 Ratings

Jeannie Sep 07 2020
Loved season 1, it was well researched and entertaining but pretty much hated season 2. The host laughing at and mocking her partner's beliefs made the first half of S2 quite an uncomfortable listen. Then there was her crying about a head injury sustained in childhood (can anyone remember their kindergarten teacher?) which was just bizarre and frankly just not that interesting. The 2nd half of S2 was better but overall it felt unfocused, self indulgent and a big disappointment.

Rhiannon Apr 16 2020
First season is an interesting dive into MLMs. The second is very interesting but felt a little unfocused.

livrates Apr 12 2020
Love this podcast - some absolutely fascinating insights into MLMs and the wellness industry, I look forward to whatever future seasons hold!

SG Apr 11 2020
Sardonic host armed with in depth information and expert interviews.