Elis James and John Robins

Oct 23 2020 70 mins 5.6k

Elis James and John Robins with big laughs and top quality #content. Email: [email protected] #elisandjohn

5 • 11 Ratings

Snare123 Sep 27 2020
Top comedy chat from the youngest broadcasters in radio

PJBIRONS Sep 23 2020
Absolutely love this show. Hugely entertaining and hilarious! Would highly recommend this dynamic duo to all.

Half Measures Po Jul 05 2020
Funniest. Podcast. Bar. None.

emsmall Jul 01 2020
I want listen this rubbish. These two have genuinly been there and have helped me through some tough times. Not only are they both fantastic and competent broadcasters. They are so good at what they do that you genuinly grow to know and love them as if they were friends.

lochers Jun 11 2020
Hilarious, witty and uplifting

Winckers May 23 2020
Loved these podcast and they have improved. Makes me cry and howl in equal measures

Robus May 19 2020
Who 'd have thought John would be the calm reassuring voice of lockdown? Turns out hes a national treasure . Love this podcast

kaylubmac May 14 2020
Best podcast ever. Funny, endearing, quick but most of all warm and kind. My favourite two (three - sorry Dave) people to listen to.

fendeviper Apr 18 2020
Moving to BBC has helped E&J get a bit of a fresher sound (once they stopped going on about being the youngest DJs in the UK). The isolation tapes (on this feed as well) are good, just wish they didn't keep replaying segments of the isolation tapes on the regular Friday show as well.

mitecosse Apr 16 2020
One of my favourite podcasts. Never fails to make me laugh.

Citybhoy Apr 13 2020
Always top quality content from the newly crowned kings of radio comedy. However, their discussions on mental health really push this podcast to a different level, that has undoubtedly helped many listeners, me included.