Duolingo French Podcast

Oct 27 2020 19 mins 7k

Deepen your language skills and knowledge of the French-speaking world through fascinating true stories in easy-to-follow French, with added English for context. From Duolingo, the world's #1 way to learn a language. Hosted by Ngofeen Mputubwele.

5 • 2 Ratings

Malora Jul 04 2020
Features people from all walks of life, which is great not only for the variety but to hear the different ways French is spoken. I appreciate the English "breaks." As an intermediate learner it would be too difficult to concentrate on French for 20 min straight. The episodes are always engaging and often deeply moving. I subscribed just to learn French but I've been impressed by the stories. I listen more attentively because I want to catch every detail. They feel like mini-documentaries.

Atavistic May 29 2020
A great medium to practice intermediate french