How Did This Get Played?

Oct 26 2020 68 mins 8.8k

Heather Anne Campbell and Nick Wiger love video games. Together, they're playing the very worst and weirdest games ever made with their funniest friends to get down to this fundamental question: How Did This Get Played?

4.4 • 14 Ratings

commie_pickles Oct 14 2020
I listen to this podcast every single week and have never been disappointed by it

LeeGoodrum Aug 21 2020
Stitcher is awful. Just give me a patreon with an rss feed like the Doughboys Doubles.

John Kehl Aug 02 2020
So funny. And I don't even play video games

StevieWicks Aug 02 2020
I love everyone involved. I wish I'd known Heather as a kid so we could've awkwardly played the same video games and never talked about anything real. I think that last part is more of a review of myself.

BananaBeth Jul 23 2020
Welcome back, bucket! I've binged this podcast from start to almost caught up during the pandemic and it briefly felt like I wasn't so terribly aloooone. Five stars out of a million.

Boondock Jul 18 2020
I need to piss!!

Mayomommy Jul 15 2020
Heather can be kinda condescending, Wiger talks over people sometimes and Earwolf is a shitty podcast network. Now that's all out of the way, this is one of my fave podcasts. I don't like to listen to people talk about video games usually, so they must be doing something right.Funny.

Ziggi777 Jul 13 2020

Devster Jun 26 2020
Awesome episode, very funny!

nroehr Jun 23 2020

Kaidyn May 08 2020
I actually really like this podcast and think it has some great humor and discussion buuuuuut Heather can be insufferable sometimes. She can have a reductive tone occasionally, though she can also be hilarious and has some great input in a lot of places as well. Imagine thinking Walking Simulator 2019 is Game of the Century but Animal Crossing and actual fun things aren't games. Yikes.

Soljwf May 02 2020
This quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. It's like listening to my friends complain about video games. There's a genuine joy and love of video games that permeates every episode and I can't get enough. Makes me want to stand up and say, "HELLO EVERYONE"

FlamingBoard Apr 12 2020

Andy C Apr 12 2020
Great comedy podcast based around very bad or very odd games. The hosts are all legitimately funny and clearly know what they're talking about in terms of gaming. Production values are all high - the way the musical theme is changed every time to reflect the style of the game they're covering is especially cool. Guests are all interesting and diverse in terms of gaming backgrounds, Matt and Heather are great at interviewing. They've the format nailed at this point to the point. 9.5 / 1000000.