You And The Laws of Attraction

Aug 10 2020 81 mins 6

You and The Laws of Attraction is an interactive, informational podcast that demonstrates to you, how to effectively use the Laws of Attraction, every time, to manifest what you want! You will get clarity and understanding on what the individual Laws are and what they can do for you. You will see the power of your spoken word and how you maybe setting into motion things that you don't want to happen in your life. This podcast is for people who are, serious, about creating the life they want to live. Each show, provides the fundamental elements, which are the keys that unlock the mystery, of how to consciously manifest what you want, on demand. The secret of the law of attraction is understanding the Universal Laws and using them accurately. Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne every Wednesday @ 1:00pm PST.

Desire And The Things It Will Make You Do
Feb 06 2019 59 mins  
Many people have a hard time justifying why they have taken a certain action, especially when it goes against the grain of their moral fiber. Reconciling the action is a confusing challenge because it doesn’t mesh with their ethics, nor is it a part of their intrinsic belief. It doesn’t belong in their culture, up bringing or religious or spiritual doctrines. And this is not who they are showing up in the world as, and yet still, they have done the deed. You see this exhibited as addictions of all types from food, to sex to drugs to shopping and everything in between. It demonstrates itself as abuse to self and others, anti-social behaviors, even culminating in murder. What is it that can have this action on people? In a word, “DESIRE!” It is a powerful medium that can compel anyone including you to do things that you can’t believe you are doing. Many people have fallen into the trap of desire only to realize that their lives have been irrevocably changed...and usually not for the better. The Universal Law of Desire is a powerful mesmeric energetic force that rivals any Law out there including the Law of Love. Desire temporarily amplifies a thought process turning it into something that becomes a must have, or die, type of situation. How is desire playing out in your life? And how can this compelling feeling be used to consciously manifest what you want?Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert, Clarity and Laws of Attraction Coach, as we explore the Universal Law of Desire and how you can use it to manifest what you want for your life.

Choice Is The First Law In The Laws of Attraction
Jan 23 2019 58 mins  
Your ability to choose, is without a doubt, the most powerful energy that you will ever control. Choice, much like DNA, are the building blocks that give physicality to everything created inside and outside of your life. Choice is the power upon which the Universe is created. The first law in the Universal Laws of Attraction is choice. It’s a natural law, a spiritual law, manmade law and it IS God’s Law. Nothing can and will happen in your life, good or bad, without you first making a choice. More often than not our choices appear to be circuitous, but the reality is, they are not. You’ve experienced and are experiencing what you are going through, because of choices you have made in the past or in the present. Don’t get this confused with the feelings of rightness or wrongness of the results experienced. Attractioners, right or wrong is an emotional call – and that too is a choice! The Universal Law of Choice the creative force that set into motion all things. This energy isn’t a respecter of your feelings, it respects the action you decide upon.Genesis 1-4 “Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And seeing that the light was good, God separated the light from the darkness.…Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Clarity Coach as we rekindle our relationship and understanding with the role choice plays in our lives.

Do Angels And Spirit Guides Really Exist?
Jul 18 2018 86 mins  
We are not alone. We have never been and never will be. There is help, support, guidance and wise counsel for everyone. There is so much more happening in our lives than where we find ourselves at this moment. Throughout the ages there have been raging debates, that continues to this day, as to whether or not angels and spirit guides are real. Are these heavenly beings’ figments of our imagination or just the stuff that mythological legends are made of? Interestingly, all cultures and denomination tell of angels in their spiritual texts. We have all incarnated into this current existence with our own personal posse. That’s right, our very own celestial entourage that has been picked to support us in fulfilling our destine purpose. My suggestion is before you categorically say no, do your own due diligence. Do this by examining, with detached objectivity magical or miraculous events or feats that have occurred in your life. Things that you know that have happened to you that defy reason, logic and analysis. I’m not speaking of your intuition, that’s a totally different ball of wax. I’m speaking of physically seeing and or touching someone who has helped you and then you blinked, literally you blinked, and in a blink of an eye they disappeared.Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Laws of Attraction In Action Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression and Laws of Attraction In Action Coach as we explore the reality of Angels and Spirit Guides.

How do We Help The People We Love Get Through Hard Times In Life?
Jun 13 2018 88 mins  
In life, we want our loved ones to be happy, whole, capable and complete. We want to see them healthy, wealthy and wise, living a life that's a pure joy to behold and inspiring to be a part of. However, in the real world it can be gut wrenching watching as their lives unfold one crisis after another. Wanting what you want for them and trying to make them do your bidding, no matter how forcefully or gently it’s put across, usually leads to the dissolution of relationships and friendships. The bottom line is this, I can’t want something that I deem best for you to happen in your life, and expect it to happen, if you don’t want the same thing too. You, must want it too. Ask any parent or guardian if this is not a bonified fact.We spend an enormous amount of time coaxing, cajoling, pleading, blackmailing, bargaining etc., people we love to do our so called, “right-thinking” bidding. Why? Because we feel, based on our personal experiences and our knowledge of them that we know what’s best for them. The sad reality is we don’t. We don’t know what’s best for someone, even our loved ones. Even if we think we do and ironically it turns out that what we thought actually came to pass. Even then, we don’t really know, as each of us is on a unique journey. It’s our individual journey, because this page in the book of life belongs to you, and only you. This page has been allocated for you by you. And as such, you are the creative writer of the text. The key to helping someone, isn’t so much about telling them what to do, as it is how you choose to show up.Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Laws of Attraction In Action Coach and Olivia Lashley, Expression and Laws of Attraction In Action Coach as we talk frankly about helping the people we love.

Things You Need To Know About The Law of Attraction 2018
May 16 2018 88 mins  
There are a few things you need to be consciously aware of when using the law of attraction. The Universal or Spiritual Laws have individual, collaborative and collective functions within the manifestation and creation process. It’s important to note that whether the action of the law is collaborative or collective each law retains its individuality or specific function. What I mean by this is a cardboard box will carry things, yet, it still remains a cardboard box. Within the last two decades there has been an oversimplification of how the law of attraction works. Somehow, it seems to have been relegated to the same status of abracadabra that we read about in the Middle Eastern folk tales called Arabian Nights. Abracadabra, if taken at face value has mysterious powers and is part of a wonderful fairy tale. However, the folk etymology associated with the phrase in Hebrew, suggests that abracadabra literally translates to "I will create as I speak" or in Aramaic "I create like the word." That’s some powerful stuff! The law of attraction is no different. Telling people they will get what they want using the LOA by repeat affirmations, thinking rich or skinny and or see what they want is ludicrous. That’s like not telling people what the word abracadabra really means.That law of attraction, LOA is simply a magnetic force. The function of this law is to bind or magnetize together other laws, that create a magnetic intentional force, that draws to you, that which you have chosen to experience in your life.Understanding the law of attraction and the role it plays within the Laws of Attraction is crucial to you manifesting health, wealth, money, abundance, love etc. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Laws of Attraction Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression and Laws of Attraction Coach as we look at the law of attraction.

Is Dying To Please Others Slowly Killing You?
Apr 11 2018 69 mins  
People spend far too much time worrying about what other people will think of them, verses what they think about themselves. As a result of this many people are living lives of quiet desperation, because they are dying to please others so that they will fit in. They are saying yes, when they really mean no. They are sucking it up, when they should be letting it rip. All the time making choices based on what others will think. We spend an enormous amount of time throughout our lives trying to please other people, primarily, because we feel this action, even though it’s counter to what we want, will make our lives easier. The ultimate goal of this behavior is to gain the approval of those we are seeking it from. Approval in this instance, equates to acceptance, which means that someone has chosen to acknowledge you in a way that you need to be acknowledged. And for a moment this makes you feel good about yourself, until you realize that you don’t even resonate with their core values. There is a danger with trying to please at the expense of self. It slowly erodes at the fabric of who you are, until, you don’t remember you anymore. You move from trying, to dying, because that’s what happens to your soul when you go through life trying to please others, so they will like you and accept you.Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Laws of Attraction Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression and Laws of Attraction Coach as we look at what trying to please others can do to your life.

Sacrifice Is All About An Agenda What’s Yours?
Mar 14 2018 58 mins  
When people speak of sacrifices that they have made in their lives for others, they are speaking in terms of what they have given up. What they have done and what has happened to them as a result of this sacrifice. “I did this all for you so that you could have the experience that you wanted.” The word sacrifice literally means to give something up or permit something to happen in order for someone to achieve a desired goal. Be under no illusion, no matter how heart wrenching, how disappointing, no matter how painful or soul destroying the sacrifice made, it was a choice. It was a choice driven by a personal agenda that sacrificer had. They wanted a specific outcome and by giving up or doing _______ you fill in the blank, even when it was counterintuitive, they had their beady little eye on a prize. When the prize materialized, and or not, or people were not suitably grateful or chose to do something else, which flew in the face of the sacrifice etc. Then the sacrificer regurgitates all that they have done, outlining each supposed selfless act in all its passionate detail in an attempt to bend others to their will. Or at the very least to emotionally blackmail them into feeling contrite and suitably apologetic for putting them through whatever it is they chose to go through. At the end of the day, sacrifice is all about your own personal agenda, nothing more, nothing, don’t get ‘em twisted. The next time you feel like you have fallen on your sword for someone and they weren’t suitably grateful, remember your sword didn’t stab you, you stabbed your sword.Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Laws of Attraction Coach and Olivia Lashley Expressions and Laws of Attraction Coach as we explore sacrifice and what that means.

Are You Running With Knives & Scissors?
Feb 14 2018 88 mins  
How many times did you hear this as a child from your parents, grandparents, teachers or siblings. or tell a child this as an adult, “don’t run with scissors in your hand.” As kids, our guardians always instructed us not to run with glass, knives, sharp objects or scissors. Why? Because the potential to seriously injure self was a reality. As adults you are running with a different kind of sharp object, but no less lethal. Your running with people who don’t give a damn about you and have passed their expiration date. Your running behind people who love themselves more than you love you, and they are happily using you for their life’s process. Your running with learnt behaviors that are creating planned obsolescence in your life. Your running with emotional blocks that compromise your personal growth and ability to see what you want. You are running on the fumes of other people’s ignorance, beliefs, ideologies and bull shit that has the same potential to hurt you, just as if you are running with broken glass, knives and scissors.Stop RSVPing to crap that doesn’t even fertilize the mind. Stop blaming him, her, them, Martians or whoever. It’s time to take a good hard look at you and the choices you have made that have brought you to this point, the point where you find yourself NOW. It’s time to stand up for yourself taking responsibility, accountability and ownership, so that you can decide what you really want for your life. Are you ready to stop the running with scissors?Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne, choice Expert and Laws of Attraction Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression and Laws of Attraction Coach as we explore what not running with scissors can do for your life.

Are Your Actions Getting You What You Want?
Feb 08 2017 67 mins  
What action are you taking in your life that is creating the things that you want to manifest? And is the action you are taking, the right action? You see, if you don’t take the right action you will not experience your desired results. Most people miss this nuance and as a result or reaction for missing this step they never seem to manifest what they desire. James 2:17 states, “Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone.”The Universal Law of Action simply states, “that you must do something mentally and or physically to support the things that you want to manifest in your life.” It’s important to understand that action works in tandem with reaction. What this means is that the work(s) that you need to do to bring your faith alive is to take the action that will initiate and sustain the thing you want to manifest. The manifestation is the reaction. Let’s look at this way, if you have a kite you want to launch without having all the requirements in place, including the wind to support your action, here’s what will happen; it won’t take off and or its flight will not be sustained. And so it is with your dreams and your desires.Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne Choice Expert and Intrinsic Coach and Olivia Lashley Expression Coach and Artist as we explore the Universal Law of Action.Click link to join the facebook group; The Laws of Attraction In Action#attractioner #thelawsofattractioninaction #choiceexpert #choices #Entrepreneurs

Your Life Is A Contractual Agreement You Made With God
Mar 23 2016 96 mins  
Have you ever wondered about the people in your life, especially those, who to put it mildly, you can’t abide to be around or being around them drives you to drink? We make agreements with other souls, who are members of what is called our soul cluster and we are members of theirs. The idea is that we’ll support each other to attain our highest soul growth, by what appears to be, any means necessary. We are all in this dimension under a spiritual contract. And it’s a contract of choice that has been made of our choosing with the assistance of God and our celestial helpers. This contractual agreement, we make prior to incarnating or being born into this life. Our agreement is binding. It’s a contract!!!! We have created it for our soul growth, which ultimately is achieve by fulfilling our predestine life's purpose. Our agreements are based on the mutual understanding that the relationship is ultimately about our personal and individual soul growth. We are here for our own life/soul experiences and much like a supporting cast in a movie, we are also here, should we choose to support others in having theirs and allow them to support us in having ours. Today’s show is to bring into your awareness two points; We have chosen the life that we are living, yet even within that paradigm we are governed by the Universal Law of Freewill or Choice.Some of the worst experience that you have had with people, places and things can mean that they are the closest to you in spirit and catapulting you forward on your journey. Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we look at why people, places and things show up in your life.

Food The Ultimate Sacrifice And The Laws of Attraction
Mar 09 2016 82 mins  
Food The Ultimate Sacrifice And The Laws of AttractionIt’s a fact, we are what we eat! Everyone has an opinion about food, their people’s food and what it means to the global tribe they belong to. Food is divvied up by cultural, traditional, spirituality, medicinal, geographical, regional North, South, East, West or Central properties. Also, everyone has opinions about other people’s food and how it is prepared. We know our personal likes and dislike along with our sensitivities. We also know what foods will bring us the most comfort when feeling down, blue or just blah. Our foods tend to be categorized not for the nutrients it provides, but by taste and emotional value it imparts to our lives. Lips will curl bearing incisors; hands are thrown up as if warding off an aggressor and shudders will run through our bodies, when we think about ingesting something that we really dislike. Conversely our faces take on a blissful glow when we eat something that literally catapults us into our personal space of nirvana. We are all aware of what the powers to be deem best for us to eat, thus, ensuring that we live long and vibrant and healthy lives. What we haven’t taken into account, is that food, all food, whether animal, vegetable or mineral plays a major role in how we use the Universal Laws of Attraction and impacts how we show up in life. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne, choice expert and coach and Olivia Lashley, expression coach and artist as we speak about food and the ultimate sacrifice is plays in the Laws of Attraction.

Healing Your Body Using The Universal Laws of Attraction
Jan 20 2016 78 mins  
We’ve been sold a bill of goods, which sadly most of us have bought into and the recompense has been poor health, poor life, poor me and the loss of how to heal oneself. The price paid has been way, way, way too high. We paid with the spiritual currency, of self. And for the return on our investment, we lost conscious connection with self. We’ve replaced the connection with goods that we bought. We’ve been told to look outside of self for both the causations in our lives and the cures for our lives. We have been told that it’s okay not to take ownership and responsibility for the state of our mind, body and our overall health. We paid for the knowledge that there is a pill or something outside of self that can fix us. We’ve bought into the LIE, and it is a whopper, that it’s okay to assign accountability and blame to people, places and things when we find ourselves in a mental, emotional and physical and yes spiritual deficit. The Universal Laws of Attraction are our conduits for the manifestation of all the good expressions that we want to experience in our lives. Whether you believe this or not has no bearing on the fact that this is so. If you want to experience your version of good health, wealth, soul enrichment, love, peace and joy etc. you need to take your life back. Join me Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we look at healing your body using the Universal laws of Attraction.

How Do I Stop The Negativity From Running Around My Head?
Jun 24 2015 89 mins  
It happens all the time, images in black and white or full Technicolor surge to the forefront of your mind making you feel like screaming, crying and curling up into a tiny ball. Words, sounds, the memory of smells, the visceral feelings that you felt, the knowing within your scope of understanding that you know, the visions of past events that you’d rather keep buried or locked in the recesses of your mind. New and old hurts that you’ve dissected and then catalogued for some sort of future reference…if needed. The problem is, these catalogued events seem to magically escape the mental lock and key and surge to the forefront of your mind replaying like a horror movie starring you. This is what I call going down into the rabbit hole of Alice’s wonder-land. I wonder if I said this or I wonder if I did that. These innocent questions start a chain reaction that compound. And before you know it, somehow you’ve slipped and the perceived negativity that has happened in the past now runs rampant around your head unchecked, growing in power. And as a result it becomes the focal point in your mind. Your perceived negativity can be all consuming, yet it carries within it the answers that you are seeking. The true understanding that you are wanting, and ironically, the magic you need to move you forward.Join me, Dr Wendy Dearborne choice expert and Olivia Lashley expression coach as we look at the negativity and the benefits that it brings.

Triage: How To Monitor & Prioritize Your Life
Jun 03 2015 89 mins  
Triage is a medical term that is used to prioritize the urgency in which a medical situations need to be dealt with. This entails visualizing what the end result will be if action isn’t taken based upon what is happening NOW. Determination of urgency is measured using a prioritizing scale of 1- 3 or 3 - 1. Requires immediate attentionCan be delayed brieflyMinimal intervention needed. The term triage comes from the French verb trier, meaning to separate, sift or select. Using this methodology you can apply the basic principle to your life and areas of your life that need to be looked at. By creating your own personal triage, you can start looking at what needs to be addressed and then you get to choose in which order it’s done.Using the scale from 3 - 1 verses 1 - 3 closes the margin for error. How? By separating and selecting what’s not urgent, prevents you from being blindsided, by something you thought was a priority, only to find out later and to your detriment that it wasn’t.Applying a personal life coaching triage to your life isn’t about pointing out what’s wrong or your perceived failures. It is about the ability to put you directly on the pulse beat of what needs to be done so that you can get to your goal. It allows you to make choices in the best interest of self with speed and efficiency. So, what’s your life looking like and what needs your attention first?Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne choice expert and life coach and Olivia Lashley expression coach and artist as we take a look at how to prioritize your life.

Parlay Your Skills Into Becoming A Life Coach
May 16 2012 103 mins  
No matter what you do as a profession whether homemaker or rocket scientist, administrator, clerk to CEO, nail tech or bio chemist, 1st grade teacher to Ivy League professor you can parlay your skills, both academic and personal into coaching YOURSELF to your highest potential. Being a life coach MUST first start with YOU. If you don’t understand and have experienced the process of self coaching at a deeply personal level…a conscious and subconscious the chances of you being able to effectively assist people in creating lasting change in their lives, is slim to none. The key word being lasting. Being a life coach first starts out with YOU and your personal transformation, this leads, by default to personal development and growth. What you receive from your personal self coaching transformational experience are tools that will show consistently how to define what you want for you in life, then refine that desire through clarity, which will create through a natural progression an implementable process of how to accomplish your stated goal. Once understood how to apply these skills to YOURSELF successfully you can effectively support and assist anyone through any given situation as their Life Coach! How much is it worth to you to be able to define what your really want for your life and then refine it so you can attain it? Our life coaching training and certification programs will give you the tools do this and more. For more information on Life Coaching Certification Programs visit

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