The Dr. Madeira Show

Sep 23 2020 68 mins 8

Dr. Sam Madeira explores the medical myths, facts, and research of male hormone health, full body optimization, and topics around men’s health from medical nutrition, cardiometabolic health, brain health, gut microbiome, and complete hormone health. Special guests will be on the show to explore these topics in detail. The mission of this podcast is to offer in-depth accurate information about functional endocrinology topics for the modern high performing male executive or entrepreneur who wants to take his health and life to the next level for optimal gains in all areas of his life and career.

56. Dr. Brenden Cochran. Ozone Therapy for Men’s Health & Immune Health.
Jun 26 2020 71 mins  
Dr. Brenden Cochran discusses the benefits of Ozone Therapy for [email protected] infections, Men’s Hormone Health, Male Infertility, Immune Health, Chronic Lyme Disease, increasing intracellular NAD, and other chronic infections. More about Dr. Cochran:Dr. Cochran strives for innovation and success in clients. He has a passion for education, guidance and outside the box thoughts to create and engage clients to reach peak performance. Dr. Cochran received his Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. He founded Interactive Health Clinic, with specialty focuses in functional/biological medicine, regenerative medicine, integrative oncology, and health aging. He is an expert in his field on regenerative injections and intravenous therapies. He has served as the medical fellow/director of intravenous therapy at the Bastyr Integrative Oncology Research Center (BIORC), Bastyr University’s cancer research center. Dr. Cochran is well known worldwide as a lecturer with International IV Therapy for Professionals a group that specializes in educating physicians on intravenous nutrient therapy. He is also a lead instructor of Regenerative Therapies (Neural Therapy, Neural Prolotherapy (Perineural Injections), Ozone injections, PRP, and Biological Allograft). He has an active consulting business with H.E.R.O.E.S where he coaches physicians and professionals. As a keynote speaker and content creator, Dr. Cochran is dedicated to empowering doctors to build successful models in outcome-based medicine.Website: www.interactivehealthclinic.comInstagram: @interactivehealthclinicYouTube & Facebook: Interactive Health Clinic

54. Dr. Greg Eckel. Brain Health & Preventing Neurodegeneration.
May 26 2020 56 mins  
We discuss how you can prevent Neurodegeneration and his new book, Shake it Off: An Integrative Approach to Parkinson's Solutions.More about Dr. Greg Eckel: Dr. Greg Eckel has been living in the Portland area since 1992. Dr. Eckel became increasingly aware of and concerned about the overuse of medications with children while teaching preschool, and this experience inspired his entry into Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine. In 2001 he co-founded Nature Cures Clinic.The combination of Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and botanical medicine) has provided Dr. Eckel with a variety of tools to treat both acute and chronic illness while valuing the principles of prevention and wellness.He has developed a deep and personal knowledge of chronic neurological conditions in the recent past. His wife Sarieah, passed of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a condition with no known cure. As she was the love of his life, being good husband and doctor, he set to the research to ‘swing for the fence,’ while unfortunately not finding a remedy for Sarieah, he uncovered Sarieah’s gifts.The deep dive uncovered regenerative medicine and the development of a brain regenerative program. The development of a nasal spray specific to calm neuroinflammation in the brain. Procedures such as intranasal stem cell delivery to bypass the blood-brain barrier. Mind-body techniques to reverse anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. The list goes on, and so does the impact of Sarieah’s all too short life on the planet.He is often asked what he specializes in with the quick retort, “treating people as whole dynamic beings moving through time and space.” We employ the physiology and biochemistry of the body in aiding in the healing possibilities. After 17 years in practice he is continually amazed at the healing possibilities of the body and specializes in difficult and recalcitrant conditions (ie. those that have been everywhere and tried everything often find some relief to a total resolution of their health conditions).Dr. Eckel is trained in family practice and maintains a particular interest in:Neurology – including Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries, headaches, migraines, palsies, post-stroke recovery.Allergies and Asthma – He wrote his doctoral paper on this topic. A wide variety of treatments are available, including low dose allergen (LDA) therapy.Orthopedics – pain, fatigue, arthritis, sports injury, and motor vehicle accident recovery.Greg Eckel, ND, LAc from Nature Cures Clinic on Vimeo.Professional Memberships:Past Board Chair: Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine (Governor Appointment)Past Vice President: Oregon Association of Naturopathic PhysiciansAmerican Association of Naturopathic PhysiciansOregon Association of Naturopathic PhysiciansAmerican College for the Advancement of MedicineDr. Eckel also lectures extensively in the community and co-produces podcasts. If you know of an organization that would like to have him speak, he welcomes your inquiry by email. His goal is to help as many people as he can achieve optimal wellness through natural health care to be as creative, energetic and loving as they can.In addition to a thriving practice, Dr. Eckel enjoys playing and watching hockey, raising his children, making music with friends, and being in awe everyday of the beauty that surrounds us!Social Media links:“What The Health” Podcast:

53. Dr. Carrie Jones. Stress & Anxiety during Uncertain Times & the COVID19 Pandemic.
May 20 2020 61 mins  
Dr. Carrie Jones is back on the show to discuss how stress from something like this COVID19 pandemic can wreck your hormones longterm leading to low libido, infertility, low energy, prediabetes, and much more. Topics Discussed: - What does stress do to your hormones?- HPA Axis Dysregulation and how it messes up your other hormones. - That stressful events can do to your hormone system longterm years later.- Take home tips for hormone health and preventing hormone dysregulation.- And much more!More about Dr. Carrie Jones: “I am a Naturopathic Physician with a Master's in Public Health having over 12 years in the field of functional and integrative medicine. As Adjunct Faculty for the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), I have taught courses in both Gynecology and Advanced Endocrinology. I have been the Medical Director for two large integrative clinics in Portland, Oregon and am currently the Medical Director for Precision Analytical, Inc, creators of the most cutting edge hormone test on the market, the DUTCH Test. As a result, I consult with the most amazing health care practitioners all over the world on the hormone status of their patients and lecture/teach/write frequently on the same topic. Understanding adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones is complicated. My job is not to judge. My job is to educate and empower.” Websites: Dutchtest.comDrcarriejones.comInstagram: @dr.carriejones

48. Dr. Brad Litchenstein, ND, Biofeedback Board Certified. Creating Inner Safety During Times of Uncertainty via Mind-Body Practices.
Apr 02 2020 108 mins  
Dr. Brad discusses how we can find hormone balance and re-train our Nervous Systems to find a state of rest and calm during everyday routines, and during the recent novel coronavirus pandemic using mind-body medicine practices, biofeedback breathing techniques, and the most up-to-date wearables technology to check our heart rate variability. Specifically, Dr. Brad discusses how using: “Contemplative Practices (mind-body medicine: meditation, mindfulness, compassion, breathwork & biofeedback) to help regulate the nervous system, not just in times of stress (pandemic), but for our daily lives. The nervous system is the master regulator. Regulate that, you can regulate your health and hormones.” - Dr. Brad. More about Dr. Brad: Dr. Brad Lichtenstein received his doctorate of naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University and is board certified in biofeedback. He is professor at Bastyr University where he supervises the behavioral medicine curriculum and mind-body medicine / biofeedback clinic shifts at BCNH. Dr. Lichtenstein's approach to health integrates naturopathic medicine, mind-body medicine and biofeedback, depth & somatic psychology, Eastern contemplative practices, yoga and movement, bodywork and end-of-life care. He participated in a joint research study between the University of Washington and Bastyr University where he provided over 500 guided meditations to hospice patients. His articles have appeared in several publications and journals and he speaks nationally on topics ranging from stress-reduction, mindfulness and health, mind-body approaches to healing trauma, and issues surrounding end-of-life.How to connect with Dr. Brad:Dr. Brad’s Website with free guided meditations: www.thebreathspace.comInstagram - - - - KW:Mindfulness, Yoga, Mind-Body Medicine, Biofeedback, Biofeedback Seattle, Biofeedback, Stress Response, Meditation Practice, Meditation, Hormone Health, Women’s Health, Men’s Health,

47. Shawn Needham, RPharm. His book: Sickened - How the Gov’t Ruined Healthcare & How to Fix It.
Mar 27 2020 83 mins  
Dr. Madeira interviews Shawn Needham, R.Pharm about his book - Sickened: How the Government Ruined Healthcare and How to Fix it. Shawn Needham discusses his solutions to the US Federal government being overly involved in our healthcare solutions, which is increasing the costs of healthcare (sickcare) in the USA. Insurance and conventional medical care costs in the Unite States outspend all other developed countries in the world per capita. Yet the USA is still the sickest developed country for consecutive years, and meanwhile other much poorer countries showing far more health than the United States citizens. This is devastating for US citizens who are spending around $20,000 - $25,000 for a family of four for their family’s sickcare insurance.This “health insurance” is one of the biggest scam of modern times!He offers a 6 part solution plan in his book to this massive issue, and we discuss some of these solutions during our podcast discussion and interview. Listen to our interview to learn more about the massive problem and some of the many solutions Shawn has outlined in his book, Sickened. You will want to learn how you can save money on healthcare for you and for your family. More about Shawn: Shawn Needham compounding pharmacist and owner of Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy, host of Radio show/podcast Health Solutions with Shawn and Janet Needham and author of Sickened, How the Government ruined healthcare and how to fix itShawn Needham’s compounding pharmacy website: www.mlrx.comWhere to find Shawn on Social Media and his podcast:Moses Lake Professional Pharmacy YouTubeHealth Solutions with Shawn and Janet Needham podcast

46. Dr. Kabran Chapek. Concussion Recovery, & his book - Concussion Rescue.
Mar 27 2020 58 mins  
Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND discusses his new book, Concussion Rescue, and his work at the Amen Clinic in Bellevue, WA. Topics discussed: - Men hit their heads a lot more than women. However, women also are at more risk of having brain injuries and Post-Concussion Syndrome when they do hit their heads.- What the difference is between conventional neurology and the work Dr. Chapek is doing at the Amen Clinic with his patients who have had head injuries. - Imaging Diagnostics of the Brain: fMRI vs. Brain SPECT Scans. - The Amen Clinics in the USA. - How to recover from a Concussion and Post-Concussive Syndrome using Naturopathic Medicine.- The inside look at of The Evidence Based Therapies from Dr. Chapek’s book - Concussion Rescue: A Comprehensive Program to Heal Traumatic Brain Injury. - The Amen Clinic Research Trial with retired NFL players with multiple concussion and natural medicines.- How to work with Dr. Kabran Chapek at the Amen Clinics Northwest in Bellevue, WA: Where to get his book on Amazon: about Dr. Chapek: Dr. Kabran Chapek has been working in the mental health field for the past 12 years. He is a graduate of the highly esteemed Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and been a staff Physician at the Amen Clinics since 2013.Follow Dr. Kabran Chapek on Social Media here:@drkabran_chapek (Instagram)Kabran Chapek (facebook)Kabran Chapek, ND (LinkedIn)

44. Get Optimal with Ali Gilbert! Ali G. & Dr. Madeira talk Biceps, Boners & Testosterone Optimization.
Mar 09 2020 70 mins  
Ali Gilbert discusses the importance of working with a specialized personal trainer and nutritionist who knows men’s hormone health optimization and how you can get real lasting results beyond more strength and energy but looking better naked, improved hormone levels, and why your primary care doctor can’t help you with your male hormones - so stop looking for hormone optimization in all the wrong places. Topics discussed: - Why your primary care doctor isn’t your male hormone optimization specialist.- How lifting weights correctly and eating the correct macro & micronutrients translates to your goals.- How Ali Gilbert is different than other personal trainers and nutritionists out there.- Why CrossFit isn’t for everyone. - Why most people need compound lifts to optimize their Testosterone levels!- How to work with Ali Gilbert remotely. - And more! More about Ali Gilbert: A two-time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professional & Trainer, Ali Gilbert has become highly sought after for her unique approach to training that combines nutrition, training, and lifestyle hacks to alter body composition and optimize metabolism.Ali found her passion in optimizing men’s health working alongside industry-leading medical practitioners building an authoritative network to empower men with the proper understanding of what true health optimization is.She has founded, offering remote + local consulting + training services, as well as Metabolic Golf, the world’s most effective golf fitness training program.Her clientele consists of busy Male professionals who aspire to become stronger, optimize their health, plus conquer nutrition.She lectures internationally and nationally on various health topics in both the medical and fitness arenas.Ali holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from Springfield College, and holds certifications through the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Level 3 Fitness Professional, NSCA as a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, FMS Certified Level II, CFSC, FRCMs & SFG 1.Ali is currently sitting for her Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner Certification.She is regularly featured on podcasts and publications on the topic of testosterone, metabolism, and golf fitness.Ali resides in Greenwich, CT & Jupiter, FL, and enjoys snowboarding, deadlifting, and strong coffee.

43. Jay Campbell. Testosterone Optimization Therapy 101, Why Men should use the Trans-scrotal Testosterone Cream,
Mar 06 2020 99 mins  
Jay Campbell discusses his 20 year history of personal experience with Testosterone Optimization, and how a basketball injury trauma to the testes lead him to be one of the main go-to figures in the Health Optimization community for Men & Women today. This is the podcast you must not miss for 2020! Topics discussed: - Testosterone Injections vs. Transdermal Cream.- Testosterone Optimization Therapy & why men need to not pay attention to the sickcare lab values. - LabCorp’s latest drop in the total Testosterone range for men - hint: it’s lower than what it was in 2017!- What are the optimal Free Testosterone lab values for Men! - What compounded prescription peptide therapies are a waste of your time & money! - The best compounded prescription peptides for body composition. - The newest TOP SECRET Hair Loss formulation that works!- And much more! More about Jay Campbell: A former champion men’s physique competitor and current 4x international best selling author in the optimized health care space, Jay Campbell is a global thought leader on hormones, biohacking, fat loss, and higher consciousness. Jay is a NO-nonsense, authentic, and fully transparent guy (in a day and age when being hyper masculine is frowned on), and FEARLESS in his servant mission of leading humanity towards full spectrum optimization of the body-mind, heart and soul.Where to find Jay Campbell online & social media (soon to be Social Media: IG: (This URL will also change)FB: (This Link will be provided once it updates from old TOT Revolution URLT:

40. Todd Ulizio, Regenerative & Organic Farming - why you must buy organic & know your local organic farmers.
Feb 11 2020 75 mins  
Todd Ulizio shares his expertise as an organic farmer and scientist and (previously was a wildlife biologist) why it is critical for us to use regenerative no-till and organic farming practices (cover crops, crop rotation, etc.) for soil nutrient density to increase our health and the health of the environment. The differences between big mono-crop agriculture and small organic farming are discusses as well as why big corporations like Monsanto are not after our best interest as consumers of food. We also discuss how many grains and soy in the USA are grown as GMO crops with herbicides (round-up) and/or pesticides, which are neurotoxins, carcinogenic, endocrine disruptors, and have other detrimental effects on our health. More about Todd and Rebecca Ulizio and their farm - Two Bear Farm in Whitefish, Montana: “Two Bear Farm was created in response to changing circumstances and a shared vision of a better future for our community. The farm is a partnership between Ten Lakes Farm, owned and operated by Todd and Rebecca Ulizio, and Whitefish philanthropist Mike Goguen.After 6 years of growing Certified Organic vegetables for the Flathead and Tobacco valleys, Ten Lakes Farm outgrew its location in Eureka and needed to find a new home. At the same time, Mike Goguen was looking for a way to keep land that neighbors his ranch in agricultural production, as well as continue his support for projects that enhance our community in Whitefish. By partnering in the farm business and moving to Whitefish, we have strengthened our ability to continue to grow fresh local produce for the valley, while at the same time providing a much better platform for stewarding the land and increasing our production. We are very excited about this opportunity!”Their website:

38. Dr. Breanne Kallonen, ND. Women’s Hormones: the changes that impact women that all men should know about.
Jan 26 2020 68 mins  
In this podcast interview Dr. Kallonen discusses women’s hormones and men’s hormones, and how you can optimize your hormones. Specifically we begin talking about how women’s hormonal changes that impact women that all men should know about. She wants men to be aware that women are not tiny men and their hormones change on a daily basis.About 10 days after menstruation surges in estrogen and testosterone prompt women to look for sexual opportunities during this particularly fertile period.After ovulation there is a rise in progesterone, the zen hormone that makes women "feel like cuddling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. Prior to menses progesterone withdrawals and can make women weepy and easily irritated.Women and orgasm: - not every woman can orgasm with internal stimulation alone many require clitorial stimulation- strong communication. - tips to help women orgasm more easily - it is normal for women to take 30 minutes to reach orgasm. - tips to help a man delay orgasm. .Medi-Hacks to boost Testosterone for men and women: - Red light therapy. - sleep. - stress management. - resistance training. - vitamin D, zinc, DHEA, Magneisum. - genetic testing. - Look for estrogen dominance - inhibit aromatization - grape seed oil, zinc, chrysin, DIM, calcium D glucurate. .More about Dr. Breanne (bio):Dr. Breanne Kallonen is a naturopathic doctor who has a clinical focus on hormones, gut health and autoimmune conditions. She is the author of the amazon best selling book Wild & Free and the founder of the Wild Side Wellness. She believes that everyone deserves to live to their full potential and that when people are well we can change the world..wildsidewellness.comIG: & Free amazon best sellerWild Side Community Free community group on Facebook.

34. Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD. Sleep Science and Maximizing Androgens & Hormone Health in Men & Women with Sleep.
Jan 03 2020 110 mins  
Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD discusses the benefits of sleep for Male Hormone Health. Dr. Parsley goes into great detail about how important sleep is and how he helped his Navy Seal patients with optimizing their hormones through optimizing their sleep.He discusses how to track sleep, and how our androgens are produced the most when we are sleeping! And much more!More about Dr. Parsley: Dr. Kirk Parsley, MD is a former Navy SEAL turnedphysician, turned physician for the SEALs, turned healthand sleep optimization consultant and performanceenhancement coach for some of the most drivenachievers on the planet.In today's fast-paced, “hustle and grind” world, sleep is usually the first thingthat gets cut from our schedules. But science is showing the impacts fromchronic sleep deprivation are more far-reaching than we realize. Not only will alack of quality rest aect your mood, feelings, and overall wellness, it can alsodegrade your memory, decision-making, life expectancy, and so much more.If we truly want to make drastic improvements to our mental, physical, andspiritual well-being, we must remedy our sleep habits and lifestyle... But whodo we turn to for advice?Doc Parsley has been a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicinesince 2006 and has served as Naval Special Warfare’s expert on Sleep Medicine.He is certified in hormonal modulation (Age-Management Medicine), andcontinues to consult for multiple corporations, and professional athletes/teams.Doc Parsley is the creator of the Doc Parlsey Sleep Remedy sleep supplement,lectures worldwide on sleep, wellness, and hormonal optimization, and is theauthor of the internationally best-selling book, Sleep to Win.

28. Professor Kerry Bone, Berberine vs. Metformin for Longevity, Ashwagandha for Muscle Strength
Nov 15 2019 65 mins  
Professor Kerry Bone. Berberine vs. Metformin for Longevity, Ashwagandha for Muscle Strength, & Botanical Medicines mechansism of action on mitochondria (mTOR & AMPK biochemical mechanisms of botanical medicines). Professor Kerry Bone discusses the quality control & quality assurance (QAQC) issues with botanical medicines in the global and USA markets. We also discuss the biochemical mechanisms of herbs which benefit longevity, muscle strength, and why berberine is more effective & safe for longevity than metformin.Professor Kerry Bone is the co-founder and innovation driver at MediHerb, where he serves as Director of Research and Development. As a recognition of this role (and in conjunction with his research colleagues), in 2016 MediHerb was awarded the American Botanical Council’s (ABC’s) Varro E. Tyler Award for excellence in Phytomedicinal (Herbal) Research.As part of his educational role, Kerry is Adjunct Professor at New York Chiropractic College, providing input into their postgraduate applied nutrition program. He also founded the successful Masters of Health Science (Herbal Medicine) course at the University of New England in 2004, and served there as Associate Professor from 2004 to 2012.Kerry is co-author of around 40 scientific papers on herbal research, including original research and systematic reviews. He currently serves as the only Australian member of the editorial board of the journal Phytomedicine, the top herbal research journal in the world, and is on the advisory board of the ABC.He has also written or co-written six popular textbooks on herbal medicine. His most recent with Simon Mills, the second edition of Principles and Practice of Phytotherapy, was awarded the 2013 James A. Duke Excellence in Botanical Literature Award by the ABC, which is the second time these authors have received this distinguished award.He still maintains a busy herbal and naturopathic practice in Toowoomba, Queensland, where he has been in continuous service for 34 years.

4. What The Hell Is The HPA Axis: How chronic stress is ruining your life!
Jun 17 2019 55 mins  
Stress is one of them most common reasons people go to the doctor. It may present as the following symptoms, hypertension, muscle cramps, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hair loss, low thyroid function, weight gain, forgetfullness, and much more, however the root issue is our chronic unrelenting stress. Most Chronic Conditions are caused or related to Chronic Stress, such as:•Cardiovascular Diseases•Cancers•Diabetes and Prediabetes•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome•Arthritis •Metabolic Syndrome•Low Sex Hormones (Testosterone in Men & Estrogen in Women)•Premature Ovarian Failure or Premature Menopause in Women•Andropause in Men•Sleep Problems - insomnia •Thyroid Disease•And many others including joint pains and memory loss.These conditions are the most common Chronic conditions in the developed world and in my clinic in Seattle, WA. They are plaguing people today, and in some cases (Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer) killing them before their natural clock would. 1/3 of people in the United States will suffer from a Chronic Disease in their lifetime, and knowing how to prevent thus knowing how to prevent stress from making you sick can save your life! Learn what the HPA Axis is and how you can make it work for you instead of against you throughout your life!Please share this show with your friends and family. We developed this podcast as free health information so you can change your lifestyle and health for the better with lasting results! Thank you for listening,

3. Waking Up To The Truth, Part III: Deadly Medicines and Mafia Medicine
Jun 01 2019 40 mins  
In an article written by Jason Kane for PBS News Hour, he states that the United States spends $8,233 per person on health care annually.“According to the CMS (Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Spending), the average American spent $9,596 on healthcare last year, up significantly from $7,700 in 2007. Healthcare spending per person is expected to surpass $10,000 in 2016 and then march steadily higher to $14,944 in 2023.” this with American incomes: the Federal Reserve Economic Data website states that in 2015, median personal income in America was observed at $30,240 and mean personal income was at $44,510.Median Income: Income: Care ActACA Pros: of ACA: CONS: Taxation as a punishment for not signing up, rising costs of insurance premiums, high deductibles from $10k – $50k.ACA for CA state in 2017: Rising costs of insurance premiums and medical insurance in CA state: “But as Californians receive their premium rates for next year, some — including those who make too much to qualify for those government subsidies — are learning their hikes will be far higher than the average statewide increase of 13.2% announced by the state insurance exchange in July.” for WA State 2017: Rising costs of insurance premiums and medical insurance in WA state: Peter C Gøtzsche graduated as a Master of Science in biology and chemistry in 1974 and as a physician in 1984. He is a specialist in internal medicine; worked with clinical trials and regulatory affairs in the drug industry 1975-1983, and at hospitals in Copenhagen 1984-95. With about 80 others, he helped start The Cochrane Collaboration in 1993 with the founder, Sir Iain Chalmers, and established The Nordic Cochrane Centre the same year. He became professor of Clinical Research Design and Analysis in 2010 at the University of Copenhagen.Peter has published more than 70 papers in “the big five” (BMJ, Lancet, JAMA, Ann Intern Med and N Engl J Med) and his scientific works have been cited over 15,000 times. Peter has also authored 3 other books.“Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime” written in 2013 by Professor Peter C Gøtzsche.“Mammography: Truth, Lies and Controversy” by Peter C Gøtzsche.“And screening has not reduced the number...

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