Sep 21 2020 59 mins 59

This is the podcast where we tell you about women and other disenfranchised peoples throughout history, who best are remembered for their deviance from the norm. Every episode we each tell you about an individual or a group that was punished and/or celebrated for their use of sex… but don’t hold us to that exact definition.

Mini Episode 6: Witches - Maren Spliid & Tituba, Mary Black and Candy
Sep 21 2020 36 mins  
Sure it's only September and not October yet, but what is time in 2020? In this mini, K and T are talking about witches of the 17th century. T speaks about Maren Spliid, a Danish woman accused twice of being a witch by a local tailor. K looks at three slave women accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials: Tituba, Mary Black and Candy. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to automatically get new episodes. Follow us on insta and twitter @CoquettePodcast, or send us an email at [email protected] And check out our website: The theme music is by Axist, featuring a clip from Body And Soul by Annette Hanshaw (1930 - Public Domain Mark 1.0). All views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this podcast are the hosts and are not necessarily held by their workplaces. As promised by Kristen in the podcast, here are some additional resources to read more about the trials of these three women... Mary Black: Candy: Tituba: See also: for facsimiles of many of the original documents

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