Universally Seeking

Oct 09 2019 47 mins

Tales & Tools for a Connected Life

Tool: Honoring the Divineness of your Being
Jul 31 2019 72 mins  
Jai-Jagdeesh's journey as a singer began nearly 25 years ago, in a temple in India. Spending her formative years in Northern India - and traveling as a musical representative for Yogi Bhajan's foreign education program - set the foundation for a deep devotion to the sacred texts of the Kundalini yoga tradition & the Sikh faith. Between then and now, her innovative spirit has walked many artistic paths: actress, classical Indian dancer, photographer, and writer. With music at the forefront, she is effervescently expressive. Jai-Jagdeesh’s unique combination of sacred sounds and soulful authenticity continues to connect deeply with audiences as she records, tours, plays festivals, and gives vocal workshops around the world. Her debut album, 'I Am Thine', a combination of sacred mantras and powerful English lyrics, was released in the summer of 2011 to record sales and acclaim. Her second full-length studio album, 'Of Heaven & Earth', climbed up to #6 on Billboard's New Age Music chart within the first few weeks of its release. Her two Kundalini mantra meditation CDs, 'The Expansive Spirit' (2012) and 'Miracles Abound' (2015) are designed as practices, and are full of deep, transformative resonance. With ‘Down Come The Walls,’ a groundbreaking new studio album released in May of 2018, Jai-Jagdeesh continues to inspire great courage in fans around the world, opening hearts and uplifting spirits everywhere she goes. To find her out on the road, visit the tour (https://www.jaijagdeesh.com/save-the-date) page. FREE RESOURCE Meditation to clear karmas from the arc line Facebook Livestream led by Jai-Jagdeesh on this practice http://bit.ly/clearthearcline (http://bit.ly/clearthearcline) Find Jai-Jagdeesh on Tour! Visit https://www.jaijagdeesh.com (https://www.jaijagdeesh.com/) Subscribe on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jaijagdeesh (https://www.youtube.com/c/jaijagdeesh) SHOW NOTES 7:30 What is Kundalini Yoga? 9:30 Authenticity as Service 11:40 Meditation as a daily cleansing practice, like a shower 12:50 What is a Kriya? 16:45 The impact of keeping a small daily commitment to yourself 20:40 The Buddhi mind 24:10 What was happening in Jai-Jagdeesh’s life when she began recording ‘Down Come the Walls’ 26:00 Racial tension and the work of dismantling “other-ness” 38:15 The Three Minds – Positive, Negative, and Neutral 44:40 The “gap” between awareness and action 45:10 What does “bowing at the altar of the Self” mean? Why is that important? + Exploring societal guilt 47:45 Honoring the divine that lives within 48:30 The 10 light bodies 49:15 Karma, and where it is believed to be stored in the body

Tale: Yoga for the Wounded Heart
Apr 02 2019 58 mins  
Orphaned in her early teens and shuttled between foster homes, Tatiana Forero Puerta found herself in her early twenties in New York City, suffering from PTSD and OCD, anorexic, self-harming, and suicidal. She says yoga was the tool which healed her scars, opened her soul to forgiveness, and allowed her to reconcile herself with a past that had threatened to snuff out her light and her life. Tatiana is now a mama, writer, philosopher, and yoga teacher living in New York City. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, she is a graduate of Stanford, NYU, and Columbia universities. She has taught philosophy and yoga for a decade, including her post as an adjunct faculty member at New York University and the City University of New York. A columnist for New York Spirit, Park Slope Reader, and Elephant Journal, Tatiana is a recipient of the 2017 Pushcart Prize for poetry and a finalist for Blueshift Journal’s prize for writers of color. Tatiana is also core faculty at Peaceful Generation Now, a NewYork-based mindfulness program focused on bringing mindfulness practices to educators and school administrators in the New York Tri-state area, with the hope of cultivating peaceful classrooms. In our conversation, we discuss the deeper philosophy and roots of yoga and its application through personal examples of how our practice has led us to greater insights & understandings. We share perspectives on the difference between doing yoga vs. doing so with the aim of using the practice of yoga as a light to increase our capacity for healing and recognizing our true potential. Stay tuned until the end of the episode to find out how to win a free copy of Tatiana’s book, Yoga for the Wounded Heart Winner to be announced Monday 4/8/19 at 8pm CT To contact Tatiana or attend a workshop near you, please visit her website: http://yogaforthewoundedheart.com

Tale: Serendipity, Surrender, and “God Winks”
May 02 2018 72 mins  
Fate as we know it sometimes lies beyond our means of understanding, and surfaces at just the right moment in our lives. Soon after I had the vision to create this podcast, I came in contact with Greg Davis, in a series of serendipitous events. His story was so compelling and deeply touching, I knew I needed to interview him. This conversation was my first-ever interview. Last November, I spoke candidly with Greg about loss, love, faith, and purpose. We talk about struggle, surrender and the dance with each of those lessons along his path, and how he followed the “god winks” that eventually led him to achieve his dream of becoming a National Geographic Photographer and Filmmaker. This conversation is one of my favorites to date because it’s just that - a conversation. Greg is incredibly forthcoming and relatable and we dive into some deep waters; laughs, tears and wisdom that will inevitably leave you feeling connected to all that is. Greg’s most recent project took him to India where he attended the world’s largest spiritual pilgrimage, India’s Kumbh Mela. For millennia, every twelfth year, millions of devoted pilgrims have gathered at the confluence of the three holiest rivers. It was from this journey, that this twenty-four piece photographic exhibition and two short films were born – most recently, one called The Man from Mathura. Greg’s fate currently lies in the blue and green hands of a Black Hmong Villager from the northern highlands of Vietnam. http://www.gregdavisphotography.com (http://www.gregdavisphotography.com) http://themanfrommathura.com (http://themanfrommathura.com) https://wellawareworld.org (https://wellawareworld.org)

Tool: Finding Balance & Vitality in Daily Life with Chinese Medicine
Apr 25 2018 36 mins  
Featuring Brodie Welch, a Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine expert, holistic health coach, and self-care strategist. She’s the founder of Life in Balance Acupuncture in Corvallis, Oregon, where she has been treating patients since 2003. She has helped thousands of clients improve their digestion, sleep, and mood; dial in a regular bodymind practice, and step into the next version of themselves. She’s also the creator and host of A Healthy Curiosity: the podcast, which explores what it takes to be well in a busy world. In this episode, Brodie and I discuss practical applications of Chinese Medicine to find optimal balance, function & vitality in our daily lives, including: - Self-care practices using TCM as a framework for well-being: Qi gong, acupressure, herbal remedies and the use of essential oils. - How we can apply the yin/yang theory, understanding of the Elements, and the horary (hawr-uh-ree) cycle - Why intention is everything when it comes to self-care - Diet through the Chinese Medicine Lens: how, what and when to eat to maximize efficiency, minimize toll on the body, and, to stimulate mental clarity Brodie’s website: http://brodiewelch.com (http://brodiewelch.com) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrodiewelchLAC (https://www.facebook.com/BrodiewelchLAC) Brodie’s Podcast, A Healthy Curiosity www.brodiewelch.com/podcast (http://www.brodiewelch.com/podcast) iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-healthy-curiosity/id1133292360# (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/a-healthy-curiosity/id1133292360#) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ahealthycuriosity (https://www.facebook.com/ahealthycuriosity) Twitter: https://twitter.com/ahcuriosity (https://twitter.com/ahcuriosity)

Tool: Cultivating Authentic Grit, Hope and Passion
Apr 18 2018 36 mins  
For three decades, Caroline Miller has been a pioneer with her groundbreaking work in the areas of goal setting, grit, happiness and success. She is recognized as one of the world’s leading positive psychology experts on this research and how it can be applied to one’s life for maximum transformation and growth. Caroline blends personal experience, real life examples and cutting-edge research in positive psychology, to come up with practical applications that create fresh awareness of how to cultivate change. She is a best-selling author of six books, including a Creating Your Best Life, the first mass market self-help book on the science of happiness and how it intersects with the science of accomplishing goals. Her work has been featured in hundreds of worldwide media outlets, including BBC World News, The New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, NPR and CNN. In this episode, Caroline and I talk about: - The risk of seeking happiness from extrinsic achievements, and how true happiness and success can be born out of failure. - Why hope is key to a healthy mindset, and how to inspire hope in others - The influence of language - The difference between authentic grit and 3 types of “bad” grit - How to identify and cultivate your passions I hope that you enjoy this interview, and it offers you inspiration to find or pursue your passion…and then, give it away. Meet somebody’s eyes today. Maybe, a stranger’s. Let yourself feel connected, letting any pretense fall away. As Caroline says, We can’t keep what we don’t give away – what can you offer to someone else? And, if you, like I was just last September,

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