Curiously Creative

Dec 30 2019 53 mins 12

Welcome to the Curiously Creative podcast. Each month we share conversations with all kinds of creative people, who share their journeys and unique perspectives around their own creativity. We hope these conversations help us understand our own creative process and have the courage to live more creative lives.

Se. 2, Ep.10: Angie Richardson. Arts Therapist & Educator
Dec 30 2019 71 mins  
Angie Richardson is a clinically registered and experienced Arts therapist who has worked extensively with children for the past 30 years. In her private practice ‘Creative Harmony’ Angie works with children, teens, and adults individually or with families using a multi modal approach that involves creative visual art making, drama, sandtray and movement. She is also a registered primary school teacher with counselling and psychotherapy training, as well as a Master’s Degree in Arts Therapy. She has worked as a behavioural support worker in schools for children with challenging behaviours and has vast experience working in the area of special needs. Her current work involves Drama and Dance therapy for special needs schools, facilitating art therapy groups for clients with dementia and those recovering from mental health issues. As well as running workshops for the Masters Programme at Whitecliffe and supervising clinical trainees. Amongst many things we talk about how the arts improve learning capabilities, the power of play and playfulness, the importance of cultivating the arts within school systems, how structure can develop improvisation skills, art and creativity as an inherent human characteristic, ways to make arts more accessible, inclusive and integrated in a class or curriculum, Improvisation as a learning and teaching skill and how positivity can develop awareness, skills and capability.

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