Soul Fire Wisdom

Jul 01 2020 43 mins

Soul Fire Wisdom is a weekly live podcast focused on change and transformation and the journey we all take as humans in finding our path and purpose by following our soul passions. Kate interviews guests who have followed their unique path and can share the wisdom gained through their journey and personal experiences. Kate is a Holistic Integrative Life Coach, Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner who blends knowledge from a range of alternative modalities to help clients find their path, purpose and peace, She is committed to empowering the creative expression and voice of her clients. Kate calls herself a “Change Adventure Navigator” and loves to guide clients on their journey to joyful living and alignment with their authentic, unique self. She is Owner of Soul Fire Wisdom Life Coaching, Embrace Change Hypnosis & NLP, Total Wellness Products & Circle of Love Retreats. She previously hosted “Embrace Change with Kate” for almost two years on Contact Talk Radio. Episodes can be found at . Soul Fire Wisdom can be found on Soul Fire Radio website, , as well as, Spreaker and other hosting platforms. Kate is a Speaker and Author in addition to a radio/podcast host. The show airs weekly on Tuesday at 3:00 PM Pacific time. Listen Live or on your own time to podcasts. Videos available on YouTube. Please tune in, like, follow and download episodes.

When Your Passion is Set In Stone
Jul 01 2020 43 mins  
Kate interviews Robin Callahan, Jewelry designer, Metalsmith, Lapidary Artist and founder of Robin Callahan designs, LLC. Robin's passion for her work is apparent in her beautiful creations. You would truly think she had been doing this all her life, but she pursued this long time talent and passion just 6 years ago and found her true life path and purpose, as well as, the joy of creation whe now enjoys. We will hear Robins'story and I promise it will inspire you. Tune in for a motivating show!

What Do Your Dreams Mean?
Jun 23 2020 60 mins  
Kate interviews Pamela Cummins, Dream Interpreter and Teacher, Author and expert. Pamela is the author of the best-selling, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams and has helped hundreds of people find the meaning on their dreams through her private consultations and taught many to be able to interpret their own dreams. Her goal is to show clients the wisdom and guidance they can gain from the messages in their dreams that will enhance their lives and accelerate their personal and spiritul growth. Tune in for a fascinating and infromative show.

Life Leap - The Journey to A New Life Direction
Jun 17 2020 69 mins  
Kate interviews Orlando Zucchetto, Licensed NLP coaching Trainer, registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Design Human Engineer. Just 3 short years ago, Orlando owned an HVAC business in New Zealand and had a totally different life. He now resides in the UK and loves the transformation his life has taken. We'll hear his story and find out about his journey and the steps he took, as well as, the motivation behind it. Tune in for an interesting and inspiring show.

Aging Vibrantly & Brilliantly
Jun 10 2020 54 mins  
Kate interviews Dr. Patricia Boulogne, known as Dr. Pat. is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Coach, Chiropractor, Acupuncture Physician, Speaker, and Author. She helps her patients find out the WHY and the CAUSE of the problem, and identify the starting point: and how to begin their health journey to live longer, better, and healthier. Dr. Boulogne makes sense of complex, confusing, and challenging problems, and simplifies them so people can get unstuck and get the solutions they need to thrive.. She is the founder and principle of AskDrPat ~ Health Team Network, a company dedicated to skyrocketing health, lifestyle, mindsets with strategies and programs that make sense, and help you age gracefully, think, move, and feel better, to live longer and happier! She is the Author of Why Am I Sick, Fat and Tired? We will talk aobut her book and how it helps people with thier health challenges and questions. Tune in for an important and informative discussion!

A Passion For Communication
Jun 02 2020 60 mins  
Kate interviews Edie Weinstein, MSW, Licensed Social Worker, Author, Speaker, Editor, Producer, Bliss Coach, Founder of Hug Mobsters and more. Edie is a master communicator and expresses herself in many ways. You might say she has a passion for communication and we'll find out, not only where it all started, but why it is so important in her life. Tune in for an informative and inspiring show.

Navigating Mid-Life
May 27 2020 55 mins  
Kate interviews Jo Ann Kobuke, founder of Mif-Life Rewritten, Speaker and Coach. After experiencing her own crisis when she suddenly faced her children leaving the nest and choosing a new direction for her own life, Jo Ann decided to help other women better navigate this time in their lives and the possibilities it offers. We'll talk about her journey and how she helps others. Tune in for some insight and inspiration.

Resilience and Recovery After Rape
May 19 2020 41 mins  
Kate interviews Lois Wagner, Speaker, South African Business Leader, Author, Coach, mentor and advocate for resilience and recovery after rape. Lois draws upon her own life experience and shares a message of resilience and forgiveness with others. It is her mission to empower other women from the strength she has gained to not only survive, but to thrive. Tune in for an inspiring show.

Finding Balance In Yoga and Mediation
May 12 2020 44 mins  
Kate interviews Megan Cuzzolino, Wellness Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Megan is known as the "Lazy Wellness Coach" and has her own approach to wellness that is down to earth, practical and meant for anyone to adapt to their own life and needs. She takes a no-nonsense approach and leaves out a lot of the woo-woo. Tune in to hear about Megan's own journey and how she helps othere.

Laugh Yourself Into A Trance
May 05 2020 58 mins  
Kate interviews Jim Kellner, Hypnotherapist, Stage Hynotist, Speaker, Author and Comedian. Starting out with stage fright, extreme shyness and depression it's amazing that Jim made the choice that he did and now has a passion for being on stage, making people laugh and entertaining. We will find out about his journey, his motivation and how hedhelps otherson their journeys. Tune in for an inspiring show.

When Life Yells - Plot Twist
Apr 29 2020 40 mins  
Kate interviews Anne Logue, Transformation Coach, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author. Anne became a healer and coach while supporting her brother through serious illness and she thought she had found her path. Life decided to take her in another direction and she she unexpectedly became a children's book author. We will find out about her journey and her books. Tune in for an informative and inspiring story.

The Silver Linings in Adversity
Apr 25 2020 61 mins  
Kate hosts and moderates a special broadcast panel discussion on the Covid-19 adversity we are all currently navigating and the positives or silver linings that may be found and are always inherent in adversity. The panelists are:Anne Logue, Transformation Coach, Energy Healer & AuthorMona Green, Life Coach, Speker & Artist Dr. Faith Brown, Psychologist, Business Strategist, Author, Speaker Suzanne Baxter, Licensed Psychologist, Couples Resilience CounselorIt will be a lively, thought-provoking and informative discussion. Tune in for some insight and perspective.

From Card Shark to LIfe Coach
Apr 21 2020 49 mins  
Kate interviews Brian Arnold, Faith-based Life Coach and Speaker. We will find out about Brian's journey from working for the Mafia as a Card Shark, through depression and suicidal thoughts to Life Coach and helping to guide others to find their path and purpose. Tune in for an inspiring story!

What Do you Treasure
Apr 15 2020 39 mins  
Kate interviews Barbara Krauss, Founder of the Centre for Experiential Living, Creativity Coach, Speaker, Author and Artist. We will be talking about Barbara's lastest book, Forever Treasures, a collection of stories about treasured gifts. We will learn the story behind her book, why she wrote it and what can be gained from it. Tune in for a fun, creative and informative show!

Finding Your True Self
Apr 07 2020 45 mins  
Kate interviews Angela Marshall, also known as Author Stone. Angela is a best-selling Author, Speaker and Writing & Content Coach. Anglea will share her inspiring story and journey from living an extravagant life as an NFL wife to hitting a low and then finding her way back and in the process discovering her authentic self and purpose in life. Tune in for some dgreat info and tips.

Learning to Love Sales
Mar 31 2020 35 mins  
Kate interviews Nikki Rausch, known as The Sales Maven, Author, Speaker and Sales Trainer. Nikki uses her extensive background and experience in sales, as well as, Neurolingistics Programming expertise to teach entrepreneurs how to sell effectively and naturally. Through the use of her 5- step Selling Staircase, Nikki makes the process easy to follow. We will find out her secrets and why they work. Tune in for an informative show and some much needed tips.

The Path to Creating A Dream
Mar 24 2020 43 mins  
Kate interviews Dr. Melissa Bird, PhD., MSW, Author, Speaker and Coach. We dwill talk to Dr. Bird about her journey to creating her vision, being a "natural born rebel" and overcomig obstacles along the way. Melissa has always been a natural born rebel, as well as, a fierce advocate for social justice and advocacy to wonen, children and human rights. We will see show all this plays to gether and is leading Dr. Bird along her path to creating her vision. Tune in for an inspirational show.

A Deeper Look at Intuition & Empaths
Mar 18 2020 50 mins  
Kate interviews Morrighan Lynne, Psychic Empath, Author and Speaker. Morrighan is Author of The Spirited Human, which chronicles our journey as evolving spirits. We'll ddiscuss the differences and similaries in the gifts os intuition and empathic gifts and how to manage your gifts positively. Tune in for some dgreat insights and tips.

Lifting Spirits
Mar 11 2020 37 mins  
Kate interviews Dena Marie, Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Author, Speaker and Radio Show Host of Lifting Your Spirits with Dena Marie on 1150 KKNW AM. We will talk about her work, her passions and how she keeps her own spirits positive and uplifted. Tune in for an uplifting and inspiring show.

From Auto-Immune Disorder to Health
Mar 04 2020 56 mins  
Kate interviews Kerry Smith, Health Consultant, Columnist and Blogger. Kerry is called "Granny OWL" because she blogs about Only Wholesome Living. She experinced her own health crisis and journey to health and has a passion for sharing solutions with others. We'll find out about her experience and get some great information and tips on taking control of your life and health and making positive changes. Tune in for an informative inspiring show!

From Career to Life Passion
Feb 26 2020 37 mins  
Kate interviews John Hinds, former Law Enforcement and Forensic Artist. Beginning his law enforcement career in the Air Force and then transitioning to cilivian law enforcement, John advanced to Detective As a result of trying to solve a case and being dissatisfied with the results produced by identi-kit, John sought out and found his talent as a composite and forensic and what became a life passion. Now retired he spends hours daily creating besutiful portraits for people who hire him. Tune in to hear about John's journey.

Open Your Heart to Love Again
Feb 19 2020 36 mins  
Kate interviews Eileen C. Head, Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Ennegram Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach. Eileen uses the sennegram to help couples and singles, men and women uderstand themselves and their partners better and have stronger, more meaningful relationships and lives. After her own divorce, she looked to answers to maintaiing lasting love and found them in the Ennegram. Tune in for more info on how it all works and tips to keep or find dlasting love.

Down to Earth Dating
Feb 12 2020 41 mins  
Kate interviewa Lisa Le, Real Estate Broker, Mom and Dating Blogger. We will talk about Lisa's blog, experience with dating and why she was motivated to write her blog. we will also find out a little about today's dating scene and how to navigate it. Tune in for a fun and informative show in the spirit of love and in honor of Valentine's Day this week.

Dealing with Workplace Harrassment & Bullying
Feb 05 2020 46 mins  
Kate interviews Cindy Gross, Community Leader, Consultant, Speaker and Founder of Befriending Dragons. After facing harassment and bullying during her own career in the Tech Industry and the experience she went through, Cindy realized that support and change were needed. She has become n advocate and voice for healing and change., Tune in for some dinsight on this problem, tips as an individual and ideas for change as a society going forward.

Business Disaster Avoidance
Jan 29 2020 42 mins  
Kate interviews Dr. Gleb Tsipursky, Founder of Disaster Avoidance Experts, Consultant, Author and Speaker. Dr Tsipursky states that you should never go with your gut when making business decisions. We talk about his reasons for this and some of the strategies for avoiding errors and making good judgements and decisions for your business. Tune in for some insight and tips.

Facing the Truth
Jan 22 2020 47 mins  
Kate interviews Merle Yost, LMFT, MA, Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, andTeacher. After 25 years as a therapist, Merle stepped out of that role to explore a broader range of options for helping people with understanding themselves, boundaries and the healing process. A main area of focus for him has been helping men with healing after childhood sexual abuse and to bring more awareness to the issues that men face with healing from trauma. Watch for some insight and ideas on how we can move forward on this as a society.

Being Exceptional in 2020
Jan 15 2020 41 mins  
Kate interviews Annie Meehan, Motivational Speaker, Author & Life Coach about being Exceptional and what it takes. We will talk to Annie about her own journey, what she has learned and find out the tried and true lessons she shares with others. Known for her motivational speaking inspirational books, we'll find out how her passion developed and what keeps her going. Tune in for an inspiring show!

Intuition and Clarity in 2020
Jan 07 2020 43 mins  
Kate interviews Aimee Cartier, Psychic Intuitive Guide, Author, Speaker and Teacher. She teaches clients how to connect with and enhance their intuition and shows empaths how to deal with their sensitive energy. Tune in for some great information and tips.

Transformation Journey
Dec 26 2019 34 mins  
Kate interviews Dana V. Adams. As well as, being a successful and award-winning Real Estate Broker, Dana is an Author, Speaker, Coach and the founder of the Life Mapping Institute. She has managed all this while raising 4 sons and part of the transformation was the use of he life mapping system she now teaches. We will talk about Dana's own journey and find out more about the life mapping process and how it is helpful for achieving your goals and dreams. Tune in for an infomative and inspiring show.

A Passion for Life Adventures
Dec 20 2019 28 mins  
Kate interviews Gayle Picken, Writer and Video Creator and the founder of Day Trips in WA. Gayle has created a business around online magazine, videos and a video channel. She has been exploring locations and experiences all over Washington and sharing the adventures online. it looks like a lot of fun! Listen to dind out more and the nes direction her business is taking.

Being in Alignment to Avoid Burn Out & More
Dec 13 2019 46 mins  
Kate interviews Dr Faith Brown, Counseling Psychologist, Performance Strategist, Business Mentor, Author, Speaker, Professor, Radio Personality, & Expert Panelist coaching individuals and corporate entities in posturing for the next level. Specializing in relationships, she leverages her knowledge in neuropsychology and behaviorism with more than 25 years in the corporate sector to facilitate personal and professional development. She believes that every relationship embodies an element of psychology. Integral to that is understanding the oneness of self – the vertical relationship (mind, body, and spirit) is key to the success for all relationships. Dr Brown’s seminal research and publication on the mental health of oncologists led to the founding of The Brown Wellness Group in New York City and to the production of her Book entitled “Burnout – The Gift”. She has lectured extensively on the Health and Resiliency of Physicians, The Power and Brilliance of Women, Intergenerational Diversity and the Art of Collaboration in the Workplace and The Impact of Social Media for the Helping Professions. She has received numerous awards from the healthcare industry and seeks to show others how to manifest love and rewards in their own lives.

A Case for Optimism
Dec 07 2019 57 mins  
Kate interviews Victor Perton, Barrister, CEO & Founder of the Centre for Optimism & The Australian Leadership Project . Victor Perton asks people what makes them optimistic. He recently opened the first shopfront Centre for Optimism. The purpose? To help everyone and anyone become more optimistic and to confidently declare that they are “a realistic and infectiously optimistic leader.” His beliefs are “The leader looks like the person in your mirror” & “The Times call for Realistic and Infectiously Optimistic Leaders.” Victor is the author of “Optimism: The How and Why” and “The Case for Optimism: The Optimist’s Voices”. He is the Founder and Editor of “The Australian Leadership Project”. Through 2019, he has delivered keynote speeches and run many workshops on how to become more optimistic, He has given workshops in prisons, schools, universities, board rooms, corporations, NGOs, conferences and retreats from Madrid to India, Australia, New Zealand and the USA and via video on social media. Victor’s life experience includes stints as Commissioner to the Americas, 18 years as parliamentarian, practice as a barrister, mediator, arbitrator, businessman and board member..

Creating Miracles
Nov 28 2019 26 mins  
Kate interviewa Christine Schader, Certified Financial Planner, Author, Speaker and Life Coach. Christine is author of the Happiness Connection and has created a 4-part course in creating miracles. We will talk with her about her course and how to bring miracles into to your life. She is a advocate for neuroscience and miracles, big and small. Listen to be inspired and learn her secrets.

Optimizing Self-Expression by Creating a State of Flow
Nov 22 2019 36 mins  
Kate interviews Kathleen Cavender, Jazz Singer, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur and all-around creative spirit. We will find out about Kathleen's journey, how she stays motivated and in her best creative mindset. Kathleen shares some tips on how to get in the flow and what might be helpful if you want to make a living from your art or creative endeavors. Kathleen draws on decades of experience and a family history of talent in art and music to share some keys to inspiration and creative self-expression. Tune in for some awesome tips.

12 Days of Goodness
Nov 15 2019 35 mins  
Kate interviews Suzanne Perkins Newman, CEO and Founder of Answers for Elders and 12 Days of Goodness. After 30 years in the corporate world, Suzanne was challenged with caring for her Mother for the last 6 years of her life. This led her to the realization that the resources for cargivers for finding information that was helpful both in caring for and helping seniors make the best decisions were limited. She started Answers for Elders and she is celebrating 10 years in business. She has radio show aimed at cargivers and has written a book, The Advocate's Heart: Finding Your Real Strength in Caring for Aging Loved Ones - available on Amazon. She started 12 Days of Goodness aimed at giving back and touching the hearts of seniors throughout the greater Puget Sound for 12 days in December by partnering with the Seahawks Legends to bring events of connection and celebration to seniors. Tune in to find out more about the motivation for and details of these inspiring events.

Cancer Diagnosis? -Know Your Options!
Nov 08 2019 30 mins  
In this episode of Soul Fire Wisdom, Kate interiews Dr. Leyla Ali, Pharmacist, Author, Speaker and Comedian. Dr Leyla's first book, Off Balance: The American Way of Health. A Pharmacists Perspective on Why Drugs Don't Work, brought light to some of the problem that cause Americans to be overmedicated and unhealthy. In her new handbook, Dr. Leyla aims to give patients a broader perspective on the options available when they are diagnosed with cancer and to help them make dbetter informed choices. Like many of us, Dr. Ali, has been apalled at dthe surg in cancer diagnosis in this country and knows how traumatic is it for someone to recieve this informationa and feel out of control. She hope to help with that by giving people a more dcomplete view of the options. Tune in for information and tips.

The Art and Soul of a Modern Folk Singer
Nov 01 2019 35 mins  
Kate talks with Rosanne Olson. Rosanne is an Author, Photoographer, Singer, Songwriter, Poet and modern folk singer making an impact with her music. We will talk about her journey, the folk genre, her inspiration and influences, as well as, the roll of music in society. Rosanne will tell us how her photography and music have connected and what led her to her current path. Tune in for an inspiring show.

How Does Music Help with Self-Care
Oct 25 2019 32 mins  
Kate talks with Bill Protzmann, Tech Entrepreneur, Classical Pianist, Author, Coach & Advocate. Bill is the founder of Music Care Inc., a for- purpose corporation that teaches practical ways music can be used for self-care. His aim and mission is toinspire, delight and demonstrate the power of music as a self-care tool. Listen to find out how music does this and get some tips!

Soul Connections
Oct 17 2019 38 mins  
Kate interviews Dr Katherine T. Kelly, Psychotherapist, Soul Health Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, Author, Speaker and Owner of the Soul Health Center. She has published 2 best selling books on soul health and was dubbed "the pioneer of soul health". Dr. Kelly has trademarked her own Soul Health Model to help people to realign their lives for both radiant living and their soul's evolution. Get Dr Kelly's tips for both better connectin with soul and soul-care (sef-care). Tune in for an inspiring and informative discussion.

Voice of An Angel
Oct 04 2019 26 mins  
Kate interviews Merrilee Rush, Singer, Songwriter, Grammy Award nominee along side Roberta Flack, Barbara Striesand and Dion Warwick. Merrilee has been performing for more than 4 decades and we'll find out what has kept her inspired. She lives on a farm outside Seattle with her husband, Billy Mac, Singer, Songwriter, and Author. Merrilee raises and shows English Sheep Dogs, as well as, taking time for her art and gardening. Tune in for some fun and inspiration as we find out more. Find out who pops in to say 'Hello' and give Merrilee a message!

Dream Different - Finding Your Path!
Oct 03 2019 20 mins  
Kate interviews Dari Arrington about following his dreams and the non-traditional path he is taking. Dari has had the dream of playing for the Golden State Warriors since he was just eleven years old. Growing up in Chicago's inner city, he did not feel that all of the traditional avenues were available to him and learned that achieving his goals meant blazing a new path. We talk about this and what he has been doing last year and this year to move toward his goals and a new secondary goal he is pursuing with the same passion this year! Tune in for an inspiring show.

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