Todd Huff Show

Oct 26 2020 52 mins

The Todd Huff Show is conservative, not bitter. But be advised: contents may cause you to lean to the right.

Scaramucci, Obamacare & Russia
Jul 24 2017 55 mins  
Blaze of Glory recap from this weekend. A little housekeeping about the show. I'll be out most/all of the rest of the week. Moving to a live morning show next Monday, July 31. Anthony Scaramucci new White House Communications Director. Promises to put an end to leaks. Says he'll give past leakers amnesty, but no leaks will be permitted moving forward. He is a businessman who is prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve this end. Obamacare repeal/replace still not dead. Democrats dancing on the legislation's grave do so at their own peril. Remember how long Obamacare took? Remember the fierce town hall meetings? The political blowback? The Republican base isn't going to accept non-action on this issue. The Democrats' new slogan is going to change your life. In fact, I'm guessing that once you hear it, you're going to head straight to the courthouse to change your voter affiliation to the Democrat Party. Here's the slogan: "A Better Deal: Better skills. Better jobs. Better wages." This is the best they can do after getting shellacked in elections since (essentially) 2010? This isn't a slogan - it's a thesis. And it's a bad thesis at that. Almost made it an entire episode without talking about Russian collusion narrative. Meeting today between Manafort, Kushner, Trump Jr & GOP Senators. Schumer says it would cataclysmic if Trump fired Mueller or if he pardoned himself. Trump said there is nothing to pardon because the only illegal thing we know that happened is the leaks.

The State of the Swamp
Jul 11 2017 55 mins  
Around November 15, 2016 - after a week of hosting cry-ins, coloring book parties & protests - Liberals finally recognized that Trump would, in fact, be president in January, 2017. So they immediately began planning how to obstruct him. And impeach him. They are now on a full-fledged witch hunt, having determined he needs impeached - but still searching for the crime. Donald Trump Jr guilty of treason? Come on. This is out-of-control. David Letterman says Trump would get fired from Dairy Queen. What's wrong with working at Dairy Queen? It's certainly better than living on government 'entitlements' without trying to improve your own circumstances. No work is beneath anyone - especially if you just need the income. What's beneath us is thinking something is beneath us. Hillary wants to campaign for Democrats in 2018. I could understand fundraising. But campaigning? I'd like to personally invite her to Indiana to campaign for Joe Donnelly. And even if she's not there literally, she is symbolically because the Democrat Party demands Democrat Senators vote in lock-step with one another. Republicans aren't like that - which is why they're having so much trouble passing healthcare. Of course, they could still use better leadership. The case of baby Charlie Gard. The parents have the money & want to do everything to save their child. Why can't they do that? This is one reason why people fear government taking control of healthcare. Parents should be making the call here - not the government.

CNN's Panic & Deceit
Jun 29 2017 55 mins  
CNN is in big trouble. Ratings are down. Project Veritas expose them for reporting on a self-described 'bull***t' story. So they bring in Elmo to provide commentary on refugees. I think they're onto something here, because when I watch their regular anchors & reporters, in my mind I already see a bunch of people with the credibility of a make-believe puppet. Freedom of speech. Freedom of the press. Dangerous to our republic? Network of darkness & corruption. The Left & the Media are out of cards to play. They are accustomed to raising the ante on GOP politicians & watching them fold, but Trump won't do that. He's more than happy to call their bluff & he will not back down. So now they try to change the subject. Make it about the Constitution suddenly. (When has the media & far Left ever cared about that, by the way?) But they're misrepresenting the First Amendment. Freedom of the press doesn't insulate them from criticism - even from the president, who also has freedom of speech. No one is censoring the media; they're just calling them out for their corruption. If Trump is responsible for any violence against journalists, simply by calling media fake news, then who's responsible for the riots in Ferguson? Remember how the media grossly misrepresented the truth & furthered the lie of 'hands up, don't shoot?' That led to the Black Lives Matter movement and rioting in Ferguson & elsewhere. 'Real Fake art' put directly in front of Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. City claims it's not political & is a complete coincidence. Yet we're supposed to believe this convoluted 'Trump-Russia collusion' story without any hesitation. So stupid. Man up and just tell us what we all know to be true. Who's trying to shut anyone up here? More speech is good. Let the free marketplace decide whom to believe.

A Referendum on Trump?
Jun 21 2017 55 mins  
It wasn't supposed to happen like this. Barack Ossoff lost in a runoff to Karen Handel. Democrats argued this was a referendum on Trump. Now, of course, Democrats tell us that wasn't a referendum. They tell us it was a very close race that was never supposed to be this tough for Republicans. It's a 'moral victory' for Democrats. Uh huh. Sure. Just look at the faces of CNN political reporters. Safe to say their guy lost, huh? I must've missed Democrats excoriating Ossoff for all the money he injected into this campaign. Ossoff spent $22 million+. Handel spent $14 million. 93% of donations came from outside GA? Enough prevent offense in Congress. Part of me wonders if they talk of canceling August recess so as to avoid being bombarded by angry constituents at town hall meetings back home. New York Times story about Michael Flynn having access to classified information, even though Trump Administration knew he was a blackmail risk by Russia. Who was the blackmail risk? How about Hillary?! Jim 'Very Fake News' Acosta tells us he's concerned about the lack of transparency in Trump Administration. I thought Trump was too transparent & active on Twitter? Isn't that where 'covfefe' came from, after all? CNN is more concerned about being irrelevant & losing their ability to control the narrative. But they still have way more power & influence than they should. Ossoff lost. Handel won. If the Media was consistent, they would say the referendum on Trump shows that the people of GA are pleased.

American Weakness Is Provocative
Mar 17 2017 55 mins  
McDonalds tweet. Account hacked? True or not, this is the common excuse. Chris Matthews trying to channel his inner Rachel Maddow & drive ratings up with his own silly comments. Calls Trump "weirdo in the basement." I think he's confusing Trump with his listeners. (I'm teasing liberals. Take it easy.) How did we get here with North Korea. Bill Clinton. American weakness is provocative. Negotiating with evil madmen is truly insane. And when they have nuclear weapons & threaten to use them, why would we take military options off the table? We are not threatening war, they are. We are trying to maintain peace. And you don't do that through weakness & capitulation to madmen. I tire of America being blamed for every problem in the world. The US is trying to maintain peace. Romans 12:18 tells us to live at peace ... as far as it depends upon us. Madmen sometimes make it difficult or even impossible. We're making the same mistakes with Iran. Jihadi Joe. We don't want war, but there is risk in doing nothing and empowering maniacal, dictatorial madmen - be they in North Korea or Iran. Want to drive the Left & Media mad? Introduce a budget that cuts budgets for all but 3 Cabinet agencies. And increase budgets for those related to military/defense. Chelsea Clinton is writing a book called "She Persisted." It's reportedly for people who have been told to quit. As a conservative, I've been told to quit - and I have no interest in the book. Have a great weekend!