The Obesity Revolution Podcast

Oct 14 2020 24 mins 4

Obesity is a global pandemic and it has become the last acceptable prejudice. Brandon Glore and Sean Mulroney have come together to slay the Goliath of obesity!

Wake Up Call
Aug 26 2020 16 mins  
Last year, I had the privilege of meeting a really great guy named Brad - Brad Brewer.He had been struggling with his weight and by the time we connected, Brad was in the hospital with an infection that was really kicking his butt. For 45 days, he fought along side the medical team at the hospital in Festus. When he got to the hospital, he weighed over 700 pounds, and when he was discharged, he lost so much water weight, he was down to 550 pounds!It was a very proud day for everyone when he was finally discharged. The staff was so touched and inspired by Brad that they got him a pair of boxing gloves. Everyone wrote words of encouragement and love on the gloves and they sent the gloves home with him. I want to tell you some more about Brad because he in an amazing inspiration to me: Brad is an accomplished and gifted writerHe holds a doctorate and actually wrote the class syllabus at University of Mississippi!He’s a genius, he’s encouraging – he’s always generous with a smile and quick to make you feel comfortable. This last time he got sick, he didn’t go to Festus, he went to a different one. Because he’s obese and because he doesn’t have health insurance, it was like pulling teeth to get anyone to take him seriously. Nobody could see the person behind the weight – they would not look past his obesity to see Doctor Brad Brewer. He was finally able to get a healthcare advocate, and after that it was a bunch of ‘hurry up and wait’ while some “POWER” decided if he was worth the effort or not. They booted him out of the hospital as soon as they could. I can’t give you the name of the hospital, for liability reasons, but we all know that type of treatment because most of us have dealt with it on some level. (pregnant pause) 2 days ago, my friend, my amazing brother Brad, passed away. We are all devastated. . . . He was in his home, he woke up with the chills because he had been battling a staph infection. He told his girlfriend that he was having a tough time catching his breath. And in a flash he was gone. Brad died while waiting on paperwork and red tape to determine if he should be granted health insurance due to his condition. Its sickening, its dismissive and it’s cruel to treat people like they are less than human! There’s not a person out there that hasn’t been damaged at some point in their lives and they now have self-destructive tendencies – HELLO! --- Smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, porn – all of which have organizations dedicated to breaking those cycles and improving lives through positive and permanent change. But the obese community? Please! We get dismissed, we get called names and looked at like we are nothing but the scum of the earth! Obesity is the last socially acceptable prejudice! And I am so SICK of these barriers and discriminate attituded because we are obese! We are NOT caricatures of your prejudicial ideals – We are PEOPLE for crying out loud! Doctors and Healthy and Fitness industry: Why did Brad sit in his wheelchair and die while you all took your sweet time and debated his worth? He wanted to continue to fight for his life! He sought support and resources and was effectively slapped away. Obese community: Take yourself seriously, YOUR LIFE IS AT STAKEDrop the excuses, quit crying about it! There is no time and no room for a pity party. Quit focusing on the ‘why’ you got here and instead focus on the HOW you’re going to get out of it! Stop looking backward, so you can look forward!Start saying to yourself and to the world – I am here, I am human and I matter! Then start acting like it!

Looking in the face of no RESULTS
Aug 12 2020 18 mins  
It’s an unfortunate reality that sometimes, during our journey, the scale won’t move, despite our best efforts.Or even worse, the scale moves in the wrong direction!We get discouraged and want to just give up – but I’m here to tell you that we can’t give up.We are not just changing our bodies, we are also changing our minds, learning endurance and learning how to be patient with ourselves – possibly for the very first time.I discovered I had to change how I looked at this disappointment when I was in that valley of no results.I have been gaining and losing the same 30 pounds for a year and I was beating myself up over it.But then I began to think of all the non scale victories I have made:I gave up fast food and soda 7 years ago – THAT was a healthy choice for myself overallI workout on a consistent basis – that is making me strong, building endurance and strengthening my heartSince my journey began, I have lost 60 inches – my wife can hug me now, and her hands touch behind my back!Look, it didn’t take a few weeks or even a few months to put this weight on, and its going to take a lot longer than that to get it off. We have to be realistic in our expectations, and we also have to be in this for the long haul.The man or woman who looks in the face of no results the longest becomes king or queen because they continue to stick it out and stay dedicated.They are looking at the long term goalRemember: Weight loss is a journey, NOT an event. It is a continued way of living that can’t stopAnd going through these valleys makes us stronger by changing our minds and teaching ourselves patience. Celebrate the victories, ESPECIALLY the non scale ones.You are working hard, you are in it for the long haul and you will face the setbacks with determination and dedication.

The Weightloss Trap
Aug 05 2020 26 mins  
The Weight Loss Trap – Time Magazine ArticleBoth are powerful pieces that hit you right between the eyes. I’m glad others, especially literary influencers and respected magazines like Time are taking a good hard, HONEST look into the obesity crisis that has our country in a strong hold right now.Time hasn’t healed us, its made the situation worse – the two biggest factors being: BAD FOOD made by companies who care more about the bottom dollar than the health and well-being of their customers - why do you think there are so many aliases for sugar and chemical sweeteners? High Fructose Corn Syrup is cheaper than sugar, but it’s a chemical and our bodies don’t know what it is, so our brain stores it as fat because it doesn’t know what to do with it. It seems like the food industry is wanting to kill its customers kinda like people say the tobacco industry is. Child abuse and neglect – and we, as a society have finally figured out the correlation between childhood trauma and health problems like obesity. Kids who are abused don’t have an outlet, they don’t know where to turn so they turn inward and then they turn on themselves . . some without even realizing it. Kids need to be and to feel safe ALWAYS. They deserve to have that basic human need met. They need validation, direction and a good moral example so they can learn how to respect themselves and everyone else. Obesity is no joke, it’s serious business and we all deserve to invest in ourselves. We all need to learn as much as we can about ourselves, our bodies, what makes us tick – what makes us gain weight. We only have this one body, this one life and it’s our to enjoy, it’s ours to enrich others, its ours to make a positive impact on the world, and we can’t really do that if we are stuck in a house somewhere because we can’t get out of our chair.

Ingredients for Success
Jul 29 2020 19 mins  
Ingredients of success: you will never have success until you do what is necessary to have it. Wanting and wishing will only get you so far. Without effort, it’s just dreaming and nothing more.Long term success required short term pain/discomfort/inconvenience. Get ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable Mental health/mind set – I dismissed it for decadesNutrition – I ignored itPhysical movement – we aren’t trees, we were built to MOVE, so move!Consider physical restrictions - for me, it’s lymphedema Through my journey, through my failed attempts, through the frustration of having to start and stop again about a thousand times, I figured something out: I figured out that I had to do ALL 4 of these, neglecting just ONE of these requirements sabotaged my efforts and prevented me from attaining REAL success – long term success… short term success doesn’t last, and its not worth your effort or frustration. Learning that was huge and I am sharing it with you because I don’t want to see you have to struggle like I did. Real effort, and not taking short cuts will allow you and allows me to enjoy my successes and also allows me to respect myself, despite my short comings and I actually root for myself and am my own cheering squad. I believe in me and I believe in you too.You have some plans to make, you have some decisions to make – you CAN have success, you can get to a better, healthier, safer place in your life. Its not for the weak, it takes a LOT of frustration to fight your way out of this, but I am worth it. You are worth it. Victories can be counted up in small increments – just because they are small doesn’t make them any less valuable, and you can count them as you go. And they don’t have just be based on the number on the scale. Victories can be anything that you can do now that you couldn’t do before: Brushing your teeth without getting winded Trimming your toenails without working up a sweat Not having to use the seat belt extenderIt’s not a bad thing to ask yourself what your ingredients are, it’s ok to call yourself out and get real with yourself – you may get embarrassed, when you really take a good look and realize you were turning a blind eye to some crucial necessities, but that’s ok too. We assess and we adjust – that’s how we keep moving forward, positively and productively.

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