Los Rios Rock School Podcast

Mar 03 2020 16 mins

Los Rios Rock School is one of the very best performance academies in the world and this is our podcast! Thanks for joining us!

Episode 2
Jan 14 2019 10 mins  
Episode 2 of the Los Rios Rock School Podcast.Student Spotlight: Connor Altwein… Eagle Scout Court of Honor (4% of Scouts)Jeff Livingstone - Brownstone Love (Modern take on vintage vibes)OSCA AuditionsTwo things we’ll talk about todayShows and RehearsalsUpcoming Auditions ShowsMerchExtended the deadline to pre-order our limited edition merch packages is no Tuesday, January 15th! Get your orders in todayT shirts, hats, hoodies, tank tops, show postersPhoto package with professional photographer for the showEmail [email protected] if you are interestedHouse of Blues: Just a quick update: both show are sold out at this point. Ticket sales are off the TZ store at this point.If you would like more tickets please email me at [email protected] and I can put you on a waiting listNot sure at this point if we will be getting more tickets but if we do you’ll want your name on the waitlist!RehearsalsAt this point in the season we need all the kids to step up before the shows! We are going to be rotating the bands on stage, what you can do at home is really get Auditions coming up February 2nd.Two things for auditions! Auditions for our next live season as well as our Beach boys auditions! These are due the same day on Saturday February 2nd by midnight to Spencer and ClintTalk to your Instructor today!“ Don’t just know your part, own your part”Regular Live Season RequirementsJam 101, Jam 102 and Advanced auditions all due Saturday, February 2ndIf your student isn’t quite at the level to audition yet we want to let you know that we have Jam 100 and Open Jam (non-commitment based, come have fun, learn how to play in a group)Know the commitment level before you audition: Saturday rehearsals as well as some Thursday rehearsals for one of our advanced groups. Big show at the end of the seasonTalk to you instructor today!Big Meeting on March 2ndBeach Boys AuditionsSuper excited for this show! This is going to be an opportunity like we’ve never had before as a school so please consider auditioning! We are encouraging all of our students to auditionAuditions will be due on Saturday, February 2nd by midnight to Clint Email those video auditions to [email protected] recap, this show will be played at the Memorial Hall at Chapman University with the Southern California Youth Philharmonic on Friday, May 24th

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