Get Happy With Dr Marissa Pei

Oct 22 2020 51 mins 26

So this show answers that question…where guests talk about how we can improve our health and well-being, our jobs and careers, and our relationships with others and ourselves so that we can be happy, 88 percent of the time. This is not CNN…Constantly Negative News that can be boiled down to “What is Wrong with People??!” Instead this show highlights What is RIGHT with the world, and how we can act on our own behalf to make our own lives a better place to live in.

City Gala Founder Ryan Long and Beneficiaries Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt chat with Dr. Marissa
Feb 21 2018 52 mins  
Calling in from Minnesota, Founder of City Gala/City Summit Ryan Long re-visits my show with this year’s amazing event on Oscar weekend with billionaire speakers where proceeds fund the star studded City Gala after Oscar party...and help seed non-profit beneficiaries like Project Now and Fire Light Foundation founded by Dale Godboldo and Lisa Lewolt respectively who are guests in studio. With a lot of laughter and heart, all agree in promoting the new paradigm where helping others is not a just a nice thing to do but a rewarding thing to do because it taps into our unique talents gifts and abilities and one finds purpose in and joy with service. Dale‘s talks about the importance of support and mentorship that he wants to give back from his experiences in the Mickey Mouse club which was tantamount to his and his other Mouseketeer mates like Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears success. Lisa talks about her own experiences with her own struggles making her the ideal motivator and spokes person for her foundation seeking to help young people who don’t have equal access feel their own power to make better choices. Dr. Marissa describes a world where hardships are not setbacks but ways in which people can find their unique gifts talents and abilities and use them in service to the planet. Ryan Long is presented Dr. Marissa’s Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award. Episode sponsored by Dr. and the 21 day fast from Complaining and the

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