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Sep 22 2020 34 mins 21

Conversations on the art of business and marketing in the automotive market. Your hosts are Chris Rhoad, Founder of Studio Rhoad, and Davin Sturdivant, Senior Consultant at Studio Rhoad, who collectively have over 30 years of marketing and consulting experience in the automotive space. In each episode, we take turns interviewing each other on a particular theme, for 20-35 minutes. We wander when appropriate, and often interview leaders in the automotive space. It’s a bit raw at times, but we want to capture conversations with minimal editing. Both of us love working with automotive professionals and you’ll see our admiration bleed all over the conversation. You’ll also experience candor, disagreement, and authoritative counsel when appropriate.

Imposter Syndrome.
Aug 31 2020 36 mins  
Impostor Syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud". The most talented people I know, and myself, struggle with it day-in and day-out. General Managers running billion dollar companies. Speakers who command audiences in the thousands. Powerful men and women who still wonder if what they are doing is good enough, or if they are about to be found out for being an imposter. We all suffer from it.⁣⁣ I am convinced there will be a knock on the door one day and a man with a clipboard will be there to tell me that it was all over. That they caught up with me and I would have to get real job now. Since I'm a shit-cook, I'm quite relieved that most of the door knocks so far have been the pizza man.⁣ But Imposter Syndrome doesn't go away with any form of a success. We assume that successful people don't feel like frauds but we now know that the opposite is true.⁣⁣ In fact, the most successful people I know don't question themselves. They question their ideas and their knowledge. They know when they are in too deep and to ask for advice. They use that advice to improve their ideas and to learn.⁣ Our special guest on this week's podcast is VP Of Marketing for Bristol Motor Speedway, Drew Bedard. He too knows a thing or two about Impostor Syndrome and implore us all to welcome the challenge. Stalk Drew: Instagram Twitter Facebook Marketing That Works Podcast Tag Along with Studio Rhoad: Instagram Youtube Facebook TikTok Website

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