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Oct 13 2020 43 mins 7

"Still Rowing" is a podcast where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints share their insights and authentic stories of struggle and triumph on their journey of discipleship, and just why they are choosing faith in the restored church of Jesus Christ.

Ep.25: What My Faith Crisis Taught Me About Ministering to Others in a Faith Crisis - Leo Winegar
Jul 21 2020 49 mins  
We all know someone who has left the church or is currently struggling with their faith. What do you do when a loved one is in a faith crisis? Do you panic, go into fix-it mode and try to control the outcome for that individual? Are you loving and patient, offering a listening ear and an embrace? How much can your response impact the trajectory of that person's faith journey? In this episode, Leo Winegar describes how he fell into a faith crisis and how he ultimately lost faith in the Church of Jesus Christ and God for a time. He relates the events that led him back to faith and how his experience has informed the way he now ministers to those who struggle with their faith. Interested in learning more about Uplift Community of Faith? See the link below. Facebook: Youtube: Instructions on how to rate and review on Apple Podcasts: Go to your Apple Podcast App If you haven't already, subscribe to Still Rowing Click on Still Rowing and scroll down to the bottom of the podcast page - you will see Ratings & Reviews To RATE it, touch 1 out of 5 stars (if you want to give it 5 stars, touch the star furthest to the right) To WRITE a REVIEW, touch or click on Write a Review (its below the existing reviews written in purple). You will need to create a username then you can write a review. Thanks for your help in spreading the word about Still Rowing!

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