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Jul 30 2020 54 mins 4

Exploring anything and everything Pharmacy and drugs from the perspective of a slightly sarcastic, extremely professional, and, hopefully, witty third year Pharmacy student (P3). I'll be diving into harder to discuss topics that will hopefully bring insight into the unknown world of Pharmacy. I take an interdisciplinary approach to all healthcare topics and professions through candid interviews with students, practicing professionals, and discussing new innovations in healthcare I get exposed to as I continue to earn my Pharm. D.. All while hopefully making you laugh a little and learn something along the way. My goal for this podcast is to help promote the profession as a whole, and help all people and healthcare professionals stay #AWARxE🥼of the many important roles Pharmacists play in healthcare. Furthermore, I hope to make this podcast something future pharmacists, patients, and friends of mine will enjoy and benefit from. Maybe even inspire others wanting to move into a career in the medical field to consider pursuing an exciting, and totally not boring, career in Pharmacy. If that sounds interesting to you, then I'd appreciate you Prescribing (haha that's a pharmacy pun for Subscribing), leaving a (5 star) rating and review on Apple Podcasts (link provided), and sharing it with friends. With care, DD (David Dent) Follow me on all the Socials for memes, pharmacy news, and much much more #OVERxDOSE💊 *Disclaimer: The information presented in this podcast should not be used in place of professional medical advice. If you have any questions or need help with your medical conditions, please speak with your medical provider or local pharmacist for assistance.

Ep. 8: Become Brand Name w/ Dr. David Vu (@drdavidvu)
Jul 30 2020 57 mins  
In the latest episode of the Social Media mini-series, I get the chance to interview Dr. David Vu, a friend, fellow Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy alumni, previous data analyst for KitCheck, founder of the Pharmacist Informatics Academy, and has recently launched his new business Dispense as Written after becoming one of the most influential pharmacists on social media in two short years after graduating. His new business helps Pharmacists, pharmacy students, and other Healthcare workers create, build, and grow their own personal brand on social media. We dive into the ways he goes about tackling common problems healthcare professionals run into on social media, how he’s been successful throughout his career and on social media, and the mindset he has when working with clients. Thanks for listening. Stay #AWARxE🥼and Don’t #OVERxDOSE💊 With care, David Dent In this episode: - David’s nontraditional career after pharmacy school as a data Analyst at KitCheck - Founding Pharmacy Informatics Academy - How and why David started Dispense as Written and his systems approach to personal branding that he uses to help Healthcare workers and students stand out from their peers for residencies, and jobs. - Social Media and it’s increasing importance in building a network with pharmacists and other professionals colleagues - Breaking down the negative connotations of Personal Branding and how to be present yourself authenticlly. - Most common challenges new students face when developing their personal brand. - My initial experience with starting OVERxDOSE and how I wish I had Dispense as Written at the start - Balancing Professionalism in the small world of Pharmacy - How he’s helped Pharmacists Informatics Academy grow exponentially on LinkedIn, start ambassadorships, and grow it internationally. - His best success stories with one of his clients, Sagar (@coatedlikeacapsule), who, with his guidance, created his own website and is utilizing various social media platforms to drive traffic to it. - Davids Five Minds for succeeding at creating your Personal Brand. - And much more! If you enjoyed the episode, please consider leaving a rating and a review on Apple Podcasts. It helps this Podcast reach others who might be interested in listening and learning about Pharmacy in a not so boring way. Also, be be sure to check out the Dose of Support podcast after you finish this episode!

Ep. 5 : Just Go For It w/ Dr. Mike Corvino (@CorConsultRx)
Jan 24 2020 56 mins  
This marks the start of my next mini-series, and the end of my Mental Health Mini-series. (This will probably be my last mini-series for awhile since individual episodes are less time-consuming, and being a second year pharmacy student doesn't give me a whole lot of time to create structure, or eat sometimes. I'm not Wondery, and this isn't Dr. Death... it's better.) Anyways, I'll be covering everything social media, specifically focusing on Pharmacists and Pharmacy students who are using it to share what they are passionate about and connect with others in and outside of their field. In this series, I try dive deeper into origin stories behind some of the larger Pharmacy accounts, and some of the newer ones I've been lucky enough to connect with after starting this podcast. I want to learn why they built their "brands", how it's impacted them personally and professionally, what worked, what didn't, and how social media is changing the profession of Pharmacy as a whole. I hope this series will encourage others who might be interested in starting their own pages to take the first step, be successful, and avoid the pitfalls and speed bumps I, and those I interview, have personally run into. In this episode, I have the pleasure sit down with Dr. Mike Corvino, founder of @CorConsultRx. Mike was one of my inspirations for starting OVERxDOSE and one thing I wanted to expand on that he mentions on his podcast is how there is no better time than now, while in school, to start an account leverage social media in a way that brings value to others. You can tell how nervous I am in the beginning of the episode, but it was really awesome to dive deeper into this topic. We expand on some of the topics he discussed w/ Dr. Adam Martin on The Fit Pharmacist Healthcare Podcast back in 2018. It's a great lesson, and it focuses more on how you can find your angle, find what value you can bring, and use it on social media. Listen at the link below: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-fit-pharmacist-healthcare-podcast/id1397266139?i=1000420923806 This episode expands on that, highlights the ups and downs that come with presenting yourself on social media, and focuses more on the personal side of all of it. As always, #stayhealthy and don't #OVERxDOSE. And stay tuned for more episodes in a shorter time frame than before. I'm actually getting better at this interviewing and scheduling them thing. With care, DD Subscribe, follow, do all of the social media things, network, connect, you name it, by connecting with Dr. Mike Corvino: IG: CorConsultRx Podcast: CorConsultRx (on all streaming platforms, subscribe if you're not already. And if you listened to this because of him, consider subscribing to me too?) FB: http://facebook.com/corconsultrx E-mail: [email protected] Twitter: htpp://twitter.com/corconsultrx Website: http://corconsultrx.com

Ep. 4: Steps In The Right Direction w/ Areeb
Dec 02 2019 57 mins  
In this episode I speak with Areeb, at the time, a second year Pharmacy student. We cover the changes he's helped implement at his school that have lead to tangible change for those dealing with Mental Health. We cover what my school has done, and we try to lay out step-wise how any student can go about working with their school to address Mental Health. I really hope it helps you make the changes at your school that will benefit everyone. As usual, we also candidly discuss our own struggles and how we worked around them. New incredible intro music from RxRadio (another awesome Pharmacy podcast you should listen to). Thank you so much for your support! Also, huge shout out to the podcasts very first, official, sponsored ad for a new product I think all of my listeners will enjoy and benefit from. Maybe podcasting can be a viable second source of income now. Visit www.celfcontrol.com #celfcontrol is guaranteed to make you do better on exams and is the perfect holiday gift. Use promo code: ODPOD at checkout to get 20% off your first non-refundable order. If you would like to contact Areeb directly his info is as follows: E-mail: [email protected] IG: @areeb_nagamiyan If you liked this episode, let me know by rating and reviewing it on apple podcasts, or hitting that heart button on SoundCloud. Or both. Let me know how it can improve and what you want to hear more about. And of course, #stayhealthy and don't #OVERxDOSE. With care, :DD ------------------------------------ Interested in recording an episode with me? Want to advertise on the podcast? E-mail me! [email protected] Follow me on all of the socials for fun memes, weekly quizzes on Rx things I'm studying, interesting articles, and much more. IG: @overx.dose Facebook: OveRx.Dose Podcast

Ep. 1: Mental Health w/ Brad
Dec 16 2018 57 mins  
Hey there, let's talk about our mental health. ***PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE LISTENING*** (also skip to 4:30 to avoid hearing me struggle with audio and attempt to sing. This is my very first episode and I will try to be a bit more professional in the future. This means less profanity in the future. To know why I'm making this change, listen on to my Professionalism episode.) I hope you're ready to see what a first year pharmacy student has been trying to do while attempting to earn his Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. He's also realizing he wants to try new things and do something big. He's also referring to himself in the third person. That person is me. Again, I'm David, and this is my Podcast. It’s called Overxdose. It covers everything drugs. You should prescribe (that's a pharmacy pun for subscribe) for your daily dose of dark humor, personal stories, tips for success, and how to #stayhealth and don’t #overxdose.. Here's the GOAL OF MY PODCAST: I'm trying to track and document my journey as I figure out what in the hell I want to do with my life in the Pharmacy world. There are countless opportunities to pursue and is largely unnoticed by the general population. Pharmacy doesn't get a lot of exposure, and a lot of people don't realize how it works. I'm taking an unbiased approach, and try to get my fax straight on everything. I'm exploring how it affects the public, what the new trends are, insider tips for success, new legislation in the works, the requirements to join, and the education required to prepare and pass exams. I'm about giving you the tools you need to succeed and maybe, fingers crossed, laugh a little and enjoy what I experience along the way. At the end of the day, I want this to help patients. What better way than to enjoy a laugh in the process and stream it on a free platform for anyone to enjoy. This is a mini-series I'm considering and I MUST WARN YOU NOW! THIS WILL BE ALARMING TO HEAR FOR SOME. THIS MOST LIKELY WILL MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. And that's okay, it's the whole reason I'm doing this podcast. It's something that needs to be heard. But, if you're not ready to take that step yet, that's okay too. It took me awhile to come out and do this project for the very fact it's stigmatized. That's ultimately why I started it. You can't destroy a stigma without standing up (after maybe a skate trick, or a financial set-back, or a personal hardship, or you know, something not something that personally affected me that I think anyone can relate to)looking it in the eye, and diving straight into it. Thank you for reading. Please leave a review on Apple Podcast, and rate it five stars if you thought it was good. If it's something you think I should keep doing. Or do you think its it too soon to be releasing things like this so candidly and honestly? What are we missing? Are you a healthcare specialist who works in any way related to medicine? New trends in Pharmacy? Unique specialties? Current Students? General public with a personal story you want to share? Please reach out by e-mail for potentially setting up an interview: E-mail: [email protected] Thank you again for a review. It'll help me make this podcast something everybody, from every background, can benefit from. If you want to find and reach Bradley Long directly. He prefers being contacted through his instagram. He is bound to post more useful information and he's an incredible open and honest person. Find him at: - Personal: @pills_and_pulls - P(ile)ower lifting: @bread_likes_lift

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