The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

Oct 14 2020 70 mins 19.3k

Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds picks a subject from history and examine it.

4.7 • 33 Ratings

Ro Lynch Oct 02 2020
Best "F**ked up" history podcast out there. The lads are a great laugh, and are able to make light of any situation no matter how dire.

ike Aug 27 2020
10 minutes in and it's still ads. When does the show start?

Sanka9 Aug 22 2020
Brilliant. One of the very best Podcasts. My rating system... 5 stars - 10/10 4 stars - very good 3 stars - worth a listen 2 stars - not that good 1 star - terrible, don't bother

corkiecork Aug 17 2020
So mean to white poeple. Boo hoo

LoozPatienz Jul 22 2020
Well researched and funny take on often overlooked historical events.

Michael Schneide Jul 21 2020
This is the podcast we need right now!

jjgordon Jul 20 2020
My absolute favorite!!! Boy she pops!

Sara Jul 19 2020
Laugh out loud funny and absolutely outrageous. I've learned so much and keep coming back to learn more about our INSANE history!

Steve Jul 16 2020

joefile Jul 14 2020
Fucking crazy

Jmiddle Jul 10 2020
Getting to preachy for a comedy show.

drdozzer Jul 08 2020
The best podcast in the known universe!

SarahHall Jun 19 2020
The dollop is the best podcast there is, I never could review it before because I didn't have apple but now my app has it lol

reaperlove Jun 13 2020
It's not only hilarious af, I've also learned more about (mostly) American history than I ever really wanted to.

[email protected] Jun 11 2020
Great laughs while learning how fucked the world is historically.

Zazzysaurus Jun 10 2020
Great historical facts and a constant call to activism.

Philwas Jun 05 2020
My 2 favourites combined!

MisguidedCJA May 30 2020
Fantastic podcast! Gareth and Dave's energy and banter is what makes the stories even better.

manyfingers May 27 2020
The best darn history podcast out there. Dave and Garreth are absolutely hilarious while providing really interesting content.

Catforaday May 25 2020
The Dollop is one of the first and probably the best comedy-history hybrid podcasts where one person tells a historical story to another who doesn't know the topic beforehand, and they riff on it while digging into the story. The comic improvising and the stories themselves, both the subject and the telling, are consistently top notch. One of the best podcasts of all time, well deserving its huge popularity.

CarrieO May 24 2020
Still loving these tales and the telling.

Swordchucks May 12 2020
I can not reccomend this enough. Probably my favorite nonfiction podcast. Hilarious, informative, and fascinating. I wish our schools would teach even just a tenth of this history. Be warned though, it WILL change your perspective on America as a country.

This is my absolute favorite podcast. I've listened to every episode, some multiple times. It's hilarious and educational!

KEP May 08 2020
One of the all time greatest podcasts

Stregorian May 08 2020
Just the best, get caught laughing out loud all the time. My country isn't perfect, but really makes me worry for the Americans I know.

drno May 07 2020
Absolutely one of their best. Come for the history stay for the necropants.

UFOllie Apr 21 2020
The Dollop never fails to be entertaining. Sometimes bits go on for too long and on occasion the hosts' perspectives as cishet white men leads to jokes and takes that may make a listener cringe, particularly when they are commenting on queer historical figures. But they approach subjects with empathy and good humor, and you never know where a story will end up. It's worth binging for that alone. 10 Cent Beer Night is a great episode to start with if the back catalogue seems overwhelming!

wootwoodoodoo Apr 16 2020
I've never listened to any podcast more than this one. The premise and comedians are perfect. 10 out of 10 out of 5 stars

AlonzoDaCookie Apr 16 2020
Without a doubt my favourite podcast. If you are into history, improv comedy, or just enjoy great stories this is a must. The hosts are not afraid to get political sometimes, but there are plenty of nonpolitical episodes as well if that's not your thing.

MailmanShaun Apr 14 2020
Best comedy history podcast I've heard! It might trigger you if you're right of center, but sometimes the truth hurts.

The Farquhar Apr 14 2020
Amazing podcast. Been listening for years. Great job guys.

nolant Apr 13 2020
Great podcast

pod fan Apr 11 2020
Great podcast