Just One More Chapter Podcast

Oct 15 2020 42 mins 38

Welcome to Just One More Chapter Podcast! This podcast is a book club for everyone, from book nerds to those who only read at the airport. The show is hosted by Katie McCormick. Every book club that I’ve ever been a part of has the same theme, right? Everyone reads the same book THAT month. What if someone doesn’t like that book? Or is really busy that month? Does that mean they shouldn’t attend the monthly meeting? Hell no! Enter the Just One More Chapter Podcast! My intention is to find a book for everyone whether you read 1 book a year or 4 books per month. There will be NY Times bestsellers, smut books (as I call them), cookbooks, books you’ve never heard of, biographies, self help books and everything in between. I have conversations with authors and discuss what moved me about their books. Welcome to Just One More Chapter Podcast!

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