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Nov 23 2020 77 mins 2

Join Ben and Nick for a weekly look at what's new in trailers, trailer trends, classic trailers, and everything in between.

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 57 "There is a UFO Outside My House."
Nov 23 2020 74 mins  
EPISODE 57 “There is a UFO outside my house.”0:00 Introduction: Not a Pyramid Scheme4:00 What We Done Watched9:40 The New NewsSpace Force renewed 1984 2 16:34 The Question Times21:00 The New New Trailers21:37 Let Them All Talk Sister of the Groom Trail of Ashes Tom & Jerry Pieces of a Woman Justice League Director’s Cut teaser Wonder Woman 1984 final trailer Don't Tell a Soul Chaos Walking Godmothered The Ripper We Can Be Heroes Trailer Mailers56:49 Contact Info57:55 Quick Mickey59:21 VidYOgames ¼ Portion1:00:06 Ben the Viking1:02:05 Industry News1:07:58 Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay trailer A UFO is outside Ben’s house1:11:55 Cyberpunk 2077 final trailer WARNING TOO SPOILERY us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers

Trailer Blazers Podcasts - Episode 56 "The Dog Wid the Butter On 'im"
Nov 15 2020 75 mins  
EPISODE 56 - The Dog Wid the Butter On ‘im0:00 - Intro3:10 - What We Done Had Watched This Past Week3:44 - Butter Dog 9:25 - The New News14:04 - The Question Times19:01 - The New New Trailers19:16 - Happiest Season - The Mess You Leave Behind - Black Beauty - Animals - Superintelligence - Wild Mountain Thyme - Breach - The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again 40:39 - IP Man: Kung Fu Master 42:52 - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion 44:07 - Safety - Modern Persuasion - Trailer Mailers 55:22 - How to get in touch with us56:25 - Quick Mickey57:49 - The VidYoGames ¼ Portion of the Show58:50 - What We Done Been Playing1:07:19 - Vidjuh Game Industry News1:10:57 - Forza Horizon 4 - Official Xbox Series X and S Trailer 1:11:56 - Destiny 2: Beyond Light 1:13:11 - All Elite Wrestling: The Game (teaser trailer)

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 53 “The Mummy 2: The Mummy 2, Spice Alive, Spicy Organs… Returns.”
Oct 26 2020 79 mins  
EPISODE 53 “The Mummy 2: The Mummy 2, Spice Alive, Spicy Organs… Returns.”0:00 Introduction: A Funeral for a Friend (thanks to )4:00 What We Done Watched8:00 The New NewsThe Gyllenhaal/Villeneuve project has been revealed series coming to Disney+ !! Quibi is shutting down Holland cast as Nathan Drake (1st image revealed) The Question Times23:00 The New New Trailers23:33 The Empty Man The Christmas Chronicles 2 The Flight Attendant Raya and the Last Dragon Mank Embattled Once Upon a Snowman Animaniacs official trailer Dreamland News of the World The Prom Skyline 3 Trailer Mailers1:01:12 Contact Info1:01:45 Quick Mickey1:03:51 VidYOgames ¼ PortionBen’s Adventures in the Virtual World1:08:57 Solasta: Crown of the Magister (launch trailer) Destiny 2 the Series Hello Engineer (reveal trailer) MSFS 2020 North ‘Merica Trailer Star Wars: Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge (VR) us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 52 “The Dragon Bone Boys Drink Dumb Dude Daquiris”
Oct 19 2020 80 mins  
0:00 - Intro 3:50 - What We Done Had Watched This Past Week10:08 - New News15:08 - Future Blazers21:49 - The Question Times25:47 - The New New Trailers26:29 - Animaniacs reboot - Iron Mask - Barbarians (full trailer) - The Stand - Jiu Jitsu - Monster Hunter 42:18 - Hillbilly elegy - I’m Your Woman - The Kid Detective - Uncle Frank - The Liberator (Netflix) 53:00 - His Dark Materials - Rogue City 56:28 - Trailer Mailers1:04:18 - Quick Mickey1:05:45 - The VidYoGames ¼ Portion1:06:18 - Nick Played Star Wars Squadron in VR1:08:52 - Industry News 1:10:44 - King Aurthur: Knight’s Tale Announcement trailer - Sackboy: A Big Adventure Story - G.I. Joe Operation Blackout launch trailer 1:15:20 - Cyberpunk 2077 Official Vehicles trailer (redband) 1:17:18 - Raji: An Ancient Epic launch trailer 1:18:28 - XIII Remake:

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 51 "The Edgy Neckbeard Bro Comedy Special"
Oct 11 2020 84 mins  
Episode 51 “The Edgy Neckbeard Bro Comedy Special”0:00 Introduction: In a World…2:00 What We Done Watched2020 (A 1917 Parody):’s Instagram: The New NewsGlow canceled along with the Dark Crystal pushed to 2021 Reynolds might sign biggest MCU deal in history We’re probably getting Quicksilver in the MCU Some people think the new Amazon LOTR series might have nudity Dr. Strange gon show up in Spidroman 3 18:00 The Questions Times24:38 The New New Trailers25:10 Free Guy trailer 2 The 355 Monster Hunter (teaser) Blood of Zeus Blackpink: Light Up the Sky Chick Fight Black Bear An Imperfect Murder Fat Man Buddy Games Minimata The Education of Frederick Fitzell Come Away Trailer Mailers - Questions Times Responses1:03:25 How To Contact Us1:04:21 Quick Mickey1:06:00 VidYOgames ¼ Portion1:08:22 What we’ve been playing1:14:30 VidYOgames NewsBaldur’s Gate 3 Early Access is open on Stadia (Trailer): Gamestop and Microsoft team up Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Release Date Trailer (available on October 16, 2020) NBA 2K21 - Official Next-Gen Gameplay Reveal Trailer Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered - Official Reveal Trailer us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Please give us a 5 star rating & review on Apple Podcasts!

Trailer Blazers Podcasts - Episode 50 "The Tractor Trailer Blazers Use Techmology"
Oct 05 2020 75 mins  
0:00 - Intro1:26 - What We Done Watched6:23 - New News12:14 - The Questions Times17:20 - The New New Trailers 18:17 - Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness series (Netflix) - Sightless - The Craft: Legacy - The True Adventures of Wolfboy - Marvel’s 616 28:02 - Vampires vs. the Bronx - Barbarians - His House - Minari - 1 Night in San Diego - Someone Has to Die - Borat 2 - The Witches 48:20 - Trailer Mailers56:14 - How to get in touch with us57:09 - Quick Mickey59:04 - The VidYogames One Quarter Portion of the Show59:52 - What We Been Playing1:04:18 - Industry-ul News1:05:25 - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Minecraft DLC reveal trailer - Godfall - AC: Valhalla Official Story Trailer - Phantasy Star Online 2 - Official Episode 5 Cinematic Trailer 1:11:33 - MSFS2020 Europe Trailer 1:12:15 - Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit - Official Overview Trailer

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 49 "The Return of the No-No Trailers"
Sep 27 2020 75 mins  
Episode 49 “The Return of the No-No Trailers”0:00 Introduction: DJ Swagbutter2:00 What We Done Watched11:45 The New NewsRyan Gosling Stuntman movie Widow moves to May 7Peacemaker series Fury D+ show The QUESTION Times22:05 Alterna-Trailers22:39 Amazon Ring Security Drone Amazon Luna game-streaming service 26:25 The New New Trailers27:10 Wandavision Black Narcissus The Glorias Supernova The Croods 2 Cadaver (Netflix) Synchronic (actual trailer) The Haunting of Bly Manor trailer 2 The Queen’s Gambit (official trailer) Books of Blood (redband trailer) Helstrom Contact Information50:40 Quick Mickey52:00 VidYOgames53:30 VidYOgame NewsMicrosoft buys Zenimax! pricing! (PS5 = $499 and PS5 Digital-Only Edition = $399)Cyberpunk 2077 PC requirements revealed! - weird naming conventions caused Xbox One X sales to skyrocket when the Series X launched Man’s Sky launches version 3.0 “Origins” The New New Game Trailers1:02:48 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake 1:03:50 Minecraft PS VR (launch trailer) Kingshunt (reveal trailer) Monster Hunter Rise - Official Announcement Trailer Demon’s Souls Gameplay PS5 Trailer Deathloop Gameplay PS5 Trailer Vigor (free to play game) release trailer Ghostrunner release date trailer us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 48 “Gracious Grappling Gripes and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day”
Sep 20 2020 99 mins  
Episode 48 “Gracious Grappling Gripes and the Terrible No Good Very Bad Day”0:00 - Intro1:48 - What We Done Watched8:43 - The New News13:53 - The AlternaTrailersLG Wing Z Proto’s digitally modified Z Proto - 21:42 - New New Trailers22:30 - Freaky - Clouds - Hubie Halloween - Save Yourselves - Pixie (redband trailer) - The Trial of the Chicago 7 - Nomadland - Love and Monsters - Synchronic - La Revolucion - The Devil Has a Name - THE MANDALORIAN - Trailer Mailers1:11:15 - How to Get in Touch with Us1:11:51 - Quick Mickey 1:13:11 - The VidYogames ¼ Portion1:13:50 - What We Been Playing1:18:30 - Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - Street Sharks Talk1:24:13 - Squadrons - Harry Potter - Hogwarts Legacy God of War: Ragnarok - Spider-Man Miles Morales - Resident Evil VIIIage - Final Fantasy 16 - MSFS2020 Official Africa Trailer

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 47 "The Dune Dudes"
Sep 13 2020 74 mins  
Episode 47 “The Dune Dudes”0:00 Introduction: Welcome to the Dune Dudes1:09 What We Done Watched5:00 When We Gon’ Get?!11:20 The Questions TimesIf you’re curious, the hot sauce Nick tried is ‘The End’ The New New Trailers20:04 The Comeback Trail Wolfwalkers (Apple TV+) Friendsgiving My Zoe Rebecca Foster Boy 2067 Monsterland DUNE Trailer Mailers57:34 Quick Mickey58:36 VidYOgames ¼ PortionMusic: EPIC Pokemon Remix by Ramstar What we been playin’1:02:32 Xbox Series S (Official World Premier Console Trailer) Doom Eternal running on RTX 3080 at 4k (world premier) Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Under Nick Recommends you play ‘Among Us’Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 46 "The T.J. Touchums Times"
Sep 07 2020 78 mins  
Episode 46 “The T.J. Touchums Times”0:00 Introduction: Another correction & are we still quarantined?1:40 The Dragon Sized Elephant in the Room2:54 What We Done Watched11:58 The Food Friends Podcast14:58 The News19:00 The Questions Times28:24 The New New Trailers29:21 The Haunting of Bly Manor The Stand The Boys in the Band (Netflix) The Social Dilemma (Netflix) Fargo Season 4 Tenet (Final Trailer) Criminal Season 2 (Netflix) Emily in Paris (NETFLIX) No Time to Die (trailer 2) Trailer Mailers1:01:32 Quick Mickey1:03:11 VidYOgamesMusic: “8 Bit Win!” by HeatleyBros Paradise Lost Exo One Nvidia RTX 3080 (Reveal Trailer) Cendres Super Mario 3D All Stars us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazer Podcast - Episode 45 "The League of Extraordinary Squidmin"
Aug 30 2020 97 mins  
0:00 - Introduction: Correction!2:03 - What We Done Watched this Week5:52 - New News8:52 - Retro Justice League Trailer - The Questions Times22:52 - The New New Trailers23:16 - Zach Snyder's Justice League - The Suicide Squad - Wonder Woman 1984 - The Batman - Raised by Wolves - Enola Holmes - Ammonite - The Public - The Babysitter 2 - The Queens Gambit - Black Adam (Official Teaser) - Trailer Mailers1:11:52 - How to get in touch with us1:12:22 - Quick Mickey1:14:03 - The VidYO Games ¼ Portion of the Show1:14:37 - What We Done Been Playing1:18:11 - Gotham Knights - LOTR: Gollum - Baldur’s Gate 3 cinematic trailer - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War - The Witcher: Monster Slayer (announcement trailer) - Vader Immortal (Official Trailer) - Dragon Age - Star Wars Squadrons - Official Single Player Trailer (Gamescom)

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 44 "Damon Wayans is King of Vampires"
Aug 23 2020 95 mins  
Episode 44 “Damon Wayans is King of Vampires”0:00 Introduction: Bees Knees, Dustbusters & assorted nonsense3:30 What We Done Watched12:08 Some News18:24 The Questions TimesGus Johnson “God Awful Country” New New Trailers30:03 Utopia The Duchess (redband trailer) Falling (redband trailer) Monsters of Man On the Rocks Death on the Nile Eternal Beauty Love, Guaranteed The Binge Let Him Go Class Action Park Dead Trailer MailersBoil ‘em (Potatoes) Quick Mickey1:22:11 VidYOgamesVidYOgame music: “8 Bit Win!” by HeatleyBros Ben has been playing Flight Simulator 20201:27:18 Untitled Goose Game co-op Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer announcement Raji Black Myth: Wukong (gameplay trailer) Samurai Jack Battle through Time: Tony Hawk launch trailer us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 43 “The Courtney Cox Cloning Conspiracy Crew”
Aug 16 2020 85 mins  
0:00 - Intro4:45 - What We Done Watched12:47 - New News17:43 - Questions Times27:50 - New New Trailers28:35 - The Third Day - The Owners - Away - MacGruber (Peacock TV Show) - Mulan (Final Trailer) - You Cannot Kill David Arquette - 5 years Apart - Saved by the Bell reboot (Peacock) - The Devil All the Time (Netflix) - The War with Grandpa - Trailer Mailers1:10:25 - Quick Mickey1:12:34 - VidYogames ¼ Portion of the Show1:12:55 - Cyberpunk 2077 Lifepaths trailer - Second Extinction: War Effort - Arkane 20th Anniversary Collection - Assassins Creed Valhalla (Female Eivor) trailer G.I. Joe Operation Blackout (Reveal Trailer) - RDR2 Update:

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 42 “One Flew Over the Doodoo’s Nest”
Aug 09 2020 87 mins  
Episode 42 “One Flew Over the Doodoo’s Nest”0:00 Introduction: Narcotic tea & Irish coffee4:00 What We Done Watched11:45 The News17:18 The Questions TimesVernon Florida on YouTube: The New New Trailers28:42 Misbehaviour Killroy was Here (redband) Ratched Raised by Wolves Critical Thinking I’m Thinking of Ending Things I Am Woman Rent-A-Pal Stuntwoman Johnston on Corridor Digital Stunt Women React Mary Kim on Corridor Get Duked! (Redband) Magical Adventures in the Forbidden City Judas and the Black Messiah Harry Potter with Guns Trailer Mailers1:04:49 Quick Mickey1:06:20 VidYOgamesVidYOgames intro music: “8 Bit Win!” by HeatleyBros Project Cars 3 Mortal Shell (Official Release Date Trailer) Hitman 3 VR announcement Godfall Bugsnax The Pathless Temtem Hood: Outlaws & Legends Braid Anniversary ed The Pedestrian Crash Bandicoot 4 Anno: Mutationem Vader Immortal News: Spider-man will be in PS4 version of Avengers game Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcast please!

Trailer Blazers Podcasts - Episode 41 "The Chemical Heart is Energon"
Aug 03 2020 81 mins  
Show Notes0:00 - A message from your captain2:17 - What We Done Had Watched6:23 - New News10:28 - The Questions Times 21:54 - The New New Trailers22:29 - Marvel’s Helstrom - Still Here - My Chemical Heart - DC Showcase - Batman: Death in the Family (interactive movie) 34:23 - The Fugitive (Quibi) - The Legend of Tomiris (Kazakhstani movie) 38:54 - Pinocchio trailer from 8 months ago) - Honest Thief - Young Wallander (Netflix) - Kajillionaire - Teenage Bounty Hunters - Trailer Mailers 1:00:15 - Quick Mickey with the Quick Quibi Update1:01:52 - The VidYOgames ¼ Portion of the Show1:02:35 - What Happened (gameplay trailer) - Skater XL (launch trailer) - Iron Harvest 1920 (RTS game) - Stalker 2 - Red Dead Redemption 2: The Naturalist online trailer - Battletoads release date trailer - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Talk1:19:35 - What We Playing

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 40 "It's Just Goo."
Jul 26 2020 90 mins  
Episode 40 “It’s Just Goo.”0:00 Introduction2:05 What We Done Watched4:50 Nick Plugs ‘Friendly Fire’ podcast again Gladiator episode Ad Astra & the Potential of James Gray as a Director13:42 You won’t BELIEVE this segment!16:05 The News18:13 The New New Trailers19:00 Rogue Don’t Look Deeper Bill and Ted: Face the Music (trailer 2) Bad Ideas Coma Spinster Biohackers (redband) (un)Well La Révolution (Teaser) Utopia (Amazon original) teaser Truth Seekers (Amazon original) teaser His Dark Materials season 2 Trailer Mailers1:04:11 Quick Mickey1:07:00 VidYOgames1:08:13 Avowed Forza 8 teaser Halo Infinite gameplay trailer Infinite cinematic trailer Everwild cinematic trailer Crossfire State of Decay 3 cinematic trailer Mafia Definitive Edition gameplay reveal 1:23:20 Shadow Warrior 3 gameplay trailer Fable reveal trailer us @ TrailerBlazersP[email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 39 "The Leisure Time Larrys"
Jul 19 2020 82 mins  
0:00 - Intro3:40 - What We Done Had Watched (this past week)12:22 - Holland’s Rich Slide13:45 - Nick drops the bomb that he doesn’t like La Croix18:08 - The Quowstions Towms25:40 - New News28:29 - The New New Trailers29:24 - Endless 31:40 - Babysplitters - Woke - Lost Girls and Love Hotels 36:03 - Project Power - The 2nd - The New Mutants - Ted Lasso - Chemical Hearts 46:47 - Hard Kill - On Neck Snapping50:19 - The Honeymoon Phase - Tesla - Trailer Mailers1:04:47 - Quick Mickey1:06:38 - The VidYoGames ¼ Portion of the Show1:07:20 - Far Cry 6 - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Pre-Order Launch Trailer (Aug 18th!) - Outriders: Journey into the Unknown - AC: Valhalla gameplay trailer - Watch Dogs Legions - Ubisoft Forward Segment - No Man’s Sky Desolation - Gamer Girl

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 38 "Cormac McCarthy Simulator: War for Cybertron - Siege"
Jul 12 2020 93 mins  
Ep 38 “Cormac McCarthy Simulator: War For Cybertron - Siege”0:00 IntroductionChill jazzy lo-fi hip hop music: pledge week2:07 Hamiltalk9:38 What Else We Done Watched15:49 The Questions Times23:50 The NewsTRON 3 !!!! Wonder Years series remake (it's a black family in Alabama in the 1960s) New New27:52 Above Suspicion (redband) An American Pickle Transformers: War for Cybertron Trillogy - Siege I Used to Go Here 30 Rock special Die Hart (redband) Baby Done Black Hearted Killer The Umbrella Academy Season 2 The One and Only Ivan Jim Gaffigan: The Pale Tourist Money Plane Trailer Mailers1:18:45 Quick Mickey1:20:43 VidYOgames1:21:18 Shadow Warrior 3 WWE 2K Battlegrounds Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Hyperscape Ghost of Tsushima new new Rumor Mill: Video Game Price Increase?

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 36 "Stiff Upper Lip, Benjamin."
Jun 28 2020 75 mins  
Episode 36 “Stiff Upper Lip, Benjamin.”0:00 Intro: Dazzle em’ with Royalty Free MusicEpic Trailer Music intro: “Fall” by Ross Bugden Haircut Talk3:27 What We Done Watched13:32 The Questions Times20:40 The New New21:20 Hamilton (Disney+) The King’s Man Most Likely to Murder Foundation (Apple TV+) Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix) Waiting for the Barbarians Muppets Now (Disney+) Little Voice (Apple TV+) Over the Moon (Netflix) One Night in Bangkok The Silencing Stage Mother Trailer Mailers59:13The Quick Mickey Update1:01 VidYOgames ¼ PortionVideo Game Trap Music “Day Dream” by Heatley Bros What have we been playing this week?1:09 Avengers: the MODOK threat Cyberpunk 2077 (redband) Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 35 "We Work All the Time"
Jun 22 2020 83 mins  
0:00 - Intro1:50 - What Had We Been Watching This Week12:12 - The Questions Times17:56 - The News Nuggets19:56 - The New New Trailers 20:16 - Warrior Nun (redband) - Palm Springs (redband) - Nobody Knows I’m Here - The Nest - Cursed (Netflix series, July 17) - Deep Blue Sea 3 - Most Wanted - The Sunlit Night - The Rental - The Justice League Snyder Cut trailer - Trailer Mailers55:27 - Surprise Clickbaits from Kevin1:04:05 - How to get in touch with us1:05:08 - Quick Mickey1:07:24 - The VidYOgames ¼ Portion of The Show1:07:53 - What We Been Playing1:09:37 - Star Wars Squadrons - Star Wars Squadrons (Gameplay) - Project Athia - New Pokemon Snap (Switch) 1:16:55 - Beyond Blue 1:18:17 - Madden 21 - Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 34 "Live, Laugh, Lovecraft Country"
Jun 14 2020 72 mins  
Episode 34: Live, Laugh, Lovecraft Country0:00 Intro: Welcome Back1:37 What Nick done been watchin’5:56 What Ben done been watchin’9:12 The Questions Times15:20 New New Trailers16:47 The Vast of Night Four Kids and It Darkness Falls Secret Society of Second Born Royals Viena and the Fantomes Curon Perry Mason trailer 2 Japan Sinks Murder Manual Lovecraft Country Bill & Ted Face the Music Doom Patrol season 2 Eurovision full trailer Fan made One Punch Man trailer Trailer Mailers54:41 The Quick Mickey Update56:43 VidYOgames ¼ PortionVideo Game Trap Music “Day Dream” by HeatleyBros PS5 Reveal & Hardware trailer Spider-Man Miles Morales Horizon Forbidden West Resident Evil Village Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Fast and Furious Nick & Ben come up with a chill driving game they wish existedEmail us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_BlazersRate & Review us on Apple Podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 32 "The Magnificent.. Uh.. Thinking Men"
May 17 2020 82 mins  
Episode 32 “The Magnificent.. Uh.. Thinking Men”0:00 Intro2:08 What We Been Watching6:15 You Won’t BELIEVE This Segment!23:56 New New Trailers24:18 Unhinged Body Cam The Woods Sniper: Assassin’s End Think Like a Dog End of Sentence Babyteeth Snowpiercer new trailer Blood and Water (Netflix Series) Sweetness in the Belly American Woman The Good Lord Bird Trailer Mailers1:01:04 Tau Cannon Demo video: The Quick Mickey Update1:08:24 VidYOgames ¼ Portion1:06:45 Disintegration Unreal Engine 5 demo running on a PlayStation 5 PS4 State of Play | Ghost of Tsushima Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Announce Trailer Paper Mario: The Origami King (announcement trailer) GTA 5 is free on Epic Games store until May 21 2020Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_BlazersPlease rate & review us on Apple Podcasts!

Trailer Blazer Podcast - Episode 31 "You Have to See the Mummy!"
May 11 2020 82 mins  
0:00 - Intro3:06 - What We Been Watching12:52 - The Questions Times22:09 - Modern Trailer for Old Movie (Cassablanca) - New New Trailers24:15 - The Blackout Invasion Earth (Russian Movie) - Spaceforce (redband teaser) 29:33 - I'll be Gone in the Dark - Spaceship Earth 33:45 - The King of Staten Island (redband trailer) - Days of the Bangold Summer - Edge of Extinction - American Dreamers (Redband) - Becky - Shirley - Trailer Mailers1:05:40 - How to get in touch with us1:06:28 - Quick Mickey1:08:12 - The VidYOgames ¼ Portion of the Show1:09:10 - Crucible (first Amazon game) - CHORUS (official announcement trailer Stadia) - Dirt 5 (official announcement trailer) - Jotun: Valhalla Edition (official announcement trailer Stadia) - Sundered: Eldritch Edition (official announcement trailer Stadia) - The Ascent (official reveal trailer) - What Happened - What we’re playing

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 30 "Punchermutters"
May 03 2020 84 mins  
Episode 30 “Punchermutters”0:00 In a World…1:15 Is the Postman worth watching?2:47 What post-apocalyptic world would we want to live in?3:38 What has Nick been watching?8:14 What has Ben been watching?14:13 The Questions Times14:40 You get to reboot one movie franchise, what is it?21:52 Name one comedy you wish was serious & one serious movie you wish was a comedy30:52 the New New31:28 Kimmy Schmidt Interactive Special: Kimmy vs the Reverend 34:18 James vs his Future Self Here Awhile Two Minutes of Fame Hollywood (redband) Lovecraft Country (Official Teaser - HBO) Have a Good Trip Gabriel’s Inferno (Passionflix) Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Z Up From the Streets Bit Trailer Mailers & the Quick Mickey Update1:11:32 VidYOgames ¼ Portion1:12:05 Star Wars Episode 1 Racer coming to Switch this month (May)1:13:25 ESO Greymoor expansion comes out this month (May)1:14:10 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla Zombie Army 4: Dead War Destroy All Humans Remake EA coming to Stadia Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us on Apple podcasts please!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 28 "Apple Juice Instead of Milk"
Apr 19 2020 88 mins  
Episode 28 “Apple Juice Instead of Milk”0:00 Welcome to the Ancient Roman Trailer Blazers1:30 Ancient urban legend lessons w/ Nick & Ben2:00 Groundhog Day life of 20203:15 What Nick watched this week6:50 What Ben watched this weekWhen we gon’ get?7:40 Dune screenshots are popping up9:40 Artemis Fowl release date revealed!10:35 Casting for Fantastic Four in the MCU? Possible Whedon involvement?14:30 Moon Knight and She-Hulk casting?17:45 You won’t BELIEVE this segment!31:45 New New Trailers32:07 Dangerous Lies Middleditch & Schwartz Dummy The Trip to Greece Walkaway Joe My Future Girlfriend video: Space Prop Culture Villain Proximity Capone Perry Mason Valley Girl Mailers1:00:50 Animal Crossing email from Bridget1:01:20 Dolph Lundgren workout video Questions Times Responses1:12:39 Contact info & the Quick Mickey UpdateVidYOgames ¼ Portion1:15:40 This week in Island Life1:20:00 Ben’s stressful tire life and Just Cause 4 is free on Epic1:21:30 Seinfeld game the hashtag #SeinfeldGame across social media, keep the YouTube trailer playing on repeat, check out the website, and let @IvanRDixon and @JacobJanerka know that you’re master of your domain.1:22:53 The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Blaston The Evil Within: The Assignment us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_BlazersRate & Review us on Apple Podcasts plz~

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 27 "The Island Boyz"
Apr 12 2020 67 mins  
0:00 - Welcome to Trailer Blazers2:10 - We Done Watched4:41 - Nick wonders if Purple Mattress Bigfoot could beat Jack Links Bigfoot7:57 - The Sam Rockwell dancing music video - The Questions Times 18:35 - New New Trailers19:15 The Haunted 20:44 Selah and the Spades Extraction (Netflix film) (Redband Official Trailer) The Flood The Half of It How to Build a Girl - Nick talks about Janet Varney29:32 - The Stranger (Quibi) - Termination - The Midnight Gospel (Redband) - The Main Event - Run - Trailer Mailers43:48 - The Max Headroom Incident - How to get in touch with usEmail us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers51:40 - Quick Mickey53:32 - The VidYOgames ¼ Portion of the Show53:57 - That Island Life1:00:55 - Fall 76: Wastlanders - Good Dog Bad Dog - Cast VR - Nick, the Hardware Matchmaker1:05:19 - Playstation controller talk - “The Dual Sense”

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 26 "Into the Dregslands"
Apr 06 2020 72 mins  
EPISODE 26: Into the DregslandsIntroduction0:00 Welcome to Trailer Blazers, Ben and Nick are going crazy in captivity and it’s only the first week of April. They lament the lack of new movies & ponder the lives of viruses.Watched this week3:30 Nick: Tiger King, Captain America movies, star trek voyager8:50 Ben: The Tiger King, Westworld, X-Men Phoenix Rising, RWB Dallas #1, Devs, Tales from the LoopLink for RWB Dallas #1 We Gon’ Get?13:15 New release dates for postponed moviesToday as it turns out Questions Times17:10 If you had to self isolate but you could pick one movie or TV character to be your quarantine buddy for a month who would it be?19:15 The gov’t gives you a special COVID stimulus check for $25,000 but you cannot save it or put it toward bills/debt. You’ve also got stay-at-home orders. What do you do with the money?New New Trailers27:00 Love Wedding Repeat (Netflix movie) Greenland LA Originals Bigfoot To the Stars Deadliest Switch Trying Skinwalker The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show Intrigo Dear Agnes The Outer Banks (Slashfilm called it sexy goonies lol) The Innocence Files (Netflix) Train to Busan: Peninsula 1932: The Great Emu War Valhalla Mailers50:34 Questions Times responses Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_BlazersRate & Review us plz56:28 The Quick Mickey UpdateVidYOgames ¼ Portion58:00 Animal crossing strats with Nick1:03:45 Money trees1:04:42 Tarantula islands1:05:25 Trees & wasps1:05:39 Stone ax vs regular ax1:06:30 Ben: Bioshock Infinite, the Stock Market (TD Ameritrade)1:08:12 Mortal Crossing Last of Us Part 2 delayed AGAIN ARGH1:10:00 Fallout 76 Wastelanders update coming soon

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 25 "The Freshmakers"
Mar 30 2020 60 mins  
0:00 - Intro and what we been watchin’15:28 - News about Ryan Gosling in space - The Questions Times24:06 - New New Trailers24:40 - Defending Jacob (Apple TV) - The Great (Hulu Original) - The Platform (Netflix original) - Survive (Quibi) - The Willoughbys (Netflix animated) - Most Dangerous Game (Quibi) - #blackAF (Netflix) - Coffee and Kareem (Netflix) (redband) - Into the Night (Netflix) 40:00 - Survive the Night - The Incoherents - Tigertail (Netflix) - Trailer Mailers46:15 - How to get in touch with us: [email protected] (email)@trailerblazerspodcast (Instagram)@Trailer_Blazers (Twitter)47:12 - Quick Mickey (@QuickMickey on Instagram)49:00 - VidYOgames ¼ Portion of the Show49:15 - What we been playing (Animal Crossing talk)51:51 - Welcome to the Stock Studs Podcast55:47 - New New Vidjah Game Trailers56:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Maxiboost On - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer - Persona 5 Royal Official Trailer

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 23 "Mighty Morphin' Beastie Boys"
Mar 16 2020 79 mins  
EPISODE 23 “Mighty Morphin’ Beastie Boys” IntroductionWelcome to Trailer Blazers, this week a special treat as Quick Mickey graces us with an introductionWatched this week1:27 Nick: finished the Outsider, finished season 5 of Mad Men2:34 Ben: Jay Leno’s Garage (Youtube), Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Love is Blind (Netflix), CastlevaniaQuestions Times8:40 If you were in a star war, what would your character be? Jedi? Lightsaber color? Smuggler? Bounty hunter? SITH?? 13:00 You have a Coronavirus bunker. It’s stocked with everything for survival. What else is in there?15:50 reiterating our personal instagrams, Ben is @CaptainAHmazing and Nick is @irishwastrelNew New16:20 The Third Day The Undoing Unorthodox Lost Transmissions Mystery Incorporated appears to be an indiegogo live action scooby doo pilot?Indiegogo link: Scoob Swallow (I hate this!)31:34 Banana Split The English Game Motherland - official trailer The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee Girls Just Wanna Have Blood (Jay says it’s awful) 45:06 BLACK WIDOW Trailer MailersQuestions Times Responses47:30 You can turn into 3 different animals at will. What are they?1:01:07 You can download one other language and knowledge to play one instrument into your brain. What are they? Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers1:11:05 Rate & Review us plz, and Quick Mickey is back to let you know what happens if you doVidYOgames ¼ Portion1:14:04 Call of Duty: Warzone (Battle Royale FTP game)1:14:55 E3 cancelled to Covid 191:16:19 Amnesia Rebirth Stela Nioh 2

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 22 "Men in Black... For Kids!"
Mar 08 2020 62 mins  
EPISODE 22 "Men in Black... For Kids!"IntroductionWelcome to Trailer Blazers, Ben and Nick attempt to be Irish for St. Paddy’s month but are attacked by a leprechaunWatched this week0:00:58 Nick: Knives Out, Nick & Ben aren’t super into Altered Carbon, Nick has just been watching old mst3k eps on youtube0:04:00 Ben: Car mechanic videos, Devs, CastlevaniaQuestions Times0:07:32 You can turn into 3 different animals at will. What are they?0:13:36 You can download one other language and knowledge to play one instrument into your brain. What are they?Ultimate Versus0:18:30 Hannibal vs. Norman Bates from Jay0:20:00 Mike Tyson vs. Balrog from Street Fighter0:22:50 T-800 Terminator vs. Alita Battle Angel0:24:15 Corvid 19 (novel coronavirus) vs. the virus in ContagionMovie News0:26:24 New batmobile looks dope0:28:33 Bond delayed by Coronavirus, Nick is salty about it0:29:20 Will Mulan be delayed?0:29:45 Loki set photos. Wow!0:31:15 The Last Of Us TV Series Heads To HBO With Chernobyl Creator, Game's Writer New New0:32:54 GO KARTS Aussie production with a ridgey didge decent budget)0:33:30 The Other Lamb Connected Justice League Dark Into the Dark: Crawlers (redband) Seven Stages to Achieve Eternal Bliss Artemis Fowl trailer 2 Greyhound Radium Girls Why Don't You Just Die! Trailer Mailers0:49:39 One clickbait from Bridget, thanks Bridget! Email us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us plz VidYOgames ¼ Portion0:55:00 Half-Life Alyx Broomstick League Superhot cooking sim

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 21 - The Dumbtectives
Mar 01 2020 78 mins  
Episode 21 Show Notes0:00 - Podcastin’ Prospectors1:31 - What We Done Had Been Watching12:42 - You Won’t BELIEVE This Segment32:08 - New New Trailers32:36 - Emperor official trailer - Big Time Adolescence (Redband) - High Ground - A Quiet Place final trailer - Blithe Spirit - A Letter from the King (official trailer) - Rumble 43:20 - Candy Man - TALES FROM THE LOOP!!!! Simon’s art -’s Instagram - - The Alpha Test - Robert the Bruce - AlternaTrailers53:53 - Trailer Mailers1:00:12 - How to get in touch with us1:01:01 - What happens when you leave a 5-star ratin’1:02:29 - VidYOgames ¼ Portion 1:03:34 - Baldur’s Gate 3 Gameplay Reveal - PAX East 2020 Live Stream - Fuser - Hazel Sky - Stab stab stab! - MX Nitro: Unleashed - GTA Online: Open Wheel Racing - Two Point Hospital - House Flipper - Project GG - Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time - Carmen Sandiego - Othercide

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 20 "The Dumb Dudes"
Feb 24 2020 78 mins  
Episode 20 "The Dumb Dudes"Introduction0:00 Welcome to Trailer Blazers, Ben and Nick have joined the ranks of the Uruk Hai this week and they need some fresh meat.Watched this week0:51 Nick: City of God, finished Swamp Thing, Jojo Rabbit, 3:48 been watching Indy movies while I run, we try to pick our favorites5:03 Ben: Dragon Quest: Your Story, The Aeronauts, The Outsider, Night on Earth, bits of Initial D The Questions Times12:22 You win a contest and the prize is you get to pick a movie/show/game character's style to replace your wardrobe. Which character do you choose?18:21 You get to reach back in time and bring a non-living object into our time and in your possession. What do you get?New NewRating system (Views): 1 = offensive/never again, 2 = inoffensive but i don’t wanna see it or the trailer again, 3 = Neutral, don’t want to see the trailer a bunch of times but may watch it. 4 = Wanna see the movie, don’t want to be overexposed to marketing. 5 = just hook it to my veins22:30 Good Time 25:05 I’m Not Okay With This Official Trailer (Redband) Castlevania S3 The Plot Against America The Secret Garden trailer 2 Dream Horse Amazing Stories (beloved series returns?)39:04 Endings Beginnings (pearl harbor without the planes and bucky ain't a soldier)41:25 The Roads Not Taken Human Capital (but really, which xmen could Maya hawke play?)47:05 Westworld S3 (Redband) Bad Education The Postcard Killings yelling Walt compilation MailersQuestions Times responses54:52 What Nintendo series do you wish was made into a quality movie or tv show?54:58 Sheila: “Duck Tales! Jeopardy! Oh wait. A Zelda show might work for me.”55:44 Rob: “Legend of Zelda would be cool as a PG-13 version of The Witcher or animated like the Netflix Voltron.”56:47 Bridget: “Punch-Out!! could be a good movie. Move over Rocky, Little Mac is here to take over the boxing universe. Little Mac, big ambition.”57:28 Charlie: “I totally would have said STARFOX, but my second choice would have to be some sort of MegaMan anime series.”58:32 Jess: “An adaptation of Mario RPG or Super Smash Bros (cuz why not get all the Nintendos into one show/movie?)”59:40 If you could have a pokemon for a pet, what would it be and why?59:45 Sheila: “ One of the sleep-inducing Pokémon, because I am not a great sleeper. My initial picks are Clefairy or Jigglypuff. Snorlax is too big. My not practical Pokémon is Rapidash. Step aside, Mustang Sally!”1:00:56 Rob: “If I have to choose one, I would go with my #3 favorite, Arcanine. He’s a fire breathing, super fast hound that can be used as a mount... Wartortle and Jolteon are my top two, but aren’t as practical.”1:02:00 Bridget: “For practical Pokemon I would pick Lapras so I could ride around on the water in style. For cuteness, Rowlet is my absolute favorite Pokemon. In the show, Rowlet rides around in Ash's backpack, takes naps all the time and it has a little bowtie. I can't even handle it.”1:02:52 Lindsay: “The tall exegcutor not even gonna try to spell that - has coconut heads on his tail!!!!”1:04:14 Charlie: “Practical pet Pokémon- Klefki, because he can hold all my keys and also open portals to different realms. Cute pet Pokémon- Dedenne, because it’s definitely the cutest Pokemon and I love how he yells his name.”1:05:55 Jess: “Jigglypuff - for a sleep aid and cuteness reasons, Pidgeot for flying / practical reasons”1:10:43 VidYOgames ¼ Portion1:11:06 next gen console pricing rumors1:13:09 Stadia now usable on Samsung phones1:13:52 Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 - Official Release Date Trailer (Mobile Game) No Man's Sky: Living Ship DLC us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_BlazersRate & Review us on Apple Podcasts plz!

Episode 19 The SuperSize Valentime’s Day Episode - The Cappuccino Kids and Flat White Guys
Feb 16 2020 85 mins  
Show Notes0:00 - Intro1:05 - Nick and Ben on crime2:27 - Personal [email protected]@IrishWastrel3:14 - Nick Outsources his Reddit Curation4:01 - What we done had watched this past week9:42 - Yall, these gym crowds10:21 - We name the gym people12:12 - You Won’t BELIEVE This Segment!(send us your own clickbait movie descriptions to @CaptainAhamzing or @IrishWastrel)24:00 - The Questions TimesWhich Nintendo series do you wish was made into a quality movie or tv show?If you could have a pet Pokemon, what would it be and why?32:30 - New New Trailers34:30 - Minions: the Rise of Gru - Transference: Escape the Dark - Resistance - Altered Carbon full trailer 42:33 - The French Dispatch - The Iron Mask - The Letter for the King 48:45 - Gangs of London - The Green Knight 51:38 - Stranger Things S4 - M.O.M. Mother of Monsters - The Secret - AlternaTrailers1. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Pattinson Batman reveal - Trailer Mailers1:12:34 - The ¼ Portion VidYOgames Portion of the Show1:13:02 - Marvel’s Avengers vidjagame1:14:30 - Stadia’s new games1:15:17 - Outriders - Metro Exoducs: Sam’s Story - Cinematic Trailer for The Division 2: Warlords of New York 1:18:39 - Street Fighter V: Champion Edition - Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Coffee Talk

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 18 "The Cheesy Chums"
Feb 10 2020 70 mins  
Episode 18 "The Cheesy Chums" Show Notes0:00 IntroductionWelcome to Trailer Blazers, Ben is taking a cue from the Professor in this week's intro, maybe he'll make us a coconut podcatcher1:08 Watched this weekNick: Alita Battle Angel, Doctor Sleep, Night on Earth, Horse GirlBen: Night on Earth, Joker, Lion King12:45 The Questions TimesWhat character do you wish was your granddad?What songs do you strongly associate with a game/show/movie or even specific scene? 21:25 New NewMarvel Disney + shows superbowl Time to Die superbowl spot final trailer Carbon Failure: Mistakes Were Made the Rise of Gru From the Book of Saw Jesus Rolls the Bright Places Gun Maverick Superbowl am not okay with this the Man Down Vigilante Dustwalker Dangerous Game 48:13 Trailer MailersQuestions Times responses 1:02:07 VidYOgamesAtomic Heart of a Rose 76: Wastelanders Stewart Sprint Car Racing us @ [email protected]: @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter: @Trailer_BlazersRate & Review us please!

Trailer Blazers Episode 17 - The No No Trailers
Feb 03 2020 83 mins  
SHOW NOTES0:00 - Opening (On Bad Decisions, Hobbies, and new Mics)1:57 - What We Done Watched This Past Week7:15 - on Denzel eating oranges8:08 - When We Gon Get10:36 - The Questions TimesWhat character do you absolutely despise in an IP you absolutely love? (no Star Wars answers)You're a matchmaker. What dude and dudette from different IPs would you think are highly compatible?17:00 - Marvel Cyberpunk ideas18:00 - Cyber Curlers19:34 - New New TrailersShort Circuit (D+ short films) Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion’s Revenge movie straight-to-blu-ray)Color Out of Space Final Trailer Island Final Trailer Boys Story with Horses Americana 9 teaser 9 full Undoing - Ultimate Versus56:24 - Trailer Mailers1:05:47 - The Warranty on Your Car1:07:33 - The VidYOgames ¼ Portion 1:08:16 - KOTOR Remake Rumors1:10:28 - Weird Thinking/Dreaming and Video Games1:11:20 - Deeeer Simulator1:12:45 - Project Mara1:14:03 - Battlefield 5: Into the Jungle1:14:36 - Nick on CoD1:15:38 - Virtual Doll House1:16:45 Journey to the Savage Planet1:18:11 - Ghost Recon Breakpoint Terminator DLC1:19:12 - Soul Calibur VI getting Haomaru1:20:07 - Music Association with Video Games1:21:20 - Mosaic

Episode 16 - The Wiggly Dudes - In Which Ben's Mic Get's Wonky Like 3 Fourths of the Way Through
Jan 27 2020 72 mins  
Ep 16 SHOW NOTESThe Wiggly Dudes - In Which Ben's Mic Get's Wonky Like 3 Fourths of the Way Through0:00 - Intro1:40 - What Nick watched this past week3:02 - Twin Peaks?5:03 - Square Jaw Guy 5:34 - Edgar Wright movies7:06 - What Ben watched this past week10:33 - Friends who have information on certain genres11:48 - When We Gon Get21:12 - The Questions Times What are the top 3 non-mutant and non-Fantastic 4 Marvel characters you want introduced into the MCU? You’re tasked with making a new Space Jam. What cartoons are in it? What’s it going to be like?25:21 - S.W.O.R.D. talk26:41 - in which we try to cast Adam WarlockGIFs of NBA players with anime additions: New New Trailers - 34:19Horse Girl Wars final season from Elsewhere trailer 2 Last Thing He Wanted Mewtwo Strikes Back - Evolution longest video game cutscene ever)38:54 - On Ann Hathaway40:20 - Ben Affleck - Alec Baldwin43:30 - Ultimate Versus1. Batman vs. Riddick2. Wolverine vs. Predator3. Xenomorph vs. Rancor4. Godzilla vs. Gipsy Danger49:37 - Trailer Mailers1:05:33 - VidYOgame One Quarter Portion

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 15 "The Creepy Curlers"
Jan 20 2020 68 mins  
Ep 15 "The Creepy Curlers" IntroductionTrailerpiece TheatreVanity Fair ‘how trailers are made’ video via slashfilm Mandaloriano Spaghetti Western trailer this weekNick: The Outsider, The Art of Self Defense, Snowpiercer, Gammera the Invincible w/ Rifftrax, Midsommar, John Wick 3Ben: Aladdin, original Cinderella, finished Big Trouble in Little China, I Think You Should Leave, started listening to The Lunar Chronicles (Cinder),The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau - The full story Oscar Nom Reactions The Questions TimesWhat movie would you like to see made into a high-budget tv series?Ben: Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Return to Oz (an Oz series in this style), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Nick: Rogue One, Blade Runner, Dredd, Master and Commander, What movie/tv vehicle would you love to have?Nick: big - Serenity, small - goblin gliderBen: big - The Normandy II, small - Tardis New NewBlack Widow trailer 2 Dreadful: City of Angels 99 season 7 Akimbo in-segment Questions Times: If you had to have something bolted to your hands what would it be?Bojack final season Night Clerk lovebirds Attenborough: A life on our planet Ultimate VersusMagneto vs. Transformers (Autobots AND Decepticons)The Covenant (Halo) vs. Bugs from Starship TroopersIron Fist vs. Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)Trailer MailersLast week's The Questions Times answers & Apple reviewsEmail us @ [email protected] us @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter @Trailer_Blazers Rate & Review us plz VidYOgamesDoom Eternal 2077 delayed until September 2020The elder scrolls online: graymoor

Trailer Blazers Podcast Episode 13
Jan 06 2020 61 mins  
0:0 - Introduction0:58 - 1965 Lincoln Continental - 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille - 2020 New Years Resolutions3:24 - Whatcha been watchin? (Spoiler-free Star War talk in this part)14:30 - The Questions Times-If you could have a personal A.I. like in the movie Her, what actor/actress’s voice would you want?-If you could have a personal A.I. like in the movie Her, what fictional character personality would you want it to have? -What invention (other than a teleporter) from a movie/show would you like to see be madein real life? 26:03 - New New Trailers26:10 - John Henry - Proxima - A Quiet Place 2 full trailer - Ana 32:56 - High Fidelity 35:07 - Dolittle trailer 2 - Hearts and Bones - Gretel & Hansel - Official Final Trailer - The Rhythm Section 43:49 - Trailer Mailers - Unreleased Fantastic Four movie trailer 49:29 - How to get in touch with us. Gmail - [email protected] - @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter - @Trailer_Blazers50:27 - Ben transforms into the old country guy and stays that way till the end of the main portion of the show52:06 The VidYOgames ¼ Portion of the Show52:37 - 9 to 5 - Dragonball Z: Kakarot Official Trailer - “Making a sandwich”55:57 - Welcome to the Sandwich Talk podcast

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 12 Star Wars Holiday Special
Dec 30 2019 86 mins  
This episode DOES NOT contain TROS spoilersIntro: Opening Star Wars thoughts4:40 What we watched this week: Tron Talk, Witchin’ and a Hellboy reboot rant16:30 Our top 3 movies of 2019New New19:12 The Gentleman Trailer #2 Come to Daddy Respect “Sneak Peek” Ranking the Star Wars moviesStar Wars Trailers Through the Years35:53 Episode 4 Star Wars Holiday Special Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 7 Rogue 1 Solo Episode 8 Episode 9 Questions Times Responses1:16:30 VidYOgames: Our Favorite Star Wars games1:24:58 Internet arcade link: Fighter specific link:

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 10
Dec 16 2019 60 mins  
Intro: Trailer voices, movie names, and assorted nonsense2:15 What’d we watch this week? 6:30 The Questions Times6:53 If you could inherit any Disney princess’s castle, which one would you want?10:00 What food in a movie/TV show could you not stop thinking about?12:50 What movie/fictional TV character do you wish you could be friends with?16:20: Free Guy Wonder Woman 1984 Greed Manikarnika the Queen of Jhansi and the Warrior Queen of Jhansi Escape from Pretoria Promising Young Woman In the Heights Ghostbusters Afterlife Virgin River Motherland: Fort Salem Spinning out The Witcher (Final Trailer) Trailer Mailers 44:00 Willem Dafoe name game Question Times responsesVidYOgames51:40 Crimson Desert Resident Evil 3 Remake: Predator: Hunting Grounds Boneworks us on Instagram at @trailerblazerspodcastEmail us at [email protected] us on Twitter at @Trailer_Blazers

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 9
Dec 09 2019 71 mins  
2:15 The Questions Times: Spotify wrap up stats?5:00 The Questions Times: Is Jango Fett a Mandalorian?7:20 The Questions Times: What movie creature would you ride into battle?9:40 The Questions Times: What small creature would you ride into battle?11:10 The Questions TImes: What weapon would you carry into this battle?14:14 When we gon’ get? 19:45 No Time to Die Black Widow Already Gone Ip Man 4 Togo Dafoe Chat w/ Ben & Nick35:00 Mulan The Assistant Troop Zero Messiah Lost in Space Season 2 Ben & Nick are wrong about which Top Gear Joey from Friends is in45:00 The Outsider 46:05 The Boys Season 2 Trailer Mailers VidYOgames52:00 Bee Simulator VidYOgames Question Times:53:00 In a battle, What vidYOgames creature would you ride?55:50 What small vidYOgames creature would you ride?58:20 In the same battle, what vidYOgames weapon would you use?Destiny Trailers:

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 8
Dec 02 2019 59 mins  
0:34 When We Gon’ Get?-Castlevania Season 3, Ducktales Season 3, Kong vs Godzilla, Black Widow, No Time to Die10:38 Preferred way to View Trailers (and lose feeling in your arms) The Questions Times: 13:40 What is a non-christmas movie that you and your family watch during the holidays?15:45 What new IP would you produce with a $300 mil budget?21:27 With that $300 mil budget what would you reboot/make a sequel to?New Trailers this week:30:05 The Last Full Measure The True History of the Kelly Gang (EXPLICIT) Three Christs Honey Boy Star Wars: TRoS “They fly now!?” Beyond the Law Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau (EXPLICIT) The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen (EXPLICIT) Miracle Workers Season 2 Doctor Who Series 12 Dispatches from Elsewhere Two Bears One Cave podcast live tour trailerBert’s trailer:’s rebuttal trailer (EXPLICIT)’s reaction to Tom’s trailer (SUPER EXPLICIT) Jumanji the (PS2) Game Fuji VR game WWE 2K20 “Ballroom Brawl” Gris launch trailer FF7 Remake @TrailerBlazersPodcastTwitter: @Trailer_BlazersEmail us at [email protected] Trailzers!

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 7
Nov 25 2019 77 mins  
0:45 Lord of the Early Renewals2:00 New trailers this week2:25 Spies in Disguise John Carpenter’s Cats Trolls World Tour The McElroy Bros will be in Trolls 2 The Irishman (not Scottish) Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior The Call of the Wild Nick blows Ben’s mind explaining the Jack Ryan Cinematic Universe18:40 Emma The Driver (Explicit trailer, be warned) the CG in His Dark Materials26:52 The (not so) Great (looking) War The Wave Antebellum Hunters (The Boys in the High Castle) Avenue 5 (explicit trailer, be warned) V Wars Alternatrailer - Ford Mustang Mach-E Alternatrailer - Tesla Cybertruck Betraylers! Nick: X-Men Origins Wolverine Betryalers! Ben: Dodgeball: a True Underdog Story Trailer Mailers: Liv Tyler clip discovered (5:33) Contactee VidYOgames (¼ Portion)1:04:47 Grounded Ben’s Stadia release reactions, Nick got Jedi Fallen Order1:11:08 Borderlands 3 DLC Half Life Alyx us at [email protected]@TrailerBlazersPodcast on Instagram

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 6
Nov 17 2019 67 mins  
0:25 - Gushin' on that Mandalorian3:25 - The Questions Times11:28 - New New Trailers11:39 - Redesigned Sanic da Hedgehag trailer - - Grand Isle trailer - - Hell on the Border trailer - - Seberg trailer - - Soul teaser trailer - - Fantasy Island trailer - - CW takes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer24:16 - The Mandela Effect trailer - - Scoob! trailer - - A Christmas Carol (BBC One) trailer - - The Death and Life of John F. Donovan trailer - - The Way Back trailer - - Liv Tyler calls Armageddon "Arr-mega-don"40:19 - Sponge Bob movie trailer - - When We Gon' Get48:15 - AlternaTrailers52:54 - Trailer Mailers55:30 - Vidyo Games PORTION SECTION TRASH HEAP56:45 - Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer - 1:00:20 - Rust on consoles announcement trailer - - One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Know street date announcement trailer - 1:03:23 - Bleeding Age official release date trailer - 1:05:13 - Jedi: Fallen Order (not Jedi Outcast)

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 5 “A Stealin’ Prairie Dog”
Nov 12 2019 80 mins  
0.0 - Intro1.00 - Knives out final trailer - - The Banker - - Jumanji 2 Final Trailer - - The Photograph - - Samurai Marathon - - Little Joe - - Code8 - 14:12 - A Reindeer’s Journey - - Trauma Center - - Bad Boys 3 Final Trailer - - What does it take to get Ben and Nick out to the theater?20:36 - The Color Out of Space - - Wendy - - The Invisible Man - - Mob Town - - Dracula (BBC) - - The Wticher (new trailer) - - Servant - - The Toys That Made Us - - Airship Captain Talk (His Dark Materials Ep.1)42:00 - Alternatrailers-Snoop dogg Dunkin Donuts - Zone season 3 - Movie News and theiv’ry moles talk 57:19 - Trailer Mailers (listener email)1:04:43 - Vidjuh Games Portion1:05:45 - Death Stranding1:08:35 - Overwatch 21:11:32 - NFS: Heat1:13:37 - Diablo IV1:15:50 - Marvel Avengers1:18:13 - Google Stadia future tech (predictive button input)

Trailer Blazers Podcast - Episode 4 "A Pair o' Doxes"
Nov 04 2019 82 mins  
0:00 - Old men booger opinions of cinema3:22 - Buying movies on disc that we've never seen7:45 - What the Mandalorian and new Suicide Squad mean to their studios11:23 - New Trailers11:43 - Danger Close - In which we talk about operating a fork lift in video games15:42 - Mr. Jones - The new "straight to DVD" paradigm19:45 - Bloodshot (starring Vin Diesel) - Star Wars Ep.9 - Star Wars fans' double standards33:00 - The King (Netflix) - Antlers - that scary moment in The Forgotten41:23 - Klaus (Netflix) - best Christmas movies45:45 - Cosmos - Cold Brook - The Grudge reboot - The Outsider - The Watchmen on HBO57:00 - Battlefield V Pacific reveal 59:46 - we do some good quotes from old games1:00:03 - The Mandella Effect and a fat guy exploding.That actual commercial: Yoshi's Island for SNES 1995 1:01:45 - A Switch victory and a Candadian WiFi fail 1:04:06 - Google Stadia Launch Lineup 1:07:16 - IGN's best video game trailers of all time Nick’s fave video game trailer - the Smash Bros one w/ the costumes ‘Imagine Me and You’ Playlist of the old Ratchet and Clank commercials:Ratchet & Clank Weapon Commercials You can email us at [email protected] can also find us on Instagram -

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