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Oct 23 2020 34 mins

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Episode 52 - Westville Correctional Facility Leaving Inmates To Die From The 🦠🦠🦠
Apr 29 2020 38 mins  
I’ve been trying to keep quiet about this situation but at this point I’m all out of options and this is what he’s asked me to do 😔 I NEED EVERYONE TO SHARE THIS! Manny (EMMANUEL HAYMON) is Currently in Westville Correctional Facility Damn near Dying from the corona virus right now! He hasn’t eaten in 6 Days, His Temperature has reached 102.2, he can barely breathe, He’s been spitting up Blood, hes been having severe headaches, he has a very bad cough, his body is so weak to the point he can’t even get up to call me and let me know what’s going on with him. He has put in several Medical Requests to be seen/tested but they have not taken any action. It wasn’t until his mother called and threatened to send the news up there to do an investigation on the prison before they seen him. Well they finally got to him today but here’s the killer part, even with all of these symptoms they STILL HAVE NOT TESTED HIM, and told him that they will simply “keep an eye on him” and for him to “drink a lot of fluids” 😒 they say wait 14 days before they decide to do any testing but what happens when you symptoms are just getting worse? At this point he feels as like he’s about to die in there 😢 so if me making this post for you all to share will help those men in there get the proper care they need I will post away. Y’all we need to help them Manny is not the only one going through this 92% of people in that Prison are going through this as well and their not getting any help. Tag the governor, tag the news, tag everyone you can to help them. I refuse to lose my Daughters Father behind this when we can try to do something about it. Thank you 😔

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