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Oct 24 2020 33 mins 7

Dorothy and the Dealer What’s the meaning of life? Why do we think the way we do? Is our perception of reality real? What influence do our thoughts and actions really have over our reality? If life was one big game and you were handed the ultimate cheat sheet, would you use it to win? Or, would you take a chance on the roll of a dice? Dorothy and the Dealer take you on a joy-ride down life’s many rabbit holes. Discover what makes you and the universe tick. Get inspired by fresh takes on how to win at life: in relationships, career, finances, and overall health and wellbeing. Hear from the greatest minds and leading experts in human development and relationship psychology, neuroscience and neurobiology, quantum physics and ancient mysticism. Hosted by Mitch Behan and Emilia Tomeo, self-proclaimed life hack junkies, human development specialists to everyone else. "We’re serious about human development, but we don’t take ourselves to seriously" MJB Seminars Inspiring lives since 2000

61: Interview with Adventurer Expert, Adrian Hayes
Jul 04 2020 58 mins  
“Sh*t happens! It’s up to us to find the reason” Welcome back to another episode of Dorothy and the Dealer! This week the guys are sitting down with record-breaking polar explorer, adventurer and author of “One Man’s Climb, a Journey of Trauma, Tragedy and Triumph” Adrian Hayes. Best known for completing the ‘Three Poles Challenge’, Adrian has led a truly extraordinary life and is undeniably a man of many talents! From Mountain Climbing to Nepalese Gurkha, to Personal Leadership and Development Coach, Adrian is an amazing human being who drops nuggets of gold throughout this entire podcast! It was amazing to interview such an accomplished, yet humble guest and we can’t wait for you to tune in and hear all about... - How our childhood plays a significant role in shaping our adult values and aspirations; and how his own childhood inspired him to achieve some very impressive feats. - The key people who influenced Adrian on his journey, including the amazing author Robin Sharma who initially sparked his interest in the field of human development. - How this freedom-loving rebel managed to adapt to and achieve great recognition within the armed forces; and how the lessons he learnt continue to serve him today. - The importance of managing our mindset, and why we all need to stop and really listen to how we talk to ourselves, particularly during challenging times. - Everything you need to know about goal setting, including what it really takes to achieve large accomplishments and the necessity of setting interim objectives. - The importance of being crystal clear and authentic about your purpose, and the problem with the lack of authenticity we see in the world today. - The role of social media in today’s society and how it is playing a large part in perpetuating and transitioning significance, from internal to external fulfilment. - Why being aware, and able to see opportunities that present themselves in our lives is so important, and how it’s actually the challenges in life that define who we are, not the successes. Get ready to discover all of this and so much more including.... Some awesome practical steps for successful goal setting, and why viagra is a ‘must-have’ accessory for wannabe adventurers.... intrigued? Get listening! Don’t forget we have a new episode every Sunday.⁣

43: Spotlight on client and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Amelia Gow
Feb 22 2020 38 mins  
When we want to master our DESTINY, we have to be willing NOT to be a victim of our HISTORY”. Hey guys and welcome back to an exciting new episode of Dorothy and the Dealer. 🎧 ▶This episode is particularly exciting as it’s the first of our new Dorothy and the Dealer segment where we’ll be inviting some of our MJB Tribe, clients and truly inspirational people to speak with us on the show about their journey. ▶We are so fortunate that we get to listen to our client’s transformation stories every single day and every time it reduces us to tears. ▶By sharing the stories of some of our own personal heroes we hope that you too can be inspired and empowered to discover and be your most authentic and inspired self. ▶Our first guest Amelia started working with us around a decade ago. A recent winner of ‘Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ and founder of a company that has helped thousands of woman transform their own lives, we’ve had the privilege of watching Amelia grow from a recovering drug addict, estranged from her family and dealing with the trauma of being held captive for 7 days to where she is today. ▶Our hearts are so full whenever we listen to her story and we can’t wait for you to hear it. Tune in to the conversation below 👇🏼 If you want to learn more about what Amelia does head on over to her website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook @ameliagow Never miss an episode: SUBSCRIBE to our podcasts here

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