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Oct 21 2020 49 mins 3

What is Simple Blasphemy? Having the best time with some of the worst topics.Weekly round table discussion hosted by Zak, Zack and Andy with occasional special guests. Witty and jaw dropping topics you never thought talk-able, lovingly yanked from their cage and taught to fly under suspicious circumstances. Special guests have included:Boris Pelekh (Hello Guy, Gogol Bordello) Episode 21Alice Vaughn (Two Girls on mic: the porncast) Episode 22Daniel Klaes (Greater WNY Paranormal Society) Episode 36Steve Schiff (Co writer of "don't you forget about me") Episode 67

Steve Schiff co songwriter of "Don't you forget about me" by Simple Minds for "The Breakfast Club"
Aug 14 2019 38 mins  
Steve Schiff is our very special guest on this episode. Steve has had a whimsical musical journey. Within this 40 minuets interview / podcast we covered what was happening during his time in High school in the Los Angeles area and How the band "1994" started him down the path of a professional musical career. After the band “1994”, Schiff started a band with Micki Steele (Bass Player of the “Bangles) called "Nadia Kapiche" which was an improvisational live performance band. Notably after that, Schiff lands a gig with a rising German artist Nina Hagen. Nina’s fourth studio album titled “Fearless” putts Schiff in the writers chair, co-writing five songs. What I found interesting is that Flea and Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) are credited with the seventh song titled “What it is” on the “fearless” album. Steve tells us how that came to be. Finally we dive into co writing “Don’t you forget about me” ultimately finalized by Simple minds for the movie "The Breakfast Club". Special note: Mr. Schiff has been a great friend over the years. His kindness to come on our (jackass) podcast to chat about his musical journey is nothing less than a delight. Steve is a modest man about his accomplishments and we are so honored to travel down memory lane with him. We truly hope to have him back on. Please consider supporting us on Patreon: us on Twitter: us on Facebook: everything by visiting:

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