The Property Voice

Oct 21 2020 32 mins 616

The Property Voice Podcast, found at, is well-established and different too. Join us for knowledge, resources and a little bit of light entertainment too. This highly-rated podcast is a series-based property resource, building around common themes in property investment. We now have an audio library of over 200 episodes spanning 6 series and 'soundbite episodes' of great real estate property insights, knowledge and experience for you to listen to on-demand. We merge punchy episodes at around half an hour with some deeper dive ones that will satisfy your thirst for property investing knowledge on the go, wherever you are. Richard Brown, your host started sharing property news stories with personal insights in March 2013. He is an experienced property investor and developer whose starting position was bleak as a divorcee, renting, in debt, expenses higher than income and a giant hole in his pension! Through property investing over a relatively short time, these challenging issues have fully turned around, such that he could retire today as a '1%er' if he wanted to. He will be joined on the show by occasional 'subject matter expert' guests. Try us out and get involved too...we look forward to hearing from you..

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