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Oct 17 2020 69 mins 1.1k

Purely my opinion, examining the available evidence and testimony pertaining to the assassination of JFK. Looking at history in a new light!

Ep.120 ~ Trouble In New Orleans
Jun 23 2016 82 mins  
This week on the show, Carmine Savastano from and http://www.neamg.comstops by to discuss some documents pertaining to subversion and infiltration of the Garrison investigation...join us won't you?Carlos Bringuier notifies the CIA of Garrison's developing investigation:Document 1: Central Intelligence Agency file, Miscellaneous Series, File on Garrison, James, Domestic Contact Service Director to New Orleans Office Chief, February 6, 1967 - relPageId=23&tab=pageCIA monitors the Garrison Investigation:Document 2: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA Collection, Garrison Investigation, OS/SAG Files for HSCA, Box 45, March 20, 1967 relPageId=270&tab=pageAgency employees worry about implications despite the lack of evidence:Document 3: CIA file, Misc. Series, File on Garrison, James, Garrison Investigations in New Orleans, April 28, 1967 relPageId=14&tab=pageFile reporting the members of Clay Shaw's jury to the Agency:Document 4: House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA Collection, Garrison Investigation, OS/SAG Files for HSCA, Box 45, February, 1969 -relPageId=2&tab=pageNovel's armed ship claims and plan offered anfrejected by the Agency:Document 5: CIA file, Misc. Series, Iden Attachment to NO-39-76, Febraruy 20, 1976, pp. 1-2 relPageId=2&tab=pageAgency Personnel Director certifies Novel did not work for the Agency:Document 6: CIA file, Misc. Series, Security File: Novel, Gordon, May 1, 1969 - relPageId=31&tab=page Novel's claims and relationship with Garrison and his investigationDocument 7: CIA file, Misc. Series, File on Garrison, James, Garrison Investigations in New Orleans, October 28, 1969 relPageId=8&tab=pageGeorge Joannides served at JM Wave with Exile student propaganda efforts despite prior Agency denials. Document 8: CIA file, Misc. Series, Five (5) Fitness Reports on Joannides, Gerorge, 1963, 1964, and 1979 relPageId=7&tab=pageCarmine [email protected]://

Ep.113 ~ CIA Revelations W/Carmine
Apr 19 2016 74 mins  
Looking at James Wilcott...Documents:Wilcott speculates regarding the Kennedy Assassination based on his observation of other CIA programs and internal Agency speculation.House Select Committee on Assassinations, Security Classified Testimony, HSCA Interview of James B. Wilcott, March 22, 1978, pp. 4-31 Problems with Wilcott's Oswald ClaimsHSCA, Segregated Central Intelligence Agency file, CIA Reservations on the Draft Report that discusses the Wilcott charges, March 26, 1979, pp. 2-3 Ibid, HSCA Interest in James B. Wilcott and Individuals assigned to (official edit), March 9, 1978's Assassination ScenarioHSCA, Security Classified Testimony, Interview of James B. Wilcott, March 22, 1978 (Assassination Scenario) reprimanded for association with Civil Rights and Communist Party membersCentral Intelligence Agency file, Security File on James Bernard Wilcott Jr., HSCA Interest in James B. Wilcott, March 9, 1978 Wilcott's Questioned AssociationsCIA file, Security File on James Bernard Wilcott Jr., Memo on Wilcott, James B, September 29, 1965 Carmine [email protected]://

Ep.107 ~ Changing Lanes
Mar 09 2016 79 mins  
Doc 1: A document that shows the Carcano was a modified design of the Mauser and likely explains initial confusion by some officers who never handled the weapon and only performed a limited inspection. Document 1: Hearings of the House Select Committee on Assassinations Administration folders, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Admin Folder Q-6: HSCA Administrative folder Assassination ticklers, Volume II, p.239 2: The CIA document that used the erroneous Mauser description that is one of many initial mistaken declaration within the document. All listed details support the Carcano ordered from Klein's and not the Mauser. Document 2: HSCA, Segregated CIA file, Lee Harvey Oswald, also known as, Lee Harry Oswald; Alex Hidell; Harvey, Box 26, November 25, 1963, p. 2 3: A report from a source inside a the Citizens Committee of Inquiry and remarks made at the meeting by Mark Lane that support Dallas Police were incorrect in thier assertions of a Mauser, when the gun was proven to be of Italian make. 4 and 5: Am FBI report and Summary of reports that connects Mark Lane to Communist supported groups and various organizations funded by the Communist Party. Document 4: FBI Memo, Mark Lane Security Matter, January 16, 1964 5: FBI Summary Memo, Mark Lane, November 8, 1966, pp. 1-4 6: A document with statements from Helen Markham that she never met Mark Lane and had learned that an interview she believed was with the Dallas Police was actually with Mark Lane and she was allegedly not consulted prior. Document 6: FBI Memo, Mark Lane, July 31, 1964, pp. 1-2 7: WC witness Warren Reynolds reported to the FBI that he was interviewed by a man calling himself Robert Blake and he later became aware that Robert Blake was actually Mark Lane. Document 7: FBI Memo, Miscellaneous - Information Concerning Assassination of President Kennedy, April 8, 1966 Carmine [email protected]://

Ep. 99 ~ Hunt -N- Sturgis
Jan 11 2016 60 mins  
The Deposition of Frank Stugis to the Rockefeller Commission regarding his location November 22, 1963Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Boxed Files, Deposition of Frank Sturgis, 4 Apr 1975, pp. 11-15 collection of Files regarding the background and known activities of Frank Sturgis aka Frank Fiorini, and one member that makes a reference of payment.House Select Committee on Assassinations, Segregated CIA files, Security File on Frank Sturgis, Box 46, (n.d.) related files below are in the Sturgis Security File)CIA file, Newspaper article by Edith Kermit Roosevelt, August 24, 1962, pp. 1-3CIA file, Report on Sturgis Bail, June 22, 1972, pp. 1-2CIA file, Office of Security memo, Subject: Sturgis, Frank Anthony, November 8, 1968 CIA file, Talk of a proposed raid on Cuba by the Diaz Lanz Brothers, January 24, 1964, pp. 1-2Security File internal memo that mentions Agency payment to SturgisCIA file, Sturgis, Frank Anthony aka: Fiorini, Fra(sic)nk, July 20, 1976 file that offers additional support of Sturgis and Hunt not being present in Dallas on November 22, 1963Senate Select Committee, Boxed Files, Oswald in New Orleans, Allegations, January 19, 1976, p. 7 internal CIA inquiry into E. Howard Hunt's whereabouts and travel. It supports that Hunt was not in Dallas in November.HSCA, Segregated CIA Files, Jaffe's Inquiry into Hunt and Sturgis Whereabouts, Box 43, September 20, 1974 [email protected]://

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