Shine Beyond Cancer

Apr 29 2020 57 mins

We are here to provide hope, inspiration and the tools you desire to thrive beyond cancer. We are both late-stage cancer thrivers, living our best life, without fear, pain or discomfort. We focus on every area of life; body, mindset, relationships, career, finances, spirit and contribution. Cancer gave us a second chance and we are taking it all the way.If you feel you were given a second chance, a wake-up call, we can show you how to live your best life. Shine Beyond Cancer is all about choosing to revive your life after cancer and thrive. It’s about rediscovering your purpose, reinventing your career, reclaiming your financial health and redesigning your relationships. It’s about finding a greater purpose to your days here on earth and creating a renewed mindset with a focus on contribution to help you heal.This show will bring hope and inspiration from fellow cancer thrivers as well as cancer experts providing tools, technology and tips to truly Shine Beyond Cancer.

EP 2: Mindful Meditation
Oct 23 2019 57 mins  
Please join us with our meditation coach as she shares how to use mindful meditation to reduce stress, anxiety and fear. As a Speaker, Mindfulness Educator & Founder of Mindful Mindz, Angela is dedicated to delivering the most engaging and effective programs to help individuals and organizations understand and experience the the benefits of mindfulness and a positive mindset.As a former marketing consultant in the healthcare industry and a mother of three, Angela experienced first hand the effects that stress can have on health and emotional well-being. In her search for balance, increased energy and focus, she discovered the transformative benefits of mindfulness.Angela has spent last two decades studying and cultivating a solid mindfulness practice and has been teaching mindfulness meditation professionally since 2013. She is a graduate of Mindful Schools K-12 Teacher Training and the Positive Psychology Certification from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She has completed several mindfulness-based trainings including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindful Self-Compassions (MSC) and silent retreats. Angela continues to deepen her expertise by participating in workshops and retreats with renowned teachers in the fields of mindfulness and positive psychology.Angela has successfully taught hundreds of people to meditate and cultivate a positive mindset. She has delivered mindfulness talks and positivity workshops in her community and around the country. She has also volunteered her time to help organizations cultivate kindness, discover the advantages of a positive mindset and experience the benefits of mindfulness. As her students will tell you, Angela is a gifted teacher who embodies the practice of mindfulness. She brings warmth, enthusiasm and genuine interest for greater well-being to each program she teaches. She becomes a life long partner in the support of your practice and your journey toward greater peace and joy in the present moment.

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