Project FIA goes PC

Oct 19 2020 60 mins 2

Project FIA goes PC broadcasts weekly from the quaint jungles of the Midlands, UK, and globally. Expect tales of adventure in filmmaking, music, global trends, Q&A's as well as the occasional guest stumbling in to rant and rave. The perfect supplement show for the Youtube comedy series Project FIA, it's time to mediate the madness... Hosted by #RebelZen (aka Daniel T. Hale) and "The Producer" Winifred Mok. /Ep 1-30 (2017-2018, United Kingdom) /Ep 31-42 (2019, Hong Kong) /Ep 43-50 (2019-2020, Japan) /Ep 51- (2020-present, United Kingdom) * Update: PROJECT FIA full series has migrated from Amazon to YouTube for our global audience!!!

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