The Career Challenges Podcast

Aug 11 2020 48 mins

We share stories to let others know they’re not alone.Hi, I’m Kyle Weckerly, a certified professional ghostwriter. When I’m not creating polished manuscripts and book marketing plans, I talk with experts from all sorts of industries on my podcast. The Career Challenges Podcast. You’ll hear from seasoned veterans and burgeoning entrepreneurs, single parents and self-taught leaders, one-person consultancies and CEOs of large companies. Each episode offers a unique opportunity to gain insight from others as they share stories of overcoming obstacles, learning lessons the hard way, converting experience into actionable knowledge, and connecting with their target audience. Through these stories, you’ll find ways to level up your career, spark ideas, and persevere.Above all, listen to The Career Challenges Podcast to know you’re not alone on your journey.

Ben Baker - Your Brand Marketing
Apr 13 2020 54 mins  
What are people saying about your company?When it comes to your employees, what are they saying?Is it good?I welcome Ben Baker to The Career Challenges Podcast. Ben's seen a lot of change when it comes to how companies treat their employees, and how companies can do a better job of keeping them. We get to talk about how each time your company lets someone go, that's potentially $100,000 of lost revenue.This figure varies based on industry and type of work. Yet, it still shows how each person you hire to work for you has value and what they contribute to the bottom line.Ben and I talk about how employers can take a different approach to leadership. It's not an easy one, but it's well worth the effort.Ben is also an author and we discuss his motivations for writing his book.Sidenote here; we recorded this before the Coronavirus Pandemic hit, and since then, I've seen Ben give selflessly of his time and experience. I want to encourage all listeners to check out Ben's free resources and connect with him. At the very least, you'll be getting sound knowledge for how to handle a difficult - - podcast - online - speaking -

Nimisha Brahmbhatt - How to Position a Start Up
Mar 09 2020 47 mins  
How can you get investors for your start-up?What if you told your story?I welcome Nimisha Brahmbatt as my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast to answer these questions and more.Nimisha Brahmbhatt is an award-winning independent Management Consultant, serial sustain-a-preneur, investor and philanthropist who has consulted for numerous world-class FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 energy companies including, Centrica, Shell and E.on Energy, with a proven track record in large scale business transformation.Nimisha is a key investor in advancing technologies, servicing government bodies and private enterprises in healthcare, conservation, permaculture as well as energy management. Nimisha is a passionate advocate for sustainable business. As the founder of Legacy Business School and Leaving a Legacy CIC, Nimisha has launched a series of incubators to aid start-ups in developing sustainable businesses that support the UN SDGs. Through the CIC Nimisha has pledged to plant one billion trees over the next 10 years and reinvest company profits into worthwhile causes globally. Nimisha is a board member of The Prince's Trust RISE initiative.Nimisha’s work has been featured in numerous UK and international publications including Natwest Great British Entrepreneur Awards, Dubai Magazine, and Gigabit.The advice she gives in this episode will help so many start-ups as they seek to find funding for their ventures. The biggest takeaway from this conversation is to focus on your story and how it's going to help others. Too often we get bogged down in the data and the numbers to touch on the human element.Thanks again Nimisha!

Casey Demchak - How to Sell Your Story
Feb 03 2020 59 mins  
You've finished your manuscript and now all you have to do is publish it, right?If you don't want anyone to read your book, then "just" publish it.Casey Demchak, a copywriter and publishing consultant, is my guest for this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast.I made this mistake when I self-published a couple of novels some years back. If I had known Casey at the time I'm sure he would have saved me a lot of frustration and headache when it comes to marketing my books. You see, finishing a manuscript isn't the end of your publishing journey. Many authors still believe that if they get a traditional publishing contract, they don't need to market their books. They don't have to do a book marketing plan.This is not true.Casey offers a lot of great information for authors who want to market their books. The process is daunting, but with help from Casey, you can start on your book marketing even before you begin writing your manuscript. This may seem counter-intuitive but listen in to find out why it's a great idea.I also get to hear about Casey's experience in the publishing industry. We even go farther back than that and talk about his career as a screenwriter.Authors everywhere, even if you've published a book already, would be wise to look into Casey's free resources. He's also launching a book marketing course soon. Sign up for it here;When you're done listening to this episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, get to writing your marketing material!

Inga Bielinska - The Importance of Listening
Jul 22 2019 50 mins  
What's the best way to listen?On the tenth episode of The Career Challenges Podcast, I get to talk with Inga Bielinska. She's a training and leadership coach with clients from all over the world.I'm not exaggerating! She mentions working with clients from Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.Hailing from Poland herself, Inga discovered leadership coaching thanks to a suggestion from a mentor. This has led to her becoming connected with a wide array of people, and ultimately landing in Mountain View, California.I had a great time talking with Inga, and I can honestly say I got more out of the dialogue than she did.She also mentioned that she's a runner and given I run as well, I got sidetracked asking her questions. She graciously answered and humored me as I delved into the sport. I'm sure she could beat me in a race, but she says she doesn't run to compete.Inga is also a published author, working on her third book! She has two others published that she co-authored with another expert on leadership. If I could read Polish, I'd put these books on my reading list.After all that distraction, from yours truly, Inga got to explain how she managed to work with such a varied group of clients- by listening.As a certified ghostwriter, listening is integral to the successful execution of my duties. Whereas I listen for the story, Inga listens to understand mindsets. Listen in to the episode to discover how she does it. You can learn a lot from this episode, so get to it!

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