The Product Launch Podcast

Jul 30 2020

Sean Boyce from NxtStep will share all of his insights and lessons learned from many years of building product businesses so that you can learn all about how to set your very own product business up for success. Listen to our interviews from professionals in Sean’s network that have successfully launched and run countless product businesses successfully. If you’re involved with managing a product or product business we can help you with everything from the idea stage to sunsetting products and everything in between.

Industry Expertise as an Accelerator for your Product Career with Hazelcast’s David Brimley
Oct 13 2020 33 mins  
Hazelcast delivers the in-memory computing platform that empowers Global 2000 enterprises to achieve ultra-fast application performance - at any scale. Built for low-latency data processing, Hazelcast’s cloud-native in-memory data store and event stream processing software technologies are trusted by leading companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Charter Communications, Ellie Mae and National Australia Bank to accelerate data-centric applications. On this weeks episode of the Product Launch podcast, Sean and David cover  Why industry subject matter expertise matters and how it differentiate you as a product professional The advantages of building a product for yourself  How to keep your industry subject matter expertise to be better product professional Going from a siloed world of being an individual contributor to more of a leadership role for the organization and various functional groups Why product professionals need to maintain a healthy network of industry professionals Getting to know your customers personally so they will feel comfortable opening up to you so you can help them Resources: Flash Boys, by Michael Lewis - Automate This, by Christopher Steiner - Competing Against Luck, by Clayton M. Christensen - Playing to Win, by A.G. Lafley - How to Lead in Product Management, by Roman Pichler - Hazelcast Websites - , Connecting with David: Connect with David on Twitter -

Embracing the Pivot with Rhino Review’s Chelsea Craig
Oct 06 2020 25 mins  
Chelsea is the founder of Rhino Reviews and they work with businesses to protect their online reputation by growing and leveraging their online customer reviews. They offer the only fully managed review generation and reputation management program on the market. Every client receives a unique strategy based on their current reputation, where they wish to go, and headwinds they might encounter. They work to improve both the external as well as internal reputation and take businesses from a reactive to a proactive position. On this episode, Sean and Chelsea cover The success story behind Rhino Review and embracing the concept of the pivot How measuring the customer experience helped Chelsea realize why Rhino was stuck How leveling up their pricing actually helped them refine their value proposition How your sales and go-to-market strategy needs to shift when you decide to pivot How a lower price for your product or service can actually hurt your business Chelsea’s philosophy on adding new services (or features) to their list of offerings Resources: Sandler Sales Training - Rhino Reviews LinkedIn - Rhino Reviews Blog - Connecting with Chelsea: Rhino Reviews website - Connect with Chelsea over email - [email protected]

Building Data-Driven Products with Stephen Sklarew
Sep 29 2020 29 mins  
Stephen is a product and technology executive with extensive experience building and growing companies both large and small.  He is also the CEO of Synaptiq.  Synaptiq provides strategic AI and data science services to information, technology, and product officers. On this week's episode, Sean and Stephen discuss  “There’s nothing more frustration than building software that no one will use” Why software is more about understanding your customer than technology How to be a conservative entrepreneur when it comes to financial risk Why selling services is a great way to identify product opportunities “It’s not worth getting others people’s money until you’ve proven your business model” What it means to build a data-driven product How to know when you have a product worth building The critical importance of testing your value proposition early and often Resources: Good to Great, by James C. Collins - Traction, by Gino Wickman - Scaling Up, by Verne Harnish - 3HAG Way, by Shannon Byrne Susko - Synaptiq Website - Connecting with Stephen: Connect with Stephen on LinkedIn - Connect with Stephen over Email - [email protected]

The Telehealth Product Neeka with President Jared Sheehan
Sep 08 2020 25 mins  
Jared is the President of Neeka Health Intelligence, the econometric and digital arm of Neeka Enterprises. Neeka Enterprises spans the healthcare continuum by providing strategic, operational, and tactical support to leading healthcare organizations. Their team brings a blend of medical, economic, and startup experience to identify strategic margin improvement opportunities and deliver results through tech-enabled services. In this episode, Sean and Jared cover The telehealth product they’ve built called Neeka What econometrics means and how it applies to healthcare The story behind Neeka and the problems they solve The Neeka value proposition and how they identified their target audience How Neeka is differentiated from the options on the market What’s next for the future of telehealth and how they intended to innovate around these needs Resources: Pwrdby website - Neeka - Hospital Pandemic Preparation - COVID-19 Elective Surgery Recommendations - How Will COVID-19 Affect the Health Care Economy - Connecting with Jared: Connect with Jared on LinkedIn -

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