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Oct 16 2020 39 mins 36

Joe Lowry (aka @globallithium on Twitter) and known as "Mr Lithium" is a 30 year industry veteran and founder of the advisory firm Global Lithium LLC. He hosts the original podcast in this space that features high level guests from the lithium industry, battery, cathode, and other battery metals areas. The Global Lithium Podcast remains the 'go to' podcast in this space and has been downloaded in 113 countries.

Episode 78: Chris Reed "Value Creation"
Sep 04 2020 52 mins  
Chris Reed, the CEO of Neometals (ASX: NMT), is my guest on episode 78. Chris was the mastermind behind the development of the Mt Marion mine. He wisely brought in two heavyweight partners - Ganfeng and Mineral Resources to ensure guaranteed offtake and timely construction / start-up. Mt Marion is the cornerstone of Ganfeng’s hard rock supply and the first strategic lithium asset in production for Mineral Resources. Chris timed Neometals’ very profitable exit from the project well and retained pro-rata future offtake rights. One of the most forward thinking minds in the lithium world, Chris plans to lead Neometals into the broader battery metals market via “urban mining” – recycling lithium batteries to supply high quality cobalt, nickel and lithium while helping the battery industry greatly lower their carbon footprint. We discuss the current oversupply of spodumene concentrate and where pricing needs to be for newly minted Western Australia mines to survive and then expand to meet the massive growth in lithium demand. Chris and I agree a tight lithium chemicals market and price spike are coming based on the lack of investment in new hard rock and brine capacity in recent years. We examine the two main process categories of recycling and how Neometals will again utilize world class partners to move quickly along the development curve. Chris deconstructs the economics of recycling and where battery metals from urban mining will fit on the various cost curves. The episode concludes by looking at Neometals plans for a lithium hydroxide plant in India with a strategic partner and then move to “rapid fire”. Along the way I add to my vocabulary of Aussie sayings with at least three new ones. The first person that can guess them and leaves me a note on gets a Global Lithium hat. Chris and Neometals COO, Mike Tamlin were the guests on episode 3 “Wizards of Oz” which is still second most popular episode of all 77 prior podcasts based on downloads. As always - thanks to our sponsor Zelandez

Episode 77: Roger Atkins "Gradually then Suddenly"
Aug 25 2020 100 mins  
Episode 77 of the Global Lithium Podcast: “Gradually then Suddenly”: is a conversation with Roger Atkins. Roger Atkins of is one of the top EV voices on the planet with 30 years of auto industry experience. This conversation is not really about lithium, it is more about the demand drivers of lithium’s future. Anyone interested in batteries, electric mobility, energy storage or the future will benefit from this podcast. We discuss why OEMs really aren’t as motivated to transition to e-mobility as they like to “advertise”, why Tesla has an almost insurmountable lead in battery and EV technology and move on to the rivalry between Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and how the world will benefit from their growing competition. We ponder if Musk and Bezos are the new generation of “Robber Barons” with social media generated halos. Elon Musk’s admiration for Henry Ford is another topic. We wonder aloud if Elon would benefit from sharing ideas with Henry’s great grandson the current executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company. Roger explains why simple EV penetration metrics are essentially a meaningless form of what he calls “numerical alliteration”. We break down the e-mobility world by different types of vehicles and discuss how regional differences impact the development of the market. Some market segments are past the mass adoption “tipping point”, others are not. Along the way you will hear thoughts about the major battery chemistries and their relative merits. Roger asks me if I think ESS will be a bigger market than e-mobility, the answer may surprise you. The above, much more and rapid fire.

E55: Live In Tesla's Backyard
Jan 11 2020 42 mins  
The Global Lithium Podcast adapts the format for the "Lithium Decade". One host, with co-hosts from time to time, same focus on high quality guests on the long version and answering your questions on Q&A episodes. For now, Anchor will be the podcast home but we will remain available on Apple, Spotify and other major platforms. This episode was recorded in Reno, Nevada. My guests are Dr. Rene LeBlanc, CTO of Lithium Americas and Alexi Zawadzki, President of Lithium Nevada. We discuss recent developments at the Cauchari and Thacker Pass Projects before delving into other areas. I ask and Rene explains why it is a misnomer to say "it is too difficult to make battery grade carbonate at altitude". We both worked for FMC Lithium (now Livent) in a day when Hombre Muerto produced an excellent battery quality product above 4,000 meters in Catamarca Province Argentina. I provide some comments on Livent's recent earnings guidance and make some brief comments on pricing and other pertinent topics. We have a cameo appearance by long time friend of the podcast Randall Burns of LAC while I ride across Reno in his EV and am chastised by Alexi for not owning a Tesla yet. Things get loud during the "five guys in a bar segment" when Alexi asks a broader group if you could go back an be alive for any one day in history - what would it be? This episode was recorded on my IPhone - please keep that in mind as you listen. I did not travel with a mic or recording software but didn't want to miss the opportunity to record the first long form episode of the new decade. Sponsorshi

E52 of the Global Lithium Podcast "The Geek Squad"
Nov 20 2019 63 mins  
Joe and Emily are joined in Los Angeles by the newly minted “geek squad,” the label intended as the ultimate compliment to four technical experts. All are veterans of the podcast. We are guided through the lithium value chain from the ground to lithium chemicals to cathode and ultimately the battery. Dr. Tom Benson of Lithium Americas shares how lithium is formed inside the earth, and how the fact that lithium “Can’t Be Tamed” is what makes it so practical for batteries. Dr. Yuan Gao of Pulead and now a Lithium Americas Board Member takes us through extracting lithium from raw materials and making cathodes. Dr. Gao, or the “Lithium OG”, explains the concept of excess lithium and why it matters even more in a high nickel world. Dr. Dr. Rene LeBlanc of Lithium Americas explains how the process to separate lithium can be the reverse of how it's formed, and shares how the physical separation process for the sedimentary material at Thacker Pass is like the process for extracting gold.. Dan Blondal of Nano One explains the different purposes served by cobalt, as a stabilizer of layered nickel structure or active material in LCO batteries. We give a shout out to the Real Clear Politics discussion of Minerals: The Overlooked Foundations of our Future, where Emily was a panelist and felt like she knew the cool kids when Alexi Zawadski and Thacker Pass were name dropped by Carl Cannon, Executive Editor & Washington Bureau Chief of RealClearPolitics, as a carbon-neutral project. Our guests close with what they experience as most misunderstood lithium myths, and as always we end with rapid fire questions.

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Felix Aug 15 2020
Excellent intelligence on lithium mining, what is worth investing in if you do your own research