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Oct 23 2020 24 mins 63

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Michael Fordham | The Soul of a Surfer
Apr 28 2020 28 mins  
Michael was born in East London in 1968, left school in 1984 and never had a proper job. He started surfing in 1986 whilst living in Queensland during a six year global wander. He returned home to study anthropology in his mid twenties and became obsessed with war zones, waves and London. Throughout the nineties he scratched a living by writing about all these things. By the middle of that decade he scored a jumped-up title on the flannel panel at Dazed and Confused, and used that as a magic carpet to take him to places where he could indulge his various obsessions. In 1999 he launched Adrenalin Magazine, thereby blagging his way around the world for another six years. In 2002 Michael married Lucy. They were blessed with three children in five years, in the middle of which time they moved to Somerset to live in a tiny village dominated by the Church Wardens and 300 head of cattle. Whilst his fellow villagers are convinced he is on a Witness Protection Programme, he published The September Project in 2007 and The Book of Surfing: the killer guide to surf culture in 2008. Michael is currently writing a novel set in California in the year 1969, as well as a series of stories about Kosovo and Bosnia, and loads of travel, interviews and other types of hackery. He is considering going back to study theology. No, really. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2008. Watch Michael's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Mark Reeves | Leadership Circles
Mar 17 2020 20 mins  
Mark Reeves has always had a keen interest in and passion for leadership, physical and outdoor education and health and wellbeing – an interest he lives and breathes. His particular leadership focus is mentoring, surrounding oneself with great people and leadership as a verb-not a position but action! He has undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees from Melbourne University and in Outdoor Pursuits from Plas-Y-Brennin in North Wales, UK. They were tough days in Wales at a demanding training centre – this was where Shipton and Mallory of early Everest fame undertook their training! Ghosts abounded in those hallowed halls and crags. In 1999 he established the Alpine School, Dinner Plain. The school now has three campuses with the Snowy River Campus at Marlo and the Gnurad-Gundidj Campus at Glenormiston. It is the only school of its type in a government system in the world. Mark has always been active in the local community – he is a volunteer firefighter (Lieutenant) with the CFA and has chaired the Dinner Plain Community Centre. He coached hockey for Orbost and East Gippsland, is a volunteer for Marlo Coast Guard, is on the Curlip Paddle Steamer committee and was elected Mayor in November 2013. Mark lives in Marlo at the mouth of the Snowy River and loves "things and people that go!" — Recorded live at the global event in Victoria, Australia in 2014. Watch Mark's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Marcus Veerman | Listen To Your Mojo Meter
Mar 03 2020 18 mins  
After a decade of outdoor education, counselling, and long-term youth mentoring, Marcus found himself on the Thai-Burma border when his wife landed a volunteer job there. On arrival, Marcus had absolutely no idea what he would do so he made a commitment to simply be open and say yes to whatever opportunities arose. Saying "yes" led to helping local communities build over 40 custom playgrounds in 2 years using local tools and materials. This was an incredible experience but building a new playground every 2 weeks took its toll. In his final year in Thailand he contracted influenza type B, Dengue Fever and had his appendix out - so to avoid total burn-out and early death, he started wondering if there was a better way..... Using this experience and the driving motivation that others around the world were now asking for playgrounds, it was time to rethink. In 2010, was born. Playground Ideas is a place where anyone, anywhere can get the tools and resources they need to build a place for play. This initiative has now spawned a global community in over 72 countries impacting around 300,000 children at less than a $1 per child and growing quickly. Marcus has been listed as one of the top 100 public interest designers and is keen to grow this kind of online empowerment model further. — Recorded live at the global event in Victoria, Australia in 2015. Watch Marcus' full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Rohan Anderson | Shit Food Equals Shit Health. And How I Used Food To Improve My Life
Jan 28 2020 31 mins  
This is warts and all life-affirming story of an overweight man working in corporate soul-sapping jobs that one day just said ‘Enough’. Rohan, with his great sense of humour and a gutsy approach to life, tells us of his fight for the right to eat good healthy food. And to become a normal healthy Aussie bloke. And now that he has sorted himself out, he is turning his attention to the rest of Australia. His next mission is going to make Australia eat healthily. If anyone can do it, Rohan can. Rohan spent much of his childhood on a small farm near Jindivick in regional Victoria where he developed not only an affinity for nature but also a deep understanding of the role it plays in providing sustenance. He has taken these lessons into his adult life where he now grows, hunts, fishes, and forages in wild and urban surroundings – procuring the food to feed his family. He also documents his adventures on his hugely popular blog, Whole Larder Love, sharing his recipes, slow food philosophies and (sometimes contentious) views with thousands of readers every month. Describing himself not as a chef, but rather a family cook, Rohan is influenced by rustic, peasant-style cooking, with minimal fuss involved. You won’t find Anderson in supermarket aisles; instead, he is usually wandering around his back garden, heading for a river, and traipsing through the bush or local paddocks to find his tucker. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2014. Watch Rohan's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Sarah Corbett | Why Shouting Quietly Gets You Heard
Jan 21 2020 29 mins  
Sarah was born in Liverpool in 1980s. For 6 years she worked for Christian Aid, DFID and most recently Oxfam as a professional campaigner & mobiliser. She started doing craftivism (craft + activism) in 2008 as a reaction to traditional forms of activism. Due to demand, Sarah set up the global Craftivist Collective in 2009. This hobby has turned her into one of the leading spokespeople in the craftivism movement (The Times featured her as the leader of one of their 5 'New Tribes' of 2012) & was shortlisted for the 2013 Observer Ethical Award for Arts & Culture- they lost out to the film Beasts of the Southern Wild so weren't too upset. Sarah works with art institutions such as V&A, Southbank & National Portrait Gallery as well as charities such as Save the Children & Unicef and has also collaborated with cult jewellers Tatty Devine & Secret Cinema amongst others. As well as collaborations, she also sells products, delivers training workshops & talks, lecturers & exhibits her craftivism work around the world & her book “A Little Book of Craftivism’” was released October 2013 distributed by Thames & Hudson & DAP worldwide (50% crowdfunded - random combination aye?!). — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2014. Watch Sarah's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

David and Alison Lea-Wilson | Why We Should Value True Eccentricity
Dec 10 2019 22 mins  
To be off centre is the meaning of eccentricity. David and Alison believe that the most interesting things happen around the edges. They tell how doing things off centre shaped their lives and their businesses. David Lea-Wilson is a Welsh Entrepreneur who used his love of living by the sea in Anglesey to start sea related businesses with friends or relatives. These have ranged from oyster growing, being a wholesale fishmonger, running a lobster hatchery and running Anglesey Sea Zoo for 23 years. The last decade has been focused on starting The Anglesey Sea Salt Company, Halen Môn, and turning it into a successful business. All these have been started with his wife, Alison. Alison Lea-Wilson moved to Wales aged 18 to attend Bangor University. She trained as a teacher but didn’t like the constraints so she chose self-employment enabling her to try out different roles as a fish merchant, aquarium owner, sea salt maker as well as bringing up three children. Her skills lie in making connections, establishing relationships and fierce attention to detail: the perfect foil to her husband who gets excited and does things at the slightest provocation. If she talks it will be to show that you don’t have to have big, unique ideas, just have the confidence to try things, work hard and be nice to people. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2011. Watch David and Alison's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Annie Parker | Pay It Forward
Dec 10 2019 16 mins  
Annie Parker speaks with passion and humour about leaving her successful corporate career for a more satisfying life of helping others. Annie inspires her audience to live a more rewarding life by “paying it forward”. Annie came to Australia in 2013 to launch Telstra's startup acceleration programme – muru-D - which invests in 10 startups every 6 months, gives them amazing advice to help scale their idea, connects them with experience to have them be successful and connections to boot. Annie's experience is in the digital, telco and new business launch space. She has extensive commercial marketing knowledge from having run a billion dollar P&L in the UK and before Australia, Annie ran operations across Europe for Telefonica’s accelerator programme – Wayra. She’s seen thousands of pitches, overseen investments in over 100 startups globally & is a passionate supporter of anything that helps to grow the startup scene across Australia & South East Asia. A personal passion is also to inspire kids to learn digital skills which had Annie launch Code Club Australia in April 2014. It's a nationwide network of volunteer-led, after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11.  The long-term goal is to get the national curriculum changed here in Australia so that all children are taught basic coding skills from primary school onwards. — Recorded live at the global event in Victoria, Australia in 2015. Watch Annie's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Michael Townsend Williams | Inhale. Exhale. Why We All Need To Learn How To Do This Better
Nov 26 2019 22 mins  
In the glittering heydays of 1980s advertising, Michael was in the thick of it; working at Saatchi’s and living the prolific adman lifestyle. High pressured deadlines, a pace as fast as lightning and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. His journey - as Michael’s wife would call it - is from being off his head to on his head. From alcoholic to Yogi. Both life’s joys and heartbreaking tragedies would change the trajectory of Michael’s life. The birth of his son set him on track to what is now twenty years of sobriety and the untimely and sudden death of his brother would be a harsh dose of perspective that would see him follow his heart and leave the addicting excesses of the advertising world. Michael talks us through the years that would lead him to the creation of his wellbeing app, Breathe Sync, a technology that allows to you to align your breathing with the beat of your heart and, in turn, breathe away stress. A reflective and vulnerable talk, Michael’s story is an affirmation of the virtues of following your heart, being as well as doing and breathing yourself better. Michael Townsend Williams is a DOer who likes to be. Through his experiences of obsessive doing in advertising and obsessive being in yoga, he created an app where being and doing can come together. His app Breathe Sync brings your breathing into sync with your heart to reduce stress and improve focus. So whether you're a DOer who forgets to be or a being who forgets to DO, you can breathe yourself better. Michael is also the author of  'Do Breathe: Clear your head. Find focus. Get stuff done'. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2014. Watch Michael's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Hunter Lee Soik | What If We Could Build A Database Of Dreams?
Nov 05 2019 24 mins  
Hunter Lee Soik is founder and CEO of Shadow that is building the Wikipedia of dreams. Do the Japanese who sleep the least also dream the least? What does your dream mean? What is the global dream trend for 2014? If you walk 10,000 steps, will you have more positive dreams? If we eat chicken after 9 pm, will we have a certain type of dream? Hunter’s dream is to answer these questions by building the first global resource for dreams. Hunter doesn’t really believe in limits. Since he was a kid, he's always seen obstacles as opportunities: to make ourselves vulnerable, to learn about each other, to stretch way beyond our boundaries. Looking at life this way is generally exhilarating. But it can also be exhausting. So a year ago, when his work with the Watch the Throne tour wrapped up and he suddenly had some free time, Hunter did what most of us would do. He slept. And in that sleep, the deepest I had in a very long while, he dreamed of SHADOW. SHADOW is the world’s first alarm clock that helps people remember and record their dreams. It transcribes your dreams, pulls out the keywords, strips away any data that could identify you, and pushes it to a giant global data cloud—where other SHADOW users can see global dream patterns and find dreamers like them around the world. Why does he care so much about dreams? Because we sleep for a third of our lives, and we forget 95% of our dreams within five minutes of waking up. But some really pivotal things—laws of physics, technological advancements, classic works of literature—were born of dreams. We’re socialized to think of sleep as inactivity, but certain parts of our brain—the parts that handle things like problem-solving and memory—are most active while we’re sleeping. That’s a huge amount of potential we’re forgetting each morning. Like astronauts gazing back on Earth for the first time, SHADOW is a way to see the world from a different angle. It’s also a bit of a gamble. SHADOW wants to create a global dream community and assemble the world’s largest dream database. — Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2014. Watch Hunter's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Eduardo Garcia | Joie Du Vivre
Oct 29 2019 59 mins  
Optimism, enthusiasm and charisma wrapped up in one beautiful being named Eduardo. Look up optimism in the dictionary and you will probably see the name, Eduardo Garcia. A mountain boy from Montana, Eduardo is a chef, outdoor fanatic and co-founder of the Montana Mex food company. He travelled the world extensively from 2001-2011 as a chef on superyachts where he cooked for royalty and the rich and famous. In 2011 Eduardo left the yacht to co-found Montana Mex, a Mexican inspired food company. He also started a film concept called ‘Active Ingredient’ which explores cooking food in the great outdoors, improvising with the environment at hand and aims to educate, inspire and blow the lid off the hardscrabble notion of ‘cooking outside’ using creative and gourmet techniques. His plans were on track, but in October 2011, while elk hunting in the Montana backcountry, Eduardo was electrocuted by an unmarked power source. Through unbelievable odds, he found help and was med jetted to Salt Lake City’s Burn ICU where he spent 50 days fighting for his life. With 21 surgeries to date and a few more to go, he is firmly back in the game, running his company, working on his show and pursuing his passion to lead a productive and healthy life. Eduardo is on a mission to positively impact those around him and those he has yet to meet… — Recorded live at the global event in California, USA in 2013. Watch Eduardo's full talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

Tamsin Carvan | Inviting Strangers To Your Table
Oct 22 2019 19 mins  
Raised in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney, Tamsin was lucky enough to spend much of her childhood running wild in the bush and swimming in freezing water in valleys and canyons. After years of study in Continental Philosophy at the University of Queensland where she spent her time with the likes of Heidegger and Nietzsche, the questions only seemed more intense and unsure of what to do next. Tamsin moved to Canberra and started work at a social research agency doing policy and program evaluations for federal government departments. While challenging and interesting this was a very transient life that involved a lot of travel, and every time she ventured out to the far-flung regions, which she did quite often, Tamsin felt overwhelmed with homesickness for a farm, and a way of life, she didn't have. So in the end, she succumbed and bought one, a rundown, difficult, steep but fertile 113 acres on a windy hilltop in Poowong East. Although Tamsin had never done a day’s farming in her life, she learnt how much you can get done when you have no idea what is meant to be impossible. These days Tamsin runs a small business on the farm called Tamsin’s Table, and lives with her eight and a half-year-old daughter Martha and, after many years on her own, she shares her life with her companion Allan. — Recorded live at the global event in Victoria, Australia in 2015. Watch Tamsin's talk here: --- Send in a voice message:

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