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Oct 21 2020 12 mins 2

This podcast is where you as a soulpreneur learn how to grow and market your business in a way that is authentic, aligned and heart-led, but still grounded in practical tips and tools.

57: Leveraging Your Subconscious Mind in Business with Nadia Gabrielle
Apr 20 2020
In this episode I have a special guest: Nadia Gabrielle, who was already on the show in episode 31 (Rewire Your Mind for Ease and Success with Nadia Gabrielle). Nadia practices Subconscious Reprogramming to help people clear limiting beliefs and persistent behavioral patterns and blocks. She has spent over a decade working with clients around the world, and has led classes and retreats in dreamy locations such as Morocco, Costa Rica and Bali.In addition to working with private individuals, she also guides entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives in their inner work to benefit their 'work' work. Her background and degree in Design Thinking & International Business allow her to merge subconscious capacity work with biz strategy in her client work.She also runs a platform called Projectors Invited for Human Design Projectors with a sense of humor :)Nadia is amazing & I love her (so much that I asked her to come pack for a second episode)!This conversation is SO SO good (if I may say so myself) and I can’t wait to hear your feedback.In this episode we discuss:+ What the subconscious is & how it works+ A real life example of the subconscious mind at work with the Netflix show Love is Blind+ The two minds (conscious & subconscious)+ How doing subconscious work can help you create a successful business+ What makes a sustainable business+ The two parts of subconscious work: strategy and capacity+ Masculine and Feminine energies in relation to subconscious work+ How to build capacity for your success+ How to work on your subconscious during these times of crisis+ A special and generous offer from Nadia+ And so much more!Show notesNadia on Heart Space, episode 31 “Rewire Your Mind for Ease and Success with Nadia Gabrielle”Nadia’s websiteSpecial offer: Book a 60 minute intro session with Nadia and get an additional 30 minutes with code HEARTSPACENadia on InstagramNadia’s other Instagram: Projectors InvitedMy WebsiteMy InstagramWork with me 1-1Join my Private Facebook Community

52: Intuition, Divine Feminine & How to Protect Your Energy with Lindsay Schroeder
Mar 23 2020
In this episode I chatted with Lindsay Schroeder from Our & Are. Lindsay is a spiritual coach, light worker, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, & she is a passionate Divine Feminine practitioner. Lindsay is also a gifted intuitive and energy worker. She has cultivated a practice all her own.Her comprehensive approach to wellness & spiritual connection includes coaching, mindset work, connecting with the lunar phases, embodiment, busting limiting beliefs, manifestation, EFT, NLP, crystal work, healing circles, meditative practice, rituals creation, & much more.In healing her own deep wounds she found that she longed to share the practices that helped her release her childhood trauma, work through past relationship issues, develop deep self awareness, self confidence, and self love. She is passionate about helping women become conscious creators of the life & businesses they truly desire.In this episode we discuss:+ the different types of intuition and how they work+ ayahuasca, a plant medicine to connect to the divine feminine+ working with water energy, animal guides and goddess lineage+ some mindset shifts around coronavirus and the opportunities it holds for us+ how to protect yourself & your energy as an empath, HSP or introvert+ how to navigate these times by processing, integrating and serving+ what it means to be a heart leader right now+ money and spirituality+ why we need to take our power back when it comes to moneyShow notes:COVID-19 Free Resources1 hour coaching session special for March 2020Join Awaken Your IntuitionJoin Release & RiseQUIZ: what is your intuitive superpower?Lindsay's website ourandare.comLindsay's FB groupLindsay on InstagramLindsay on PinterestLindsay on LinkedinCurious about working with Lindsay? Book a discovery call hereWant to learn more about the manifestation process? Get a free copy of Lindsay's Ebook "How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams"Want to check out Lindsay's Mosaic Meditation Practice for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People?Sarah on InstagramSarah’s websiteJoin Heart Leaders Collective on FB

50: Celebrating One Year of Heart Space (and a Q&A)
Mar 11 2020
I’m so excited for this episode because we are not only celebrating 1 year of Heart Space (I started the podcast on March 11 2019 - so yes, Heart Space is a Pisces) but also the 50th episode - which is a big deal :)I have a new introduction to the podcast and a gorgeous new art work by the talented artist Indigo Wind! I made you vote on your favorite new artwork and this one won big time!In this episode I did a Q&A and asked you on Instagram and FB to submit questions, some of which I answered here. And I share some personal + vulnerable topics too that I have never opened up about before!!Let me know your thoughts on this episode, if you’d like me to do more Q&As in the future, what you’d love to see on Heart Space moving forward etc. And I would so appreciate it if you could leave a review which helps spread to word and reach more people.Thank you so much for your ongoing support! I love you all!In this episode I share:+ Celebrating 1 year of Heart Space and the 50th episode+ Why I started Heart Space a year ago+ What has kept and keeps me going and committed to it weekly+ Some general topics+ A few personal topics (I have never shared before!!)And more!Show Notes:My InstagramWork with me 1-1Join my Private Facebook CommunityBook: How to Read the Akashic Records by Linda HoweBlog post: What are the Akashic Records?Podcast episode 21: What are the Akashic Records and How They Can Change Your LifePodcast episode 23: What is the Difference Between Intuition and the Akashic Records?

48: Travel the World while Growing your Business with Pascale Côté
Feb 24 2020
This week, I bring you the amazing Pascale Côté. Pascale is a business coach for location independent entrepreneurs. She helps freedom seekers design a lifestyle and business that will allow them to embrace both sides of their personality: the freedom-seeking traveller and the thriving entrepreneur.After launching multiple businesses (a marketing studio, a skincare line and a travel agency), she has chosen to dedicate herself to helping people run a business that allows them the freedom to travel.For her, it's all about freedom! And to enjoy freedom she believes, you have to first free your mind.She takes her clients through an internal journey so they can truly create something around their values, vision & purpose in order to create something sustainable.in this episode we discuss:+ being a digital nomad+ creating a business that allows you to be location independent and travel the world+ seeing introversion as a gift and embracing it+ the importance of freeing your mind to free your time+ why the hard work to create a business is the inner work+ why mindset is everything when it comes to growing your business, especially as a digital nomad+ how traveling and being a digital nomad accelerates your personal and business growth+ balancing the masculine and feminine energies when traveling and in business+ how to ground yourself no matter where you are and how much you travel+ a tip to protect your energy as an empath/introvert+ the importance as an entrepreneur of drawing a line between life and work+ the importance of building a team of support and having coaches and mentors when you build your own business - for spiritual, mindset and business support+ and so much more!Show notes:Pascale's websiteThe Change Your Latitude Community on FBPascale on InstagramSarah on InstagramSarah’s websiteJoin Heart Leaders Collective on FB

42: Permission to be You with Human Design Expert Brittany Eastman
Jan 13 2020
I am so happy to bring you an amazing guest for today’s episode: Brittany Eastman.Brittany is an Intuitive Human Design Reader, Creator, Writer and Speaker. She helps people connect to their natural, magnificent and inherent way of being. She provides a license for people to completely be themselves through decoding their Human Design.Human Design is simple; it’s basically who you came here to be in this lifetime. We use the birth data of each person to interpret the energetic blueprint that describes how each person is here to energetically engage with the world around them - the people, the purpose and the projects.Brittany is guiding us into the new paradigm - returning to our authentic self, aligning to truth, honouring the ego, unplugging from the narratives that keep us spinning, building trust, passing universal assignments, leaving space and honouring our inherent gifts.She uses her unique interpretation of Human Design to guide us all back home to our wholeness and authenticity, free of the collective, social, experiential and tribal conditioning we all encounter.In a very simple way, she helps people see their truth which naturally helps to elevate relationships, career, finances, joy and fulfillment.in this episode we discuss:+ What Human Design is and what it can do for you+ How Brittany found Human Design and how it has completely transformed her life and business+ How knowing your Human Design gives you permission to be you and step in your wholeness+ The different steps in decoding your Human Design+ Human Design types, strategies and more!+ Infusing the notion of Yin and Yang energies into Human Design+ I also asked Brittany to read my Human Design chart and she blew me away (even though I have been learning about this for over 2 years)+ A special offer for all the listeners to get 15% off Brittany’s readingsAnd so much more!Show notes:Find Brittany on InstagramBrittany’s websiteJoin Brittany’s membershipBook a reading with Brittany and get 15% off with code HEARTSPACEFind out your Human Design with MyBodyGraphAn example of a well known Manifestor: Peta KellyAn example of a well known Reflector: Jordan Younger of the Balanced BlondeSarah on InstagramBook an Akashic Records Reading with SarahJoin Heart Leaders Collective on FB

37: Most Important Life Lessons I've Learned in 28 Years
Nov 26 2019
Today is my 28th birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with all of you sharing 28 most important life lessons I’ve learned in my 28 years of life. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday much (unless it involves traveling, yes I’m a true Sagittarius in that way), but I felt like sharing this today. Hopefully some of these lessons will resonate with you (I’d love to know which ones - tag me or message me on IG @sarahlewisco).I’m also offering you a special gift for my birthday: 28% off my website with code LOVE28!(doesn’t include Akashic Records readings and coaching)This means that you can get:Release and Rise for $33 instead of $47The Intuitive Manifesting Course for $142 instead of $197 (was initially $450)The Intuition in Business Masterclass for $32 instead of $44And the Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide for $16 instead of $22 (free with Release & Rise)This is to show you my gratitude and appreciation for your support! All of these will help you connect to your intuition and create the life your heart dreams of living.Show Notes:Join Release and Rise for $33 instead of $47 (with code LOVE28)Join The Intuitive Manifesting Course for $142 instead of $197 (only for 1 time payment with code LOVE28)Buy the Intuition in Business Masterclass for $32 instead of $44 (with code LOVE28)Buy the Intuitive Intention and Goal Setting Guide for $16 instead of $22 (with code LOVE28/FREE with Release & Rise)My WebsiteMy InstagramContact meJoin my Private Facebook Community

36: Ignite Massive Transformation in Your Life with Jocelyn Kelly Reid
Nov 18 2019
Jocelyn Kelly Reid is an Intuitive Transformation Leader. Her purpose on the planet, in this life time is to ignite massive transformation in the lives of those who come into her field. She guides souls who know they are here for more but somehow feel stuck in bridging the gap between where they are, where they want to go, and who they desire to become. She uses a combination of her intuitive gift, the incredible resources she has uncovered on her journey, her real world know how, and an Aries action based approach to setting the path ablaze. She guides her clients to full embodiment, to a place where they can truly live their brand of being unstoppable.Since this month's theme is all about transformation (check out episode 34 if you haven’t already) I thought it would be perfect to bring her on today's episode to talk about how you can ignite this massive transformation in your life!In this episode we talk about:+ How the challenges in her life have allowed her to find her purpose and help others+ How to break free from limiting stories and beliefs and transform your life+ The key to finding flow in your life and your business+ How we are so trained to spend on material things but not on our growth+ The energetics of money and how to attract financial success and abundance+ The importance of self-empowerment and not giving your power away+ How she manifested being on Lacy Phillips' Expanded podcast+ The different types of feminine energies and their roles in our lives+ Dating and relationshipsAnd so much more!Show notes:Join Release & RiseJocelyn on InstagramJocelyn on FacebookJocelyn’s websiteJocelyn on episode 60 of Lacy Phillips’ Expanded PodcastLacy Phillips’ work: To Be Magnetic. Join now with code REFERRAL20 and get $20 offBook: More Than Enough by Elaine WelterothBook: Awakening Starseeds by Radhaa NiliaSarah on InstagramBook an Akashic Records Reading with SarahJoin the Heart Space Soul Community Private Facebook Group

31: Rewire Your Mind for Ease and Success with Nadia Gabrielle
Oct 14 2019
This week I have an amazing guest on the show! Her name is Nadia Gabrielle and we had such a lovely conversation. Nadia practices Subconscious Reprogramming to help people clear limiting beliefs and persistent behavioral patterns and blocks, as well as perceptions of stress and deep-seated trauma. She has spent over a decade working with clients around the world, and has led classes and retreats in dreamy locations such as Morocco, Costa Rica and Bali.Further, her background in design & international business allows her to merge energy and strategy in her client work. In addition to working with private individuals, she also supports entrepreneurs and business owners in getting their subconscious blueprints aligned with their business goals.in this episode we talk about:+ How the subconscious mind forms+ Why our beliefs and conditioning from childhood continue to affect us in our adult life+ Why triggers are actually gifts+ How we are living on autopilot 95% of the day+ How to work with the subconscious mind and reprogram it+ Why it's ok to feel like your life does not make sense right now+ The importance of trusting the process even when you feel helpless and lost+ Why you have to show up as you are, even and especially when it feels uncomfortable+ How being a projector plays a role in how she runs her business+ Redefining the rules of business and marketing+ Intuition and Human DesignAnd so much more!Show notes:Nadia’s websiteNadia on InstagramNadia’s other Instagram: Projectors InvitedBook: Big Magic by Elizabeth GilbertSarah on InstagramWork with SarahHeart Space Soul Community Private Facebook Group

26: How to Use Intuition and the Mind in Harmony with Verity Brown
Sep 09 2019
This week I talk to Verity Brown from the SEASALT plan and I’m very happy to share this conversation full of beautiful messages with all of you.Verity Brown helps female business owners put themselves on their to do list as she believes the secret to a beautiful business and life is working on yourself first. She takes women from drained, unhappy and lost to clear, balanced and joyful with her 90 day bespoke 121 program. Having worked in marketing for over a decade, Verity founded the SEASALT plan (SEASALT stands for: Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today) 2 years ago and has ever since been helping women reprogram their mind for happiness and success.in this episode we talk about:+ how to use intuition and the mind in harmony+ the power of the mind+ how to heal your heart (from heartbreak, grief and trauma)+ how to find true love+ why you need to do the inner work to find a partner and have a healthy relationship+ why it is so important to work with the subconscious mind+ how the name of her company the SEASALT plan came to her+ why defining what happiness means to you is so important in your life and business+ how her conditioning blocked her from her intuition for many years+ her journey to connect to her intuition again and how it changed everything+ why women are naturally more intuitive+ how she balances mind and heart, strategy and flow+ the importance of removing blocks and limiting beliefs to trust yourself again+ knowing when it's time to get support (from a coach or healer) and when it's time to do the work yourselfAnd so much more!Show notes:Verity’s InstagramVerity’s Facebook groupVerity’s WebsiteBook: Women Who Run with the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola EstésSarah Lewis on InstagramWork with SarahHeart Space Soul Community Private Facebook Group

24: The Connection Between Self-Worth and Taking Inspired Action Towards Your Dreams with Britny West
Aug 26 2019
I have had the pleasure to interview the amazing Britny West for the podcast this week. We had an amazing conversation and I am really excited to share it with you!Britny is an American author, blogger, life coach, and energy worker dedicated to helping women everywhere love themselves more so they can live their best lives. Her work has been featured on YFS Magazine, Huffington Post, and the Life Coach Radio Network. She blogs about living your best life at LifeasBritny.com.From 2015-2018 she lived and traveled all over the world fitting everything she owned into a single suitcase. She now lives in Split, Croatia with her fiancé where she loves walking by the seaside and petting all the stray cats.in this episode we talk about:+ how her morning routine changed her life+ from being raised in a family where no one traveled to traveling the world and living in different countries+ her struggles with insecurities and self worth+ how her intuition led her to quit her job, sell all her belongings, start a business and travel+ how travel transformed her+ finding home and love in Croatia+ her tips for those who want to create a life they love+ the importance of self love and self worth when following your dreams+ how to deal with people around you not being supportive of your decisions+ finding support when you feel alone+ defining what success means to you+ how to know it's time to make a change in your life+ her mindset tools for women with big dreamsAnd so much more!Show notes:Britny's website lifeasbritny.comBritny's Self Love and Mindset Free Resource LibraryBritny's instagram @lifeasbritnyBritny's PinterestAmazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/britnywest (all of her book links are here)Book: The Alchemist by Paulo CoelhoSarah Lewis on InstagramWork with SarahHeart Space Soul Community Private Facebook Group

6: Protect Your Heart Space and Blow Your Mind Wide Open with Susan Hunt
Apr 15 2019
In this episode, I talk to Susan Hunt from LiveLightly.Sue teaches spiritually transformative workshops all over the United States. She is also a yoga therapist and teaches eastern philosophy, yogic practice, embodying the divine feminine and meditation in teacher trainings, national workshops and international yoga retreats.In this conversation we cover:How she accidentally found yoga;How she followed what she loved and turned it into her career;The role intuition plays in her life and the resilience it took to reconnect to it;How she let go of her deep seated fear and reconnected to her intuition to grow her relationship with her husband and her business;The practice she uses to blow her mind wide open so that she's not the person holding herself back;The importance of her practice to stay in alignment and live the life she loves;The balance between the feminine and masculine energies in her life and business;How her feminine energy was so giving to the point it was a drain on her own personal resources;How to get started with meditation;The kundalini practices she does daily to protect her heart and blow her mind wide open.Show notes:Sue Hunt on instagramDan Jensen (Sue’s husband) on instagramLiveLightly websiteMeditation for protection and projection from the heartBreaking The Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One by Dr. Joe DispenzaJoin the private Facebook groupSarah Lewis on InstagramWork with me

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