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Oct 12 2020 7 mins 11

Welcome to Baalgatha Podcast, where you can listen to hundreds of bedtime stories for children. We at gaatha story will bring to you stories with morals. that not only entertain, but also educate. Listen to tales from Pachatantra, Jataka and hundreds of children's stories.

The Story of Dussera or Dussehra
Oct 08 2019 9 mins  
Dussera of Vijaya Dashmi (also known as Vijaya or Bijoya in Bengali) is celebrated every year to celebrate the victory of Good over Evil. This festival follows the 9 day festival of Navaratri, which means festival of nine nights. Listen to this episode and learn how this festival is celebrated in different parts of India.Dussera is popular particularly Bengal and Odisha, Gujarat, and the city of Mysuru in Karnataka. In this episode, you will also learn about the different legends associated with this festival. Some of these legends are: a.the victory of Lord Ram over Ravan b.the slaying of the demon Mahishasur by Goddess Durga, c. praying of Goddess Saraswati, and d. the story of Pandavas and Dussera.This episode was narrated by Lakshmi Sudheendra, and compiled from a variety of public domain sources including Wikipedia ( . Music titled Music Box Gift (!details?id=16915648) . This episode has been produced by gaatha story ( .You can subscribe to this podcast on Spotify ( , Apple Podcasts ( , Google Podcasts ( , Stitcher ( , Castbox ('s-Stories-from-Panchatantra%2C-Jataka-Tales-and-more-id330097) , Radio Public ( , Storiyoh, Tunein ( , and many other fine websites and apps where you listen to podcasts.

Mahalaya and The Story of Karna
Sep 28 2019 5 mins  
The period of Pitrupaksha is the fortnight between the Ganapati festival and the Navaratri Festival. Mahalaya is the day when the mourning or Shraddha Paksha ends, and the day is also called as Sarvapitri Amavasya. Goddess Durga is said to travel to earth on the day of Mahalaya. But do you know the story behind how the Pitru Paksha or the fortnight of mourning came to be observed?Listen to the story of Karna and importance of praying to ancestors and feeding others. When he died, his soul went to heaven but he was required to return to earth to offer his respects to his ancestors. Karna was known for his generosity and we will publish shortly a related story on Fairytales of India podcast, titled "How King Karna Was Humbled". We have also published the Hindi version of this story today. Check it our on Baalgatha Hindi podcast!This story was narrated by Shweta for Baalgatha Podcast. Music is obtained under Creative Commons license from ( and other sources.You can subscribe to this podcast on Spotify ( , Apple Podcasts ( , Google Podcasts ( , Stitcher ( , Castbox ('s-Stories-from-Panchatantra%2C-Jataka-Tales-and-more-id330097) , Radio Public ( , Storiyoh, Tunein ( , and many other fine websites and apps where you listen to podcasts.

The Birds and The Monkeys Hitopadesha Tale
Jul 17 2018 5 mins  
This is a story about birds and monkeys from the Hitopadesha tales, which teaches us a moral that we should not waste our time in giving advice to the fools. Hitopadesha tales are similar to Aesop's Fables, Panchatantra and Jataka Tales. You can learn more about this story by visiting you like this story? If so, we would love to hear from you. You can write to us at contact at gaathastory dot com (mailto:mailto:[email protected]?Subject=Baalgatha-Podcast) , or leave a review on your favourite podcast app or site. You can learn more about this tale by visiting the gaathastory.comYou can subscribe to Baalgatha Podcast ( on Apple Podcasts ( , Book My Show Jukebox, Saavn App and now on Google Podcasts ( . Visit to learn more. Form there, you can also leave us a review on your favourite podcasting app or site, we will greatly appreciate it!The story is as follows: On a rainy day, the birds who have built nests and laid eggs in them, are dry and warm and comfortable. Meanwhile the monkeys who were playing before the rains, are now wet and shivering.The birds ask the moneys why they do not build a home for themselves. What do the monkeys do? Listen to this story to learn more. Story narrated by Sheerali Biju and produced by Gaatha Podcast. Music by Incompetech, Image from Pixabay ( . Story, music and images obtained from public domain or Creative Commons CC0 sources.

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