Imagine all the People

Sep 19 2020 29 mins 3

Welcome to Imagine all the People. Have you ever walked down a busy street and noticed all the people? All these different people, each with their own individual story, bumping into each other at a single time and place. All these different people, each made up of unique hopes and regrets and desires and experiences. You never know which story has the ability to move and inspire. Which story teaches a valuable lesson. And which story teaches us a little more about life itself. Here on Imagine All the People we try to find that story—the extraordinary among the ordinary. We are your hosts, Daniel and Ayan, and we hope you will join us through this journey of uncovering the deep connection we all share as human beings. Imagine all the People Podcast (2018-2020) is based in the streets of New York City, featuring strangers from all walks of life.

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