I Am a Brain in a Jar

Jun 30 2020 7 mins 35

A brain in a jar, untethered from time and space, tells grim tales of the future.

Arthur Goes to Market
Jun 30 2020 7 mins  
An old, desperate man goes to sell the only thing he has left.The voice of the Brain is Sarah Nightmare. "The Brain's Moment of Mindfulness" was written by Dr. Brandon Winter. "Arthur Goes to Market" was written by Klaus Brenner.Our new podcast art is...

Jun 16 2020 10 mins  
The manager of a discount furniture store faces off against an alien, with the fate of the world hanging in the balance.OK Computer is by Klaus Brenner. Parley is by Dr. Brandon Winter. The voice of the Brain is Sarah Nightmare via Fiverr. Music is by...

Galaxy Box
Jun 02 2020 5 mins  
What sinister secrets lurk behind a 19th-century painting?Written by Klaus Brenner and Dr. Brandon Winter. Narration by Sarah Nightmare via Fiverr. Music by Two Dudes,Tide Electric, Stephen Keech, Hallowed Halls, and Dresden, the Flamingo, via Soundstripe.

The Fantastical Voyage of Captain Donovan
May 19 2020 8 mins  
Prepare yourself for a story unlike any other, as Captain Donovan and his brave crew venture out to worlds unknown.Written by Klaus Brenner and Dr. Brandon Winter. Narration by Sarah Nightmare via Fiverr. Music by Two Dudes, Liberty, Falls, Bryant...

May 05 2020 7 mins  
A tale of bravery in the face of the inevitable. Plus, all of your space entertainment news!

Outer Body Experience
Apr 21 2020 9 mins  
A man finds new joy in life through bionics. For a little while, at least.

Apr 07 2020 5 mins  
A story about life and death and vice versa.

Flora Incognita
Mar 24 2020 8 mins  
Florence tries to keep her wits when tasked with hunting dangerous plantlife.

Failed Login
Mar 10 2020 6 mins  
A forlorn soul tries to login to his favorite website. Terror ensues.Soulipse Cruises by Brandon WinterFailed Login by Klaus BrennerVoiceovers provided by Jeremy Albret and Sarah Nightmare via Soundstripe.

Wish You Were Here
Feb 25 2020 8 mins  
A young boy is enraptured by the oldest song in the universe.Stories by Klaus Brenner and Dr. Brandon Winter.Voices by VO_Mediocre and Sarahnightmare via Fiverr.Music by Two Dudes, Wild Wonder, Nu Alkemi$t, Memory Theory, Chelsea McGough and Mississippi...

Jerry Gets a Virus
Feb 11 2020 7 mins  
A powerful businessman faces horrific consequences.Contains "The Protonic Astrological Society" by Dr. Brandon Winter and "Jerry Gets a Virus" by Klaus Brenner.The Voice from the Void is Sarah Nightmare. You can hear more of her work or commission a...

The Escape Artist
Jan 28 2020 9 mins  
A woman tries desperately to escape her home world.

Keep It Dark
Jan 14 2020 7 mins  
Harold is tormented by a strange secret.

Cannon Beach
Dec 31 2019 5 mins  
Reality is crumbing, time is unraveling, and it's all your fault.

A Revolutionary Christmas
Dec 17 2019 9 mins  
Santa finally gets what's coming to him. Androids teach us the true meaning of Christmas.

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Marcus Grant. Jun 12 2020
We get it your a brain in a jar. Episode 2 you finally understood the audio mixing was far to over done, it was horrible. Now the music is covering the voice, and just making a mud pie... This isn't inviting the listener into the story, and you aren't an audio drama... So cut it out, you are a child with crayons colouring outside the lines. Episode 3 he seems to have finally got it. Please delete the items before 3 and redo, because it almost lost you a listener.