Solo Cleaning School

Oct 15 2020 19 mins 14

Solo Cleaning School is a hands-on, strategic journey to owning a profitable solo house cleaning business. Ken Carfagno is an expert on the topic and has personally run a solo cleaning business for 14 years. He is the architect of the ISO Model and has used it to build and optimize his own solo cleaning company to over $50,000 profit on only 2 cleaning days per week. In a world where everyone wants to scale, Ken chose to keep his cleaning business small and highly efficient so he could maximize his income and time with his family. Ken sold this company for close to six figures in 2018, so his family could fulfill a dream to return to their hometown near Philadelphia. Ken owns a new solo cleaning company now and leads the Solo Cleaning School, which includes this podcast and premium community for current and future solo cleaners to win for their families!

Make Your Goals SMART
Jan 16 2020 20 mins  
Goal-setting is a science and an art. We covered some of the art and the emotion of why to set goals. Now it's time to dive into some science. The S.M.A.R.T. Framework is a methodology of setting goals that allows you to measure and track your progress. Without a system like this, your goals are likely just wishes. Check out my free "SMART Goals Masterclass" to get a great recap on the Why of goals and for an in-depth explanation of the SMART Framework. In this episode, I want you to grasp that each letter in SMART has a greater purpose. However, I don't think the letters are in the right order. For the purpose of an acronym, SMART makes sense. The true order should be RASMT. R = Relevant - This is the most important letter in the goal. It must get you closer to your Why! It must be relevant to your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) A = Attainable - The Slight Edge requires slight inputs. You need to get the ball rolling with small wins. Set your first goals small and always make sure they are realistic otherwise, you will not do them. SM = Specific & Measureable - This combo makes the goals easily tracked with numbers or scores. As they say, "What gets measured gets managed." T = Time bound -This ties it all together and makes it accountable by giving your trackable goal a deadline. Without a deadline, nothing happens. SMART Examples: To grow my book club to 25 members. S, M, A - This is NOT relevant to your cleaning business and there is no deadline! To grow my book club to 25 members by 1/31/20. S, M, T - We added a deadline, but it's not feasible to add 25 members in a week. It's not attainable. And by the way, this isn't relevant at all to your cleaning business! To grow my cleaning business. A, R - Now we have a relevant goal, but it's too vague. It's not specific or measurable and there's no deadline. By the way, you could literally pick up the phone and call one prospect, get a no, and say you took action that "grew" your business. To grow my cleaning business by $1M by 1/31/20. S, M, R, T - This is the first goal that seems to have the whole package, except one thing. It's not attainable! Thus, it's not SMART and you won't get traction! To grow my cleaning business by 5 new biweekly clients. S, m, A, R - This goal is relevant and specific. It's also attainable. But, there is no deadline and it's not fully measurable. It's not productive to keep a scorecard and only measure the results. Adding 5 new clients is a result. You need to understand the entire process from the initial marketing to the first message to the estimate and sales. Do you know the level of marketing activity to achieve "5 new biweekly clients"? Once you do, swap in the actions and your goal will go from 'm' to 'M'. If you control the actions, you can control the outcome! To create 25 cleaning leads (for 5 new biweekly clients) by 3/31/20. S, M, A, R, T - Bingo! We finally have a goal that is SMART. Do you understand why? Read these notes and listen to this episode until you do!

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Aaron Hunt - The Aug 15 2020
I don't have a cleaning business, but I listen to this podcast because host Ken Carfagno frequently shares amazing tips that can help any business. The most recent episode about Google My Business is 20 minutes of solid gold. Plus, Ken has an amazing voice and a great sense of humor. So if you want to grow your business, why not listen and learn from someone who is doing just that in his niche? That would be Ken, master of cleaning and guru of consistent business growth!