Oct 15 2020 34 mins 6.1k

After three decades of rumors, secrets and one man’s conviction...the question remains, who really killed Stacey Stanton?

4.8 • 10 Ratings

SharonT77 Oct 17 2020
This is an excellent quality podcast. The research & story telling are interesting & well done. Thankyou for creating.

Katpen Penkat Sep 26 2020
Interesting subject & the interviews are done well. Took away one star because it needs editing -- way too many details about her investigation steps (details about finding witnesses, etc., and how hard her job was) - not necessary & detracts from the narrative. ALSO (& this seems to be an audiochuck problem in general): THE GRAMMAR. I didn't take away a star bc I know it's not important to everyone. Learn when to use "she & her friend" vs "her & her friend." Also it's "COULDN'T care less."

shortii311 Sep 24 2020
Every week, I look forward to Thursdays like Christmas morning. Thats when I get my new episodes of CounterClock appear in my podcast feed. This podcast draws me in and hugs my analytical brain and pulls out a chair for it to get comfortable. Leaves me on the edge of my seat every episode and I love it. Been a loyal fan since S1E1 and I will remain so! Keep up the great work!

Suanne_Lee Sep 09 2020
Excellent podcast

Esantog24 Aug 27 2020
Excellent podcast! I listened to all of season 1 in just two days!

walbyni Aug 21 2020
A must listen

Whoa It's Ally Aug 08 2020
Great storytelling

ZiggySu May 28 2020
Excellent investigating, really good work, can't wait for season 2. Your doing a good thing here

kpanos May 17 2020
Thorough investigating and intriguing story telling.

SG May 02 2020
In-depth research with excellent storytelling and interviews.