My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Jul 30 2020 58 mins 56.6k

Lifelong fans of true crime stories Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark tell each other their favorite tales of murder and hear hometown crime stories from friends and fans.

4.6 • 31 Ratings

twinpaths Aug 06 2020
Have always loved listening to their dynamic grow and change. Makes me feel like I am sitting across from friends. Will always love this podcast

RodIron13 Jul 30 2020
Long time listener, first time reviewer. This podcast has everything. True crime stories, cat tales, hometown murders and two hosts Karen and Georgia who genuinely seem to like each other and their audience. Super psyched to have watched them succeed and hope this podcast lasts forever!

lwood the great Jul 20 2020
These women are fantastic! They know how to lighten the mood on very tragic events.

Sara Jul 19 2020
My Favorite Murder is my favorite podcast! Georgia and Karen are funny and relatable. They talk about their own vulnerabilities along with murder and other weird and fascinating stories. Proud to be a Murderino!!

Paddy Cast Jul 16 2020
I know most podcast start with some chatting at the beginning but... 30 minutes political rants no thank you

Rosh Jul 08 2020
Been listening since the start - a consistent fave.

Lynda Jul 04 2020
I've listened to these gals' for many years now but with a heavy heart I am about to unsubscribe....the mental health stuff has worn me down somewhat and now, with the advent of the black lives matter/LGBT stuff, they've been on about that too often for my liking. It's gone from a lot of fun to too much politicising for me, I'm afraid. I don't want to hear all that guff every episode. It isn't entertainment for me any longer. I'll always thank them for the Swiss Cheese Pervert, tho' 😂

ndt19 Jun 23 2020
Still going strong!!

BahamamamaMusici Jun 21 2020
My husband and I enjoyed your first podcast! Lots of laughs and gasps. Looking forward to more, cheers to you crazy fucking bitches!

harding.mel Jun 11 2020
Love it. Love everything about it.

Zazzysaurus Jun 10 2020
Karen and Georgia are so comforting I like listening to this podcast as I'm going to sleep despite the disturbing content.

Voices AtPlay Jun 05 2020
My Favorite Murder remains one of the best and most interesting podcasts on the air.

NickElvis001 Jun 02 2020
Top notch, as always

shesahunter May 29 2020
These two are hilarious and inspiring! They're lifelong murderinos who do the deep dives into crime so we don't have to.

Philwas May 24 2020
I have been listening for years. Big fan xx

MrsRadfad May 21 2020
My Favourite Podcast - I'm in the fan cult, I should call my dad

bj14klein May 16 2020
Great mini

Jennie May 15 2020

MadHatter May 15 2020
Great episode!

Manda7788 May 12 2020
I love love love you guys!

BrooklynCuteCat_ May 12 2020
OMG 😍 I love you guys you are the best I've listened to you for one year and I'm 12 know I told my mum about you, and we both love to listen to you and your pod cast!!! Sorry I don't have a story 😬 lots of love. Brooke S

Bigdimmy13 May 09 2020
Do you like murder? Do you like laughing? Do you like inappropriate things? Do you like laughing inappropriately at murder? We if this sounds like you, and you've been living under a rock for 4 years, give Karen and Georgia a chance!!!

Siobhan J May 02 2020
Love it.

angi6h May 02 2020
Practically the only podcast I listen to. Utterly love Karen and Georgia, they make the horror of all those stories bearable.

Jaylalwaysinging May 01 2020
Brilliant. Just dang brilliant.

cweems4 Apr 23 2020
Like sitting around with friends and just chatting about everything and anything, including true crime cases.

Leiune Apr 22 2020
The classic Murder podcast.

mrandmrsthomas06 Apr 15 2020
Very enjoyable

NorvinGil Apr 14 2020
This podcast has introduced me to True Crime, and I love them. It is funny and heartfelt, and goes past just an hour of listening. There is an entire community behind the cast. One of the first podcasts I listened to, and made me an addict!

SamMD Apr 14 2020
Love this podcast!

pendles Apr 06 2020
My favourite Podcast. So addictive and so funny. A podcast that lets us know we are not alone or weird in our love of true crime. Highly recommend starting at episode 1 and working tour way through.