Halfwits & Failed Crits

Jun 28 2020 77 mins 4

An actual play podcast from the creators of Halfwit History! Join them and their other halfwits as we bumble through Dungeons & Dragons, Stars Without Number, and more!

Worlds Divided Ep 9 - The First Paradigm
Jun 28 2020 20 mins  
This week Guild Festival Announcers Kalezar and Israe give the play by play for the big showdown between The Syndicate and their nemesis, The First Paradigm!Music: Crunk Knight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Follow us on Facebook or Twitter or our...

Worlds Divided Ep 8 - The Opening Games
Jun 08 2020 146 mins  
The dawn of the Guild Festival has come for the Syndicate. As Hallastead decks itself out for days of exciting competition, our party tries desperately to seem in the know as they traverse the more than murky waters of this secret tradition. Too bad...

Worlds Divided Ep 7 - Traverse Town
May 15 2020 135 mins  
In this episode the Syndicate have turned Tree Tower into Traverse Town. It has a library, a training ground, some gardens, and The Sudsy Scales. Listen as they interact with their new townsfolk and completely forget they had important things to be...

Worlds Divided Ep 6 - Newbies
Apr 24 2020 108 mins  
In this episode the Syndicate pick their apprentices, learn about an upcoming festival of guilds, meet a bunch of weird old people, and come to the rescue of an overeager squad of new guild members. Music: Crunk Knight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)...

Bonus - Honey Heist!
Apr 01 2020 99 mins  
In this bonus episode Kiley takes the reins as GM in a wildly silly one shot where we play bears trying to steal from a honey convention. Join Earl (Mary), Bread (Laura), Kikkoman (Luis), and Mars (Jonathan) as they resist going full bear or...

Worlds Divided Ep 5 - Espacia
Mar 06 2020 138 mins  
In this episode the Syndicate earns a new guild level, new titles, and new recruits. Everything is coming up roses for our halfwits and they are just positively glowing with excitement!Music: Crunk Knight Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Follow us on...

Worlds Divided Ep 4 - Revokers
Feb 14 2020 150 mins  
And we made it! This is our first actual, Actual Play episode! The Syndicate experiments further with a stone they got from otherworldly creatures, and possibly breaking their reality?! A tough act to hide when The First Paradigm always seems to show up...

Worlds Divided - Backstories
Feb 08 2020 22 mins  
Hey its just your Dungeon Master today with some stories to tell of the personal lives of our precious Syndicate before they became a guild! Since we had a bit of extra upload time, but not enough to push the first actual play episode out, Jonathan...

Worlds Divided Ep 3 - First Contact, The Verethi Affair, Maiden Voyage
Feb 02 2020 36 mins  
Our final summary episode to catch the story up to when we first started recording! The Syndicate takes candy from extra-dimensional strangers, Adriel keeps a secret, Anya has PTSD dreams, Melara is frequently a bird, and Nyxtern kills everything.Music:...

Worlds Divided Ep 2 - The First Rift, Light the Night, Down the Rabbit Hole, Whisperveil Estate
Jan 26 2020 39 mins  
The Syndicate meets The First Paradigm. Adriel discovers she just doesn't trust happy people, Nyxtern throws everyone, Melara tells a demi-god of knowledge that it's dumb, and Anya nuts at architecture.

Worlds Divided Ep 1 - United, Guilded, The Ritual
Jan 23 2020 25 mins  
In this episode the Halfwits recount the first three games we played before we started recording.

Season 1 - Worlds Divided (Trailer)
Jan 19 2020 1 mins  
From the creators of Halfwit History comes a new project with a few new Halfwits in tow! Listen to the trailer for details on our first season called Worlds Divided, an actual play recording of our first completed campaign!

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