Verdict with Ted Cruz

Oct 15 2020 29 mins 8.4k

Join Senator Ted Cruz and co-host Michael Knowles as they break down the most important news stories of the day and reveal what they mean for you. On "Verdict with Ted Cruz,” you will go behind the scenes of the political debates that define our country.

4.8 • 32 Ratings

jnials Sep 25 2020
Very informative podcast by Senator Cruz

jhoppy77 Sep 24 2020
Love this podcast! Very informative!!

NJBOB Aug 26 2020
Awesome insights into the real world of politics today. Very educational, enjoyable, and enlightening. A must listen for anyone who loves this country.

Pokhgr Aug 19 2020
Excellent podcast with excellent hosts

LorSpy5 Aug 19 2020
Ted Cruz is a level headed American and I am glad he is showing us what goes on in politics.

Greeneguard Aug 18 2020
It's nice to get such an in depth look into the government.

Gergle84 Aug 18 2020
Ted Cruz 2024!

Jammin Aug 17 2020
Guys! Amazing! I Listen to this and Ben Shapiro and Aaron Mehnke. This is all! I love hearing the inside source! You guys are doing great!

mike99 Aug 16 2020
Michael Knowles is a great podcast host.

AMJ Aug 16 2020
Great podcast!

St3v3Hancock Aug 16 2020
Though I might not agree with a significant number of the arguments I still find Verdict very entertaining and revealing of the workings of the American government.

Jeff, Not Emma Aug 16 2020
This podcast really turned me around on Ted Cruz. Very well presented ideas, Senator.

BenjiAlan Aug 16 2020
God bless

HArv00 Aug 16 2020
Great insight into inner workings of US government

godzillasaves Aug 03 2020
You might as well listen to dead air, it's about as intelligible as Ted.

St_lawrence Aug 15 2020
Great show

binkies Aug 15 2020
Love it, Ted should run again after Trump, he'll have my vote!

Kim Jul 28 2020
The only thing wrong with this podcast is that it's too short! Look forward to it every time.

angeluz Jul 26 2020
Cruz should be the next president.

BRJ Jul 25 2020
Intelligent, reasoned and sometimes fun conversation. Keep it going!

Johnsy Jul 23 2020
Ted is a very dumb man, I shouldn't of wasted my time listening 💩

nct Jul 10 2020
Fantastic and insightful!

kosem Jun 27 2020
Ted Cruz is a really smart an intelligent person. And Michael Knowles is is witty and ingenious. It's always a pleasure to listen to them.

PlatyKAT Jun 25 2020
I love this podcast. It is a good length and very informative. Ted Cruz is actually very personable and has a great sense of humor.

[email protected] Jun 25 2020
Smart , funny, and relevant.

Janette261 Jun 24 2020
This a great behind the scenes view on the political process.

FLJD May 30 2020

Uncommon Dandy May 09 2020

tjb262 Apr 17 2020
I never miss an episode. I'm grateful to hear from Senator Cruz and the really interesting guests that have come through the studio!

j_wardell Apr 15 2020
Excellent podcast. Keep up the good work, Ted and Michael!

officialh1 Apr 14 2020
It is great getting information direct from a Senator, particularly one that is such a student and professor of the Constitution.

Eric R Apr 13 2020
Great podcast