Oct 23 2020 33 mins 3.3k

Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel have the latest news and analysis from the US presidential election race.

2.7 • 6 Ratings

adsceptic Oct 26 2020
Just discovered this ..I'm sadly late to the party but the team is always on point , with well rounded views and some hilarity too.

ronansprake Oct 05 2020
I'm right-leaning and often find coverage too biased either way, but find it amusing that both sides claim the BBC favours their opponents. This is a decent podcast but the presenters need to stop calling everything unprecedented and momentous, the impact diminished months ago and it just sounds silly. Just get on with reporting.

Jay Whyeff Oct 04 2020
These two can't hide their bias, it is an anti-Trump love-in this podcast. I don't have much faith in the BBC any more. Time they got rid of the tax that it the TV licence and let the people who want to listen to these two pay for the privilege.

Jleobold Aug 20 2020
Very one sided. Doesn't portray itself as a biased opinion podcast, yet it behaves in exactly that way. This is supposed to be the BBC, not The Guardian

Jay Whyeff Jul 02 2020
Balance from the BBC? Not from these two ....., and not just in this podcast either. Words like "Partisan & Snide" best sum-up the presenter's style. Gives credence to the "Defund the BBC" slogan.

The Rated Republ May 26 2020
Biased leftist trash, fake news regarding Trump and disinfectant.