Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine

Oct 23 2020 38 mins 14.9k

Join Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy for a tour of all the dumb, bad, gross, weird and wrong ways we've tried to fix people.

5 • 29 Ratings

Luis Rosario Sep 26 2020
Very good. Information

lividxstacies Sep 25 2020
I have loved every single season of this and listened to them multiple times. My pod catcher has finally revealed to me the secrets of review. This was long overdue.

Hrusheekaes Aug 30 2020
Love these people.

Avia Aug 29 2020
Funny, fascinating and friendly. Great info, approachable

John Kehl Aug 02 2020
Interesting and entertaining

DamDam Jul 13 2020
Sydnee teaches and Justin's a goof. Together they're an amazing team. Pick any episode ever and you'll be in for a great time!

LenaGunEm Jul 01 2020
Sydnee is doing really important work with this podcast, especially during COVID. Some of Justin's best comedy too

mulebeatsdrums Jun 26 2020
Sometimes a little too US-centric on more recent issues, but the historical episodes are consistently fascinating and educational, as well as entertaining.

Mercie P. Chesll Jun 24 2020
I love this podcast. Syd and Justin are a stellar hosting pair. This and MBMBAM are my podcast staples

Pokabrows Jun 20 2020
Educational and interesting. Great for all ages. Also it's obvious how much they love each other and I have low-key adopted them as my parents.

ZestyCrunchMan Jun 03 2020
Helped me learn and laugh.

RoBanks May 31 2020
Very good, but... Understand this is a comedy podcast. Info is good but you need to be ready to hear something you might have believed or hoped be mocked. Still listening after many years. :-)

pigalek May 25 2020
Excellent episode, stay tuned for the rant at the end!

ER24 May 23 2020
Sawbones is funny, clever and interesting. They do a great job looking at medical history and also tackle more modern 'alternative medicine' topics with a compassionate, science based approach. Justin and Sydnee are brilliant and I look forward to the new Sawbones episode every week.

djmarcolesco May 21 2020
Great to listen to while working!

JessX079 May 19 2020
I love this podcast so much! It's hilarious!

ae May 16 2020
What a unique podcast! Excellent mix of humor and medical history - love it!

James c May 09 2020
Great podcast!

MirandaV May 09 2020
This is my favorite podcast! It is such a wonderful blend of comedy, gross medical history, and the wonders of modern medicine. I've listened to every episode multiple times and I bet you will too. Love, love, love!

NickCHK May 09 2020
Always informative and funny. Love Sawbones!

tempestandslaugh May 07 2020
I adore this podcast. Both of the hosts clearly care about their audience, and this podcast has a great mix of humorous history and important connections to medicine as it stands today. As an Epidemiologist, I love that this podcast takes amazing stories from our past and helps make medical history relevant to a broad audience today.

MDB May 02 2020
Fantastic and informative

Þóra Apr 28 2020
Fantastic hosts. Brilliant comedy. Enlightening history.

Rhiannon Apr 16 2020
Sydnee McElroy is a fantastic host, good at explaining and researching historical and contemporary topics. Justin is funny.

SlowBikeIain Apr 15 2020
Always entertaining and informative. Started listening to the episodes that sounded interesting, then found that even the ones that didn't sound it were still great.

imaginebees Apr 14 2020
Informative and entertaining! Dr. Sydnee McElroy is an absolute joy. She has a gift for explaining complex issues in a very accessible way, and her humor, quick wit, and compassion make history memorable and exciting. Justin is his wife's #1 fan and it's very sweet. He's got a good balance between comedy and empathy-- his commentary is usually light and a good audience stand-in, but he doesn't belittle serious topics and gets passionate about injustices right alongside Dr. McElroy.

jayb1rd Apr 13 2020
I'm not that into medical history but I have listened to almost every episode of this show, it's so good!!

Androcles Apr 11 2020
I absolutely love this podcast, its informative and lots of fun!

shy Apr 11 2020
I've listened to every episode at least twice (most of them more than that) and I never cease to be amused. Justin and Sydnee are wonderful people who make an equally wonderful podcast.