You're Wrong About

Feb 03 2020 26.1k

Mike and Sarah are journalists obsessed with the past. Every week they reconsider an event or person or trend that's been miscast in the public imagination.

4.5 • 50 Ratings

tmoyn Jan 15 2021
Don't like the hosts. They seem very pretentious. I can't listen to them talk. Hurts my ears.

€£¥₩ Jan 10 2021
It is an awesome podcast.

[email protected] Jan 05 2021
VERY, very interesting. How what we think we know is often skewed or just completely wrong... Many times due to Medias transition from straight reporting of the facts, into "Infotainment", e.g.. if it bleeds it leads style... Initially fold hosts I little irritating at times. But have warmed to them over time... GREAT PODCAST...

jjdubs Jan 04 2021
Two (or three) really thoughtful people reviewing the facts of various situations. Check out the one about the obesity epidemic! Really great information, presented with humor and in a conversational manner.

BRIT-ish Dec 27 2020
Just perfect. The dedication and passion shines through and allows them to sincerely say what most people would daren't. No matter how much or little the events described may mean to you (nothing, mostly, in my case) this is a very interesting podcast

Owen Dec 27 2020
Love this amazing Podcast I'm just realizing how (schockingly) incomplete and onesided the information accessible via popular media is. This podcast is eyeopening, very well researched and i find myself spending hours listening thru the archive. The moderating duo are a pleasure to listen to, harmonize excellently and the selected topics are in general interesting. Highly recommend.

all the vowels e Dec 23 2020
Great podcast, was fortunate to happen upon it early doors, only ten or so episodes in. Hosts are great, episodes well researched and me the listener far more informed as a result.

cyborg Dec 12 2020
Amazing podcast! Every time I listen, I learn, which is what I seek from a podcast. Topics cover misconceptions about major moments in history. They do their research!

pockets6794 Dec 11 2020
I don't know what it is about this podcast but I love listening to it before I fall asleep.

gengen Dec 10 2020
I love this, it's the podcast I always knew I needed and even better thanks to the two great hosts!

Andrés Rodríguez Dec 10 2020
Excellent podcast that merges great research with witty and spontaneous fun commentary.

Jeannie Dec 08 2020
I am unreasonably annoyed by the way the male host pronounces the P in the word 'excerpt' and, I always wonder exactly how long is it going to take the other host to write her book but otherwise, this is my favourite podcast at the moment, I don't always agree with their analysis but I'm always entertained

KrubixCube Dec 05 2020
I do enjoy how many of the negative reviews are "I loved this podcast until they did an episode i had deep seated views about". But that's exactly why the show is good. The hosts do not claim to be unbiased, but do good research and have a great report. I highly recommend it. When that one episode comes around that does make you bristle, just accept that the world is complicated and there can be many views on a single topic. This is OK.

pnwrjh Nov 30 2020
I enjoyed most episodes until their incredibly ignorant episodes about Princess Diana. They obviously have ZERO understanding of how the British monarchy and aristocracy have functioned for decades. So in this case, they're the ones who are wrong about it.

laurelbee Nov 25 2020
Absolute light of my life lately. Cannot recommend enough.

Tomnz Nov 20 2020
Was really enjoyable early on. The hosts have a good report, and they discussed some interesting subjects. Lately the hosts have become increasingly self indulgent and annoying. The petulance and smug naivety with which they discussed the royal family was the end for me. Maybe they have always been rediculous, and I only recognised it when they wern't talking about a 90s American folk villan. Regardless, I have lost all respect for the hosts and I can't recomend this podcast.

Mel Nov 16 2020
Great podcast

Monxy Nov 13 2020
My favourite podcast bar none - am slowly indoctrinating all my friends into its joys. Hosts are smart and hilarious, topics are interesting, but mainly I am here for the connection between Sarah and Michael - in my queer utopia, this is the talk radio.

Generator Nov 04 2020
I really Liked The concept of this Podcast but they Started to be very yellow Press a-Like. Especially the latest episodes e.g. about Diana are Just pure yellow Press stuff. Just the Same as e.g. the sun with a strong Focus on blood and sperm. is nothing i was wrong about. Its Just Something i already kinda knew but really didnt wanted to know the details about...sry.

WolfgangVonSchne Nov 01 2020
The idea is great and I do love me some stats, but there is just way too much personal and political opinions and views on every subject. There's no counter arguments and they don't question anything that is inline with their own beliefs and values. It comes off hypocritical, a bit narcissistic, very biased and just plain annoying after a while. Show like this with neutral hosts would be wonderful.

vickin211 Oct 27 2020
I LOVE this podcast. It's my absolute favorite and I can't stop recommending it whenever I can shove it into conversation.

jessmess Oct 21 2020
I love this podcast. It's like listening to your smart funny friends telling you about something they learned recently (except Sarah and Michael actually do research) and I truly feel it's helped me be kinder to others.

Stable Genius Oct 19 2020
Very interesting and entertaining podcast on topics that you thought you knew but don't

lcblank Sep 19 2020
I liked the hosts, but I thought too much opinion leaked into the obesity episode. I agreed with their view point in general, thought they had insightful points on the prejudice larger people face, but they were wrong on some of the facts. Dieting isn't "impossible"; The statistic that 95% of people don't lose weight is wrong. Most people successfully lose weight but don't keep it off. Long termehavioral change is the difficult part. Just made me doubt their credibility

DanceToMyOwnBeat Sep 18 2020

Yes THAT Tonya Aug 13 2020
Nothing excites me like a new episode of YWA! I just wanna hang out with Sarah and Michael. I've learned so many things and had so many myths dispelled. It's one of my most-recommended podcasts!

Charliezimbali Aug 10 2020
Entertaining and educating with a bit of social commentary makes for some wild rides behind the perception. Good fun.

Trevor B Aug 03 2020
Spectacularly good, one of the best podcasts I've ever listened to. Michael and Sarah are always entertaining, informed and informative. I eagerly await every episode!

JessTess Jul 24 2020
This has been my favorite podcast for more than a year! Hosts are funny, witty, smart, and doing a great service with this show.

MegBrown Jul 20 2020
For the most part, entertaining and informative. I was all-in until the Nancy Grace episodes; the bias overtones sounded a bit middle school and that got old fast. I'm not a huge fan of NG either, but I was disappointed in the snarky tone that somewhat, for me, invalidated the information.

Hajnalka Jul 16 2020
Currently in my top three podcasts, and I listen to a ton of them. I love learning new things, and these guys are great researchers. I don't understand how Sarah's mind works, but it's great. She makes me laugh on a daily basis ... and I am a cynical b*tch. Much respect.

Rodis Jul 15 2020
One of my favourite podcasts

orinerme Jul 06 2020
I listen to a lot of podcasts and this may be my favorite of them all. It's funny, self aware, and informative, but the real reason I love this podcast is that they challenge the listener to be more empathetic.

daddyuhoh Jun 29 2020
Although the concept of the podcast is great, the required research can be biased to meet their agenda. EXAMPLE: Courtney Love episode excludes her drug dealing, addiction and rehab, plainting her as nurse to Kurt Cobain and busy mom. Distorting detective recorded evidence of lies by Love as evidence her contradictory nature. They claim to correct the fake news with a repeat of official story & calling investigator's research fake because graphic design is ugly.

Meganr0519 Jun 18 2020
One of my favorite podcasts. Love their banter, digressions and variety of topics. Would love a McDonald's hot coffee episode! I thought I heard that referenced at some point but never saw it available.

Murphy20 Jun 18 2020
This is in my top five favourite podcasts. The hosts are witty, great at dealing with difficult topics, the subjects are varied and well researched.

shandarw Jun 05 2020
I really never write reviews because I'm lazy and don't want to take the time, bit I can't figure out how else to let Sara and Micheal know THAT I LOVE THEM. I can't stop listening. I feel like I'm part of a really elite and fancy, yet trashy, book club. Like Iowa Writers Workshop meets dive bar (which is pretty on par with my experiences at the university of Iowa). Anyway, PLEASE keep doing what you're doing and I Need More OJ Simpson trial coverage!

Vizsla826 May 19 2020
Gets me hype about things I never thought I could get hype for The OJSCU is wonderful

kdm852 May 19 2020
A podcast that explains many of the cultural references that many of us non-Americans have been awkwardly nodding at for years without the first idea what they were talking about.

jflo72 May 16 2020
If topics ever run dry do another book club series like Michelle remembers. I think you really have something there. Micheal is great. Also, Sarah might be the funniest person I've listened to in quite a while.

ansonchappell May 15 2020
These guys are funny, and not afraid to get into the weeds. I love the multi-part deep dive into all kinds of topics.

Jake May 13 2020
So great

fudd May 08 2020
Incredible debunking and debunking of the debunkings. The more you listen the better this podcast gets.

drno May 07 2020
Another excellent pop up trip down memory lane.

Ryvre May 07 2020
A truly excellent podcast about how our cultural memories get distorted.

Curtain Pole Apr 23 2020
Dreadful. Every statement of fact posed as a question with the intonation of a 13 year old high school student. Like totally....?

c3168014 Apr 21 2020
Absolutely magnificent.

LaHondan Apr 13 2020
Simply the best podcast ever. It was capitalism all along.

CJ20054 Apr 13 2020
Fascinating topics and an impressive amount of research goes into this podcast. They deserve a listen.

nakkis Apr 12 2020
Turns out none of us know anything, and that everything has always been horrible, but at least Mike and Sarah make it funny. Incredibly informative with really great research.