LISK: Long Island Serial Killer

Jun 17 2020 28 mins 2.2k

The LISK (Long Island Serial Killer) investigation began in May 2010 with the disappearance of sex worker Shannan Gilbert. In the following months, Suffolk County Police uncovered human remains from nine more murders, including those of the "Gilgo 4", all sex workers whose bodies were disposed of similarly. Inspired by the New York Times best-selling book "Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery", follow the series as it’s told through previously unheard interviews with family members, friends, police officers, government officials and others whose lives were touched by the gruesome murders. LISK: Long Island Serial Killer premieres on March 11th. Hosted by Chris Mass.

Season 2 Preview
Jun 17 2020 4 mins  
Preview of Season 2 interviews along with other updates from "LISK: Long Island Serial Killer"

Valerie Mack (aka Jane Doe #6) Identified
Jun 03 2020 12 mins  
DNA evidence reveals Valerie Mack as the LISK victim previously known only as Jane Doe #6. Senior Producer, Shannon McGarvey, details what was known about Mack's past and her place amongst all the LISK victims.

Jane Doe #6 Identified. Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills from A&E's "Killing Season" Speak.
May 27 2020 52 mins  
The LISK victim known as Jane Doe #6 has been identified through DNA. "Killing Season" producers, Josh Zeman and Rachel Mills, speak with host, Chris Mass, about a wide-ranging series of topics related to LISK. For more information on "LISK: Long Island Serial Killer", visit For more info on Black Box Down:

John Ray Pt. 2
May 09 2020 49 mins  
Gilbert family attorney, John Ray, talks about suspects, conflicts of interest and the death of Mari Gilbert. Hosted by Chris Mass.

John Ray Pt. 1
May 06 2020 56 mins  
Gilbert family attorney, John Ray, speaks with host, Chris Mass, on the tenth anniversary of Shannan Gilbert's disappearance.

LISK Q&A (Bonus Episode)
Apr 22 2020 29 mins  
Host, Chris Mass, answers listener questions along with LISK Podcast senior producer, Shannon McGarvey.

Maureen's Sister Speaks Out (Bonus Episode)
Apr 18 2020 49 mins  
Maureen Brainard-Barnes' sister, Missy Cann, spoke with Chris about the timeline of Maureen's disappearance, the Suffolk County Police Department, changing how the media covers missing sex workers and a number of other topics.

911 Tapes Released
Apr 18 2020 22 mins  
911 tapes from the night Shannan Gilbert disappeared are finally released to Gilbert Family attorney, John Ray, who spoke with host, Chris Mass.

Minisode #5
Apr 15 2020 9 mins  
"Lost Girls" author Robert Kolker shares some of his LISK theories as well as his own experience getting to know the families of the victims. SEASON 1 FINALE COMING APRIL 15TH.

Minisode #4
Apr 15 2020 5 mins  
Dave Schaller, Amber Costello's housemate, talks about the grim advice he gave Amber and her sister, Kim, about escort work.

Minisode #3
Apr 15 2020 6 mins  
Jaclyn Gallucci wrote the first article to look into who the LISK victims were as individuals. Here she talks about her approach to covering the murders as well as the dangers the victims faced.

Minisode #2
Apr 15 2020 9 mins  
Interview excerpt with Dottie Laster, an expert on human trafficking who speaks about coercion and Melissa Barthelemy's lifestyle that led to her death.

Minisode #1
Apr 15 2020 8 mins  
Former Chief of Suffolk County Detectives, Dominic Varrone, speaks about the Katie Beers abduction case, his methodology and what his hopes are for the LISK case.

BONUS: Speaking with Robert Kolker, Author of "Lost Girls"
Apr 14 2020 24 mins  
"Lost Girls" Author, Robert Kolker speaks about his experience writing the book as well as his insights on the LISK investigation.

E6: Chief of Deception - Season Finale
Apr 07 2020 50 mins  
Finally, a grim discovery is made in the search for Shannan Gilbert while a change at the top of the Suffolk County Police Department casts a shadow across the investigation.

E5: Amber
Apr 01 2020 39 mins  
Amber Costello, a 27-year old escort, left her home for an outcall appointment and was not seen again until her skeletal remains were discovered on Gilgo Beach.

E4: Maureen and Megan
Mar 25 2020 46 mins  
Two more bodies are discovered at Gilgo Beach in 2010. These are the stories of how Maureen Brainard-Barnes and Megan Waterman ended up there.

E3: Melissa
Mar 18 2020 43 mins  
Prior to her murder, Melissa Barthelemy was a fiery yet loving young woman who was ultimately pressured into prostitution that led to her death.

E2: Shannan - Part 2
Mar 11 2020 36 mins  
Shannan Gilbert's mysterious disappearance is baffling to police and is made only more tragic in learning about the troubled yet aspirational story behind the young woman.

E1: Shannan - Part 1
Mar 11 2020 34 mins  
Shannan Gilbert seemingly vanishes in Oak Beach, Long Island, and leads to an investigation that uncovers more gruesome discoveries than ever imagined.

Coming Soon: LISK - Long Island Serial Killer
Feb 14 2020 1 mins  
LISK: Long Island Serial Killer premieres on March 11th.

4.3 • 3 Ratings

Lynda Jul 07 2020
I was really enjoying this series till we got to John Ray part 1 and his version of events doesn't ring true for me at all. Shannan was clearly off her face on drugs or very drunk before she died and I believe she just got disorientated and died in the elements. He stated it was 50F so was OK but he should stay a night out in that !! A shame as I was on board till he started in with his conspiracy theories. It was hard to hear him, too. I liked Amber's friend Dave the most of all interviewees.

INDYVERT9 Jun 05 2020
THIS IS THE PODCAST I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR SINCE "THE KILLING SEASON"!!! It's very well researched and produced. This case has haunted me for years. It's fascinating to learn about who these people really were and hear from their family. The insight to the investigation has blown my mind - I must know more. I hope one day we will have some sort of answers with LISK. I also hope you'll cover similar cases in the future. Thank you for all you do - you've really put together a great show.

CuriousKenna Apr 22 2020
LISK is a great podcast! It covers the unsolved Long Island Serial Murders over multiple seasons. The episodes are interesting and informative and the hosts are fantastic. It is definitely one if my favourite podcasts!