Supernatural with Ashley Flowers

Oct 14 2020 38 mins 9.3k

Most mysteries can be solved by looking at the facts. But sometimes, the facts don’t lead to a logical explanation, and the truth lies somewhere in the unknown… Join Parcast and Crime Junkie’s Ashley Flowers as they dive deep into the strange and surreal to explain some of the world’s most bizarre true crime occurrences in the new series, Supernatural with Ashley Flowers. Every Wednesday, Ashley digs into a different mystifying crime—where the most fitting theory isn’t always the most conventional.

4.6 • 14 Ratings

ginger Sep 03 2020
Decent content. Have listen all episodes of this and get other podcast crime junkies. Main complaint is the insane amount of ads per sub 1hr episodes

walbyni Aug 21 2020
A must listen

Spike M Aug 07 2020
Great podcast

MandieHaze Jul 24 2020
Love love love Ashley Flowers!!

LuebTube Jul 17 2020
Known for plagiarism. No thanks.

pod addict Jul 03 2020

shonna0607 Jun 30 2020
Started listening because I am a Crime Junkie. This one is so much better because its just Ashley. Her story telling is on point and I dont have to hear Brits super cheesy reactions.

Finch Jun 26 2020
So well produced

kristen_moss Jun 13 2020
Just like with crime junkie I'm completely addicted. Ashley is an amazing storyteller and she holds your attention the whole time.

ISH May 27 2020
As a big Ashley fan, it was only natural that I'd become a fan of any new show she makes. This one sticks out though. Love the wide ranging topics centered around the paranormal. Thanks Ash!!

Lee Thompson May 21 2020
Great podcast!

Carrie G May 06 2020
I love Ashley! I am a pateron member for her CJ podcast so of course i follow this one as well. I need more, 1 for everyday of the week at least! I am still tryin to figure out if these are real or made up tho. Either way i just love to listen to her!

SG May 02 2020
I want to believe.

JDragun Apr 13 2020