Oct 20 2020 10 mins 5.5k

Coronacast is a podcast that answers your questions about coronavirus. We break down the latest news and research to help you understand how the world is living through a pandemic.

4.8 • 13 Ratings

Sanka9 Aug 22 2020
Worth a listen once a week or so for an update My rating system...(since people seem to rate 5 or 1) 5 stars - 10/10, best of the best 4 stars - very good 3 stars - worth a listen 2 stars - not that good 1 star - terrible, don't bother

Anthony Yager Aug 20 2020
Excellent information about Covid 19

poddog Jul 16 2020
The best source for Covid19 information in Australia. Always clear and rigorous.

Floora Jun 23 2020
Succinct, useful information and the latest updates

Ellengerah Jun 01 2020
Such a thorough and level headed podcast that is informative not fear mongering.

Velosophist May 31 2020
Tegan Taylor and Dr Norman Swan do a fabulous job of informing their audience on all aspects of SARS-CoV2 and COVID-19. This is a great podcast with new episodes weekdaily - which is excellent given how quickly the coronavirus situation is changing.

Schnitzel Fritz May 25 2020
This whole series has been a fantastic contribution to public health and is always interesting and topical. Well done youse!

Katherine Apr 25 2020
Fantastic podcast 😊

Kim Dalkin Apr 23 2020
No hype. Keeps me up to date in what is known about the virus without a bias.

mbd100 Apr 15 2020
Clear and concise, just like science should be communicated.

podcast_j Apr 14 2020
Great for an unbiased, socio medical commentary of the current situation

Melbel Apr 13 2020
Excellent overview of the latest news on COVID-19. Have recommended this podcast to friends who have been getting info from dodgy sources and they all have said it has helped them navigate this crazy time.

Dr Bullet Apr 12 2020
Wonderful daily summary of the COVID-19 situation by an expert in the field and an excellent science communicator. Would recommend to anybody who wants to stay 'in the know' during this horrendous situation we are all stuck in right now.