This Day in Esoteric Political History

Oct 22 2020 15 mins 2.9k

From a global pandemic upending society to an especially intense U.S. presidential election cycle, we’re living in an unprecedented time. Maybe. In this show, Jody Avirgan, political historian Nicole Hemmer, and special guests rescue stories from the entirety of U.S. political history to map our journey through this era. Each episode takes one moment, big or small, from that day in the past and explores how it might inform our present –– and it does so in under ten minutes. New episodes release Tuesdays and Thursdays. Find us at We’re also posting about moments from the past @thisdaypod on Twitter and Instagram. If you have a suggestion for a topic, get in touch. This Day In Esoteric Political History is a proud member of the Radiotopia podcast network from PRX.

5 • 6 Ratings

nosborm Sep 17 2020
Short, informative, and interesting!

jps Aug 04 2020
Great podcast 👏

Stable Genius Jul 16 2020
A very interesting podcast with a good gimmick. I really enjoy it.

liamcol May 06 2020
Great little stories with smart commentary. History and news.

wzr6np Apr 28 2020
History is always nifty

mulebeatsdrums Apr 14 2020
Bite-size 'on this day'-style political history. Quick and to-the-point, the way informative podcasts should be. I'm hoping the definition of "esoteric" will broaden to cover events outside the United States, but it's very early on so I won't dock a star just yet ;)