Black Box Down

Oct 08 2020 33 mins 5.2k

A true crime podcast in the air. Lifelong aviation enthusiast Gustavo Sorola and his co-host Chris Demarais break down the major accidents in aviation and the steps taken to prevent future disasters. If you like true-crime podcasts but want something fresh and unique, you’ll love Black Box Down. Subscribe now and fasten your seat belt.

4.9 • 79 Ratings

alinemricci Oct 08 2020
Amazing! Gus with his technical but 'not a pilot!!' knowledge and Chris to represent us laymen is such a delight to hear :D

NemoKeine Sep 30 2020
Excellent true crime style analysis of aviation incidents and how they shape air travel

snaj101 Sep 24 2020
Love it, gus and Chris make a great combo

Deadlikeme88 Sep 23 2020
Gripping, informative yet fun podcast

emp Sep 21 2020
A great podcast for those who love air crash investigations

Sunblazzer Sep 17 2020
Very interesting and informative.

TenQuick Sep 12 2020
Great and love the guys

RincewindTVD Sep 10 2020
Excellently presented, really interesting air safety history.

Silentbaboon Sep 02 2020
Excellent and informative, very interesting to listen to.

Androoney Sep 02 2020
Fascinating Infos. Well explained. Not to much waffle.

meganarz Sep 01 2020
A fascinating look at the long history of airplane incidents and crashes. The hosts have great chemistry. The content is in-depth but approachable for people who know nothing about airplanes like me!

KoTBLeo Aug 27 2020
Very informative. Gus and Chris have good chemistry and do a good job of making things easy to understand.

Dektdodd Aug 26 2020
Excellent podcast! The hosts are knowledgeable and entertaining, without getting overly technical. Definitely one of my new faves!

BanderSN Aug 24 2020
Fascinating and well researched! Not as scary as it sounds

Seclusion Aug 21 2020
It's all the great plane stories from the RT podcast in detail. Awesome!

doug Aug 18 2020
True crime but for aviation disasters, super engaging and informative. Thanks Gus and Chris (and Gus)!

DarkEpitaph Aug 11 2020
Gus talks like an expert! I love the amount of research and time they put into this. I enjoy learning right along with Chris. Always come back every week! Highly recommend for everyone!

Kd1799 Aug 06 2020
I love it even though it really messes with my anxiety. Definitely gonna have to look into anxiety medication before my flight from Chicago to Denver 😬

palanelly Jul 25 2020

ichbinraiven Jul 24 2020
Great show and thanks for Chris asking the great questions that everyone is thinking.

chloe-in-orbit Jul 23 2020
Love this podcast!

kidlnly Jul 22 2020
Excellent deep dive into air crashes. Great hosts.

Viscotel Jul 22 2020
Only negative is that they haven't made one in awhile. Want more need more

rocmtngal Jul 21 2020
Very interesting! I'm sure it doesn't hurt that I'm already a fan of other Rooster Teeth content, but this podcast is a nice change of pace from their typical humor content. This podcast is informative without being overly dense. I don't know a lot about planes, but Gus' research and presentation made the events very accessible and easy to follow. Chris isn't half bad either. He grew on me as the episodes went on. He's learning, and so am I! I hope they do another season.

dmerrick04 Jul 20 2020
Excellent, informative podcast about aviation disasters. Gus is clearly passionate and knowledgable about the subject, and Chris does a decent job as the "straight man," asking questions and filling in for the listener. The narrative focuses on facts, not speculation, and time is reserved to explain the outcomes and changes to the industry as a result of each incident. Episodes are short (~30 mins), perfect for the commute.

Ash Youdan Jul 11 2020
Good banter between the hosts. You learn and smile.

Shleezord Jul 09 2020
So interesting, love this podcast!

Kim Jul 06 2020
I didn't really like it; I prefer "Into the Black Box." The guy's voice on that one is a bit odd but I prefer his narrative style. Unfortunately that one may be defunct. I disliked the "clueless" co-host on this one & wasn't sucked into the narrative style. Wish it had slower pacing.

PuckishRogue Jul 04 2020
Seemingly a niche topic for some people, Black Box Down is about exactly what you'd expect: aviation disasters. Niche as it is, I absolutely LOVE this topic and this podcast delivers! I've learned about a number of aviation disasters I did not previously know about and the hosts do their homework! Can't wait for more episodes!

Taylor793 Jul 04 2020
Really enjoy every episode, very informative and entertaining, looking forward to more episodes.

degugirl Jun 28 2020
Have loved everything and have already reccomended to other.

triggrhappy0 Jun 25 2020
Very interesting and informative

Icestriker Jun 21 2020
Super interesting and informative for people that don't know all that much about planes.

Austoon Jun 21 2020
I love when gus does stuff like this

Matt N Jun 18 2020
Super cool!

redcricket65 Jun 14 2020
Great. Informative.

akflens Jun 13 2020
Einer meiner Lieblings-Podcasts. Sachlich aber auch spannend erzählt und sehr kurzweilig. Perfekt für zwischendurch.

Analogman66 Jun 13 2020
Really enjoy this podcast. I worked 12yrs on military helicopters and 10 yrs at a commercial airline maintenance facility. Keep up the great episodes.

J. Thomas Jun 11 2020
Fascinating. I'm terrified

Teziir20 Jun 11 2020
Excellent and informative

Letter10 Jun 11 2020
It's clear that Gus' fascination with airline disasters and mishaps goes above and beyond, and is super thorough with the details. Kudos to the researchers and thanks as well to Chris (or his devil-clone anyway) for being such a thorough audience surrogate and asking the same questions that I have in each and every episode. Cheers guys, and keep them coming!

joshjet Jun 11 2020
An interesting foray into aviation accidents and their consequences. Produced well, and generally accessable for all audiences while including information that would still be interesting to people with more background in aviation.

PClash Jun 04 2020

shmef Jun 01 2020
Super interesting "true crime in the air" podcast, told with a bit of humor and casual atmosphere.

CunnyRunner May 31 2020
Gus and Chris make a great pair for serious topics like this. Gus keeps it on subject and Chris keeps it from being completely technical. A great way to spend your commute.

ZiggiClarke May 30 2020
Fascinating podcast, couldn't recommend more

kg May 28 2020
Makes the time fly by

Jenx May 26 2020
Excellent to listen to

Flywithme May 26 2020
Great, informative and eerie.

Baron May 25 2020
Short episodes with an interesting true crime aspect. Great podcast.

LegendaryByakko May 25 2020
Fantastic podcast.

HimalCheese May 25 2020
Great podcast with good explanations on technical details.

GregRyan May 22 2020
Great pod cast 10/5

RHolli May 21 2020
I am fascinated by air disasters, so this podcast is right up my alley. Gus is so knowledgeable and Chris asks all the questions I'd ask. Gus, slow down when you talk man. It's a great podcast.

Supernashwanpwr May 21 2020
I have signed up literally just to post this review and support the podcast! I was already familiar with all these stories but Gus has clearly done his research and adds something new to these well documented stories. Chris also does a really good job of asking interesting questions which sends the conversation off in directions I wasn't expecting. Thanks guys. Keep it up.

dropbearemma May 19 2020
Aeroplane disasters are a guilty pleasure to read about and this podcast delivers! Gets technical but always understandable to people who don't know anything about aeroplanes (me).

Garrett May 16 2020
Fantastic. Really great insight for aviation enthusiasts

AllanGallop May 16 2020
Really insightful and interesting. I like the engineering aspects covered and the missus likes Gus! Need to get a CD done for those who don't have access to podcasts!

Ashlathon May 15 2020

magnustorset May 15 2020

Coderedonly May 08 2020
Great 10,000 foot look at air disasters.

Vaxyl May 08 2020
Loving the podcast so far (4 episodes out). Very interesting stories. Gus's interest and knowledge on aviation brings a great insight to the stories.

DeviousSiddy May 08 2020
I am not a flight enthousiast, buy I learn a lot from this podcast, not only about flights but physics and control systems (business and machine). While the stories are horrifying, learning about what had to happen for it to get wrong made flying reassuring again. Odd how that works.

SorcerousSquid May 08 2020
This show is so interesting. As someone who is not very familiar with aircrafts, they make it easy to understand what happened in these crashes.

justin_yourmom May 07 2020
Very interesting!

zeke May 04 2020
Very interesting and a great series

Ragusa May 02 2020
Great podcast. Very different from the other Rooster Teeth stuff I have seen. It is down to earth and calmly takes you through interesting aviation incidents.

spybug Apr 30 2020
Great podcast with interesting stories of plane disasters. Maybe don't listen to this while on a plane though 😅

Kerfang Apr 24 2020
It's a great podcast

ViciousWarGoose Apr 23 2020
Informative and entertaining, exactly what I look for in a podcast.

ChloBo Apr 23 2020
Hands down the best podcast to come out of rooster teeth.

Sverre Apr 23 2020
Try it even if you aren't interested in airplanes. The number of things that have to go wrong for an airplane to crash is amazing, and a very cool story.

Neromc Apr 22 2020
Amazing podcast!! I can't wait for more. What really makes this podcast great is they've kept the show from being just another aircraft investigations rip off by having that approachable attitude of the RT podcast. It's also just great listening to Gus talk about something he's so interested in.

willfurlong Apr 22 2020
Host talks too fast,and too many stupid jokes talking about serious situations

LooseGooseintheH Apr 21 2020
As someone who is both a long-time RT fan and an aircraft mechanic, this program is right up my alley. Great to see Gus has focused his air crash obsession into its own podcast.

JoshD91 Apr 19 2020
Great podcast! Informative and entertaining.

infernal2626 Apr 18 2020
Very informative, twist of entertainment, love it

u/sky Apr 17 2020
Great podcast!

Marco Müller Apr 16 2020