Consider This from NPR

Oct 28 2020 12 mins 8.8k

Make sense of the day. Every weekday afternoon, the hosts of All Things Considered help you consider the major stories of the day in less than 15 minutes, featuring the reporting and storytelling resources of NPR. In participating regions, you'll also hear a local news segment that will help you make sense of what's going on in your community.

4.1 • 7 Ratings

Che Dub Aug 27 2020
Started as a pretty good Covid 19 podcast. Now it's a political podcast with little objectivity.

Russ1123 Jun 20 2020
Was doing good but no longer focusing on coronavirus.

Stable Genius May 25 2020
Very informative bite size updates on what's going on in the fight against the coronavirus.

Swordchucks May 13 2020
Very informative. Really helps cut through a lot of the noise out there surrounding this disease.

KingBain May 12 2020
Very informative

ae May 09 2020
Love NPR podcasts and this one was was a great addition to what I already listen to. Gathers all the latest from the pandemic.

slate Apr 14 2020